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Chapter 5; The Heracross Thief

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Chapter 5; The Heracross Thief.

A storm raged, it woke the three of us up in one second.

"Wow, that storm is loud," Mime Jr. complained, it covered its ears.

"Luna, the day I met you, there was a storm the night before..." Riolu said, it was staring out the window.

"Oh, really, that's surprising," I said, I was starting to get amused.

"Yes, it was only a few days ago, too," Riolu explained, it tried to go to sleep. Mime Jr. went to sleep right away.

"Luna, legend says that time gears are getting stolen," Riolu said to me, I didn't know what those were.

"What are those?" I asked, it didn't ring any bells to me.

"A time gear is a mysterious thing that keeps time flowing in a region," Riolu explained, that meant nothing to me.

"That means nothing to me, unfortunately," I knew nothing about their world.

"If someone were to steal this object, what would happen?" I asked, I probably would be I don't knowed.

"My guess is the flow of the time in that region would stop." He fell asleep after saying that.

In my head, I pictured a Pokemon stealing a time gear, my eyes were closed.

I saw the Pokemon in a place I didn't know, it was about to talk a time gear, but then it said something.

"There it is, I spy a time gear!" It took the time gear out of its place.

"This is only one of 10!" It exclaimed, it was a blue bug, and it had a horn on its head.


Later that morning, we woke up, and we saw everyone quiet, possibly sleeping in their place spots.

"What's wrong, tired?" Mime Jr. said, happily and joyfully.

"A Time Gear was stolen!" Screeched a mole, it was single headed.

"Damn, poachers," it was very angry.

"Diglett my son, calm down," it was its father, standing up for it.

"Yes, yes, yes, it's true a time gear has been stolen, we don't know who stole it, so there is only proof of this picture," Gliscor showed a picture, the Pokemon was shown leaving, with the time gear missing.

"A picture shows no proof." I explained, I knew that wasn't true.

"That's not true, this is enough proof." Gliscor explained, Glaceon walked in.

"Morning everyone, sorry about yesterday," it said, it smiled really wide.

"What's wrong, why no smiles?" Glaceon knew something was up.

"A time gear was stolen, sir," Gallade said, he was in a bad mood, like always.

"Oh, no by who?!" Glaceon was scared, it only seemed that way.

"We only have this photo." Gliscor showed the photo to Glaceon.
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