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Chapter 6; The Mesprit

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Chapter 6; The Mesprit.

"Oh, that's terrible!" Glaceon cried, it obviously was a good listener.

"Everyone, get to work," Gliscor said, it waved its wings, and everyone left.

"Gliscor, what should we do today?" Riolu asked, it looked puzzled as to what was going on.

"Go explore Rain Dance Grotto." Gliscor flew us up to the teleporter, and made sure we were kicked out.

The teleporter was much lighter, and more comfortable then last time, being a Pokemon was going to be quite an adventure...


The cave was blue, it was the most beautiful shade of blue I've ever seen, it was raining inside though, which was the down side.

"...Why do we have to explore here?" Mime Jr. was getting annoyed of rain.

"Gliscor made us, why don't we just just give up?" I asked, I hated the rain, and tried to hide that.

"No, this is the last floor, we must succeed!" Riolu insisted, it was fighting off the foes.

Riolu pushed me and Mime Jr. up the stairs, which normally would teleport us out, but they didn't instead we saw the summit.

In the distance, there was a voice, it sounded like a legendary Pokemon...

"Sadness, filling up the world... why...?" It was very shrilly and mystic sounding.

"Hello, what's wrong, Mesprit?" Mime Jr. asked, it must have traveled the world more then Riolu has.

"...You!" Mesprit cried, it must have had a problem with me.

Mesprit burst into tears, and hid itself in it's lake, it wasn't going to show it's face around us, obviously.

I wiggled my finger, and used a random attack, it looked like I was going inside the water.

"Dive!" I yelled, I grabbed Mime Jr. and Riolu when diving into the strange light blue water.

As soon as Mesprit saw us, it jumped out of the water, and landed on the other side, crying in a corner of a tree. It must have had a strong opinion about us, or it might have been scared of us. I jumped out of the water, and dragged Riolu and Mime Jr. to the tree.

"Mesprit, what's wrong, answer," Mime Jr. was losing patience, it stomped its foot.

"That Togepi, something is strange about it," Mesprit complained, I turned the color of a red colored piece of paper.

"Little Togepi, are you human?" Mesprit asked, I was annoyed of the little Togepi phrase.

"...Yes, I was a human, now I'm a Togepi," I said, I hid a smile inside my heart.

"You are Luna, right?" Mesprit asked, it must have knew my name already.

"Yes, how did you know?" I asked, Mesprit didn't answer.

Mesprit blushed and hid behind the tree, it was the most annoying thing that ever happened.
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