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Chapter 7; Crystal Stab

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Chapter 7; Crystal Stab.

Mesprit was still playing hard to get, it laughed, and blushed, and didn't come out.

Until, I saw something blue behind Mesprit attack it. It was the blue bug I envisioned.

"...I will take the time gear," it said, Riolu and Mime Jr. weren't paying attention, they were staring into space.

"Sorry, can't let you," Mesprit said it hurled an attack at me, and sent me over.

"See this human here, take her, and steal her instead," it threw me at Heracross.

"Sorry, I don't want that Togepi." It walked away, and took the time gear.

"Crap, if we don't get out of here, we will be stuck here for good!" Mesprit complained, she tapped on Riolu and Mime Jr.

"Get out, now." It used an attack that made the three of us float out, and Mesprit followed.

The teleporter was barley working, but it took us to the guild, everyone was buzzing with activity, like usual.

"...The second time gear has been stolen!" Gallade complained, we were right next to him, and he yelled in my ear.

"I was right there to see it, too," I said, he looked like he didn't care.

"Sorry, Togepi, I don't care," Gallade was angry, like usual, nothing could make him a happy person.

"...My name is Luna!" I complained, it must have hated me for no reason.

"Sorry, Luna, really, I don't care," He threw something at me.

"Gallade, do you hate me?" I already knew the answer.

"I don't hate you, I just hate your attitude." He walked away and went to another spot.

What's with Riolu, he hasn't spoken in such awhile...?" Something was up with Riolu, it was still staring into space.

"Mime Jr, do you know what's wrong with Riolu?" I asked, I was worried about him.

"I don't know, but he said to me this morning he wasn't feeling very well," Mime Jr. waved its hand in front of Riolu, it didn't respond.

Gliscor came out, and and saw everyone buzzing about the stolen time gear in Rain Dance Lake.

"So, Team Pure Silver, how did it go?" He smiled, and waited for me to answer.

"Terrible, the time gear was stolen," I said, Gliscor got angry at me.

"You should have stopped the thief!" He screamed, he then quieted down.

"I couldn't, it was too fast!" I said, Gliscor then understood me, and laughed.

...I don't understand this... I didn't understand why Gliscor was always happy, and get's over anger quickly.

"Everyone, lately, it has been reported, Pokemon are being turned into shadows, it worries us all, we need to prevent this, everyone with me?" Gliscor was very moody right now, so it was more takative.

"Yes, sir!" Everyone except Riolu said it, Riolu was getting me terrified.

"Good, we all agree," Gliscor smiled, and talked to Glaceon.

Riolu... why are you dozing off like that...? Riolu looked very pale, and still was staring into space.

"Everyone, you are dismissed." Gliscor said, he turned the dismiss signal on everyone was about to walk out, but a Pokemon screamed.

"Riolu collapsed!" Everyone ran to Riolu, they looked worried, and everyone panicked.

"...I suspected this, Riolu had a fever all this time..." Beautifly said, I didn't know how she knew that.

"Will Riolu be alright?" I asked, I was worried about him, I didn't want one less partner.

"He will, I'm sure his fever will go away with sleep," Beautifly smiled, but it seemed like a serious frown to me.

"Someone take him to his bed!" Gliscor screamed, panic has suddenly gotten bigger within everyone.

"I will, I will deal with this." Beautifly took out her stretcher, and took Riolu to a special room I've never seen.

"Beautifly, it isn't that serious!" Gallade screamed, it didn't have a single drop of happiness in its blood.

"...Actually, his fever is pretty high, so it is." Beautifly left the room.


"This is terrible... what will we do without Riolu...?" Mime Jr. asked, Mime Jr. knew our team would fall apart without it.

"Mime Jr, Luna, the only way to restore Riolu is to get a Crystal Shard, you should try to get one." Gallade left, along with everyone else.
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