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Chapter 8; Crystal Shards

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Fic Transfer.

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Chapter 8; The Crystal Shards.

"You heard Gallade, we have to get a crystal shard!" Mime Jr. screamed, everyone turned around.

Gliscor came in and stared at us, he must have heard Mime Jr.

"Crystal shards can only be obtained by facing Charmeleon in Crystallized Cave." Gliscor walked out, it was a good piece of advice.

"Luna, we should go there!" Mime Jr. dragged me to the portals, I let go, and went the other way.

"Wait, Luna, where are you going?" Mime Jr. asked, it followed me.

"I want to see Glaceon..." I said, I pushed Mime Jr. out of the way.

I busted into Glaceon's room to see it smiling, but it looked worried a the same time.

"Hello, Luna, what's up?" It smiled, and said it in a musical like form.

"I want a teleporter card," I said, a teleporter card was a card that scans your location on to the card so the teleporter knows.

"What rank are you...?" Glaceon took my badge, and looked at it.

"You need a new badge, it says you have 100 points on it," Glaceon gave me a new badge, it looked like a brown badge.

"You are now Bronze Rank!" Glaceon smiled, and gave me a teleporter card.

"Thank you, Glaceon, but where is the card scanner?" I asked, I had never seen it anywhere.

"To the left," Glaceon said, it left it's room to show me.

"Right here," It pointed, it looked like a card feeder, it had buttons on it, like I pictured it would.

"Thank you, Glaceon." I said, Glaceon saluted me, and walked away.

"Mime Jr," I called, it ran to me as soon as it heard me call its name.

"Yes, Luna?" Mime Jr. looked me as if I were a dictator.

"I have a teleporter card, let me snap it in," I put the teleporter card in the machine, it gave me a message right away.

Type in the dungeon name.

I punched in "Crystillized Cave," a message came up.

Invalid spelling, did you mean Crystallized Cave?

I punched in yes, and it gave me another message.

The Dungeon has been scanned onto your card.

The card came out, and showed the dungeon's name on it.

"Mime Jr, I'm set to go, are you?" Mime Jr. nodded, and led me up the stairs.


The cave was full of crystals, they looked like they could stab us any minute.

"Wow, this cave is beautiful!" I could see the gleam in Mime Jr's eyes.

"Mime Jr, we have to obtain a Crystal Shard, not look at the crystals," I said, I pushed it inside the dungeon.

"...The dungeon is even prettier!" Mime Jr. eyes gleamed even more.

"We have to go up," I said, I dragged it up the stairs to see Charmeleon.

"Get out!" It screamed, it hurled an attack at us, Mime Jr. protected me.

"We are here for a Crystal Shard!" It screeched, Charmeleon locked its clawed and stared.

"Not without a fight," it said, it threw a rock at me.

"Mimic!" Mime Jr. screamed, it mimicked the rock.

I ran over, and waggled a finger, a random attack came out.

"Jump Kick!" I said, it was a strange move that turned out to be a jumping kick.

Charmeleon threw fire at me, it hurt my shell, which felt odd.

Not knowing what I was doing, Mime Jr. saw hearts coming out of me.

"Luna, you are using Sweet Kiss!" It said, I didn't know what it meant by "Sweet Kiss."

"Is that an attack?" I asked, I saw Charmeleon confused, walking in a weird way.

"Yes," Mime Jr. touched Charmeleon, and it suddenly fainted.

"Kids, you impressed me, here." It gave us a Crystal Shard.
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