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Chapter 9; Landmass Plains Expediton!

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Fic transfer.

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Chapter 9; Landmass Plains Expedition.

Bringing the Crystal shard back to the guild, we went through the door, to see everyone surrounded in the corner.

"There you are, we have been waiting for you!" Gallade screamed, he took the Crystal Shard from me, and rashly gave it to Beautifly.

"Gallade, knock it off!" Beautifly screamed, she gave Riolu the Crystal Shard, its body got less pale, and looked much healthier then before.

"Riolu, are you alright?" Riolu looked very confused, it manged to get a few words out.

"Wh...where?" He asked, he must have not known where he was.

"The special infirmary," Beautifly said, she smiled at him.

"What happened?" Riolu looked as if it forgot everything.

"You collapsed," Beautifly said, she smiled once more.

"Luna, is that true?" He asked, he looked worried.

"Yes, it is, I'm glad you are better though." I said, I left the room with Mime Jr.

"Wait, where are you going?!" He chased after us.


After an hour of getting Riolu's energy back, it was dinner time for everyone.

Dinner was a little different tonight, it looked like something was missing.

"Everyone I have an announcement to make!" Gliscor said, everyone got angry.

Everyone made a fuss, except me. Everyone must hated announcements.

"Quiet, I need quiet!" Gliscor screamed, everyone quieted down.

With an instant everyone decided to listen to what he had to say.

"Good, looks like everyone is paying attention," he smiled, and prepared to speak.

"Everyone, we are planning to go on an expedition to Landmass Plains, you must do good work to go!" He exclaimed, everyone began to get talkative.

"Exciting, isn't it? In two days, we will announce the chosen members!" He smiled, and and saw everyone clapping.

"Okay, everyone you may eat." Everyone began munching and crunching until everything was gone.

"Riolu, let's go," I said, I dragged it out of the room, Riolu looked stranger then it usually did.

"Riolu, you should get more rest," I said, he still looked a little unwell.

"Luna, I'm sorry for letting you down, never again I get ill, I promise." He fell asleep before I could say anything else.
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