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Chapter 10; Riolu and the Kidnappers.

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Chapter 10; Riolu And The Kidnappers.

Later that night, Gliscor came in, and smiled at me.

"Luna, Riolu, Mime Jr. Come with me!" He smiled, and led us to Glaceon's room.

"I've brought them!" He said, Glaceon smiled its large smile, and laughed.

"Hello, Team Pure Silver!" Glaceon smiled, real big, and threw a wink at us.

"Glaceon has considered letting you on the expedition," Gliscor said, he looked at Glaceon, it nodded its head.

"She and I, have considered this for a long time," he smiled again, Gliscor had reviled Glaceon's gender.

"We don't usually let rookies come with us, but you three are something else!" She smiled, and gave us a box.

"What's this for?" Riolu asked, he was still tired from being woken up.

"It's a new kit for becoming the Bronze Rank," she explained, inside it contained more advanced looking items.

"...What are these?" Riolu looked at them as if they were junk.

"Inside there is are Invisible glasses, Quick Seeds, and Proteins," Riolu closed the box and gave it to me.

"Now, go to bed, packing starts tomorrow!" He led us to our beds, they looked replaced.

"Gliscor, wait...!" I said, but Gliscor already had walked away.

"Luna, this is great, we are going on the expedition!" Riolu said, I stared out the window, seeing rain pour, it looked like the tears of Mesprit to me.

"Riolu, Glaceon only said they were considering us," it said, Riolu listened carefully.

"Hey, Luna, what's wrong?" Riolu asked, it waved its hand in front of me.

"This rain storm... makes me think of Mesprit..." I said, I walked away, and went to bed.

"Wait, why are you walking away...?" He asked, I pretended to fall asleep.


"Luna, wake up, Luna!" I heard a voice, it sounded like Mime Jr.

"Huh, what's wrong, Mime Jr?" I asked, Mime Jr. looked like it was out of breath.

"Riolu was kidnapped!" It screamed, I knew something was up.

"What, kidnapped, that won't do!" I screamed, I ran out of the room, to see what was going on.

I heard everyone buzzing with anger, it sounded like a storm of anger.

"I can't believe someone would steal Riolu from the guild!" Everyone screamed.

I saw an odd Pokemon fly in, it looked like a magnet, only with a stranger pattern.

"There is news, we saw the Pokemon take Riolu to Thief's Cave," the Pokemon said, everyone looked at it.

"So, who will go, and bring this Pokemon to justice?!" Gliscor asked, no one answered, except one tiny Pokemon.

"I will, I haven't even done anything to bring anyone to justice!" It was pink, and small.

"Clefairy, no, I think it would be better if team Pure Silver went," he pointed at Mime Jr. and me.

"Why not?" Clefairy cried, it wanted Gliscor to give in, and let it go instead of us.

"Fine, you may go with Team Pure Silver." Gliscor led Clefairy over to us.
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