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Chapter 11; Teleporter Disaster.

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Chapter 11; Teleporter Disaster.

"Clefairy, go with Team Pure Silver to Thief's Cave." Gliscor left, and our teleporter card was updated.

The teleporters looked different, and much odder then they should have looked.

We went on them, and they weren't working, something was wrong with the teleporters.

We ran out to see everyone angry again, probably about the broken teleporters.

"This is horrible, first, Riolu, then broken teleporters, is this a nightmare?" Everyone's buzzing got Gliscor's attention.

"Okay, enough," Gliscor screamed, everyone settled down, and listened to what Gliscor had to say.

"It has been confirmed that the teleporters were broken down by the thief, so no one can go to a dungeon," Gliscor informed, everyone already knew except us.

"..." No one replied to what Gliscor had to say, they just stared.

"Alright, so it looks like we are all going to fix the teleporters." He all pushed us to the teleporter and threw us tools.

"Mime Jr, I don't know how tools are going to fix the teleporters..." I said, the teleporters probably didn't work that way.

"Just keep building," Gliscor screamed, he and Glaceon watched everyone build while they inspected anything that could have possibly made them break down.

"I found something!" Hitmonchan explained, he threw an orb, it looked larger then normal orbs.

"A Size Bust orb," Gliscor screamed, it looked like a normal item.

There was five items in the suspect area, they meant nothing to me.

"Look, a Nifty box!" A Pokemon screamed, she handed it over to Gliscor.

"Good work, Chansey," Gliscor took it, and put it in the suspect area.

"I found tons of sticky items!" They were mostly sticky Gravel Rocks.

The teleporters began to work, the items were all taken out.

"Good, everyone, great job!" Glaceon said, she led everyone out except Clefairy, Mime Jr. and I.

We got on the teleporters, and began to act up, although, it took us out of the guild.


The Thief's Cave was only one floor, apparently, a Pokemon had Riolu tied up, I felt anger inside of me.

"Give Riolu back!" Clefairy screamed, it waggled its finger, it looked just like mine.

"Super Fang!" It screamed, the Pokemon just hurled punches at it, Clefairy couldn't couldn't take another punch, it waggled another finger, but it looked a lot different.

"Follow me!" It screamed, it looked like a toy now, it ran away as fast as it could.

"Sweet Kiss!" I screamed, the Pokemon got confused, and it movements were astray.

"I think its done," Mime Jr. said, it fell on the ground, we walked on top of it.

"Riolu let's untie you." Riolu tried to smile, but we couldn't see it.
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