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Chapter 12; Locked Up.

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Fic transfer in case I lose it. I worked hard on this fic, and I don't want to lose it.

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Chapter 12; Locked Up.

"Riolu, are you alright?" Clefairy asked, she smiled at Riolu, Riolu smiled back.

"Just fine, now that I'm untied," he hugged me, I didn't hug back.

"...Why did you hug me?!" I hated affection from Riolu, it was a time waster.

"I'm sorry, just happy," he said, I didn't understand why it would even bother to hug me.

"Why don't we just get out of here?" I asked, I saw a Pokemon, or maybe the whole guild, it was Gliscor, snatching us, and taking us back to the guild.

The Gliscor looked different, but not too different, just its face was different.

"Who are you?" I asked, the Pokemon transformed, and said something to me.

Your worst Nightmare!" It said, it was a pink blob, and it took us to a jail.


"Wh...where are we?" I asked, I saw Clefairy gone, probably it was sent to the guild, and we weren't.

"Jail," a Pokemon said, it looked like Gallade, but its face structure was wrong.

In the other room, I could hear Ditto speaking to a Pokemon.

"Sir, I brought them!" It sounded like a death plan, I tried to ignore it.

"...Good, I'll get the stockades ready," I heard footsteps, and Pokemon coming to us.

"You three, are being locked up!" The Ditto took blindfolds, and covered our eyes with a piece of fabric around our eyes.

"...Remove the cloths!" The Pokemon screamed, the cloths were removed, and I saw the stockades.

"...Where are we?" Riolu asked, I didn't know where we were either.

The stockades were full of ropes, and probably a place where they kill people. The ropes looked like they were easy way of being hurt.

"Boss, boss!" The Pokemon screamed, Mime Jr. looked at the Pokemon as if it was its father.
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