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Chapter 13; Stolen Back.

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A fic transfer.

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Chapter 13; Stolen Back.

"Son!" It screamed, he untied Mime Jr, and hugged him.

"Daddy, why, do you do such a horrible job?" He cried, I could feel his pain from far back.

"I'm sorry, son, I should quit," he untied us as well, I couldn't feel my feet.

"Here is the portal, do good in exploring..." He smiled, but suddenly, another Pokemon came.

"We are taking these children," it was a Pokemon that looked like a dragon, inside a white shell.

"No, I want to be brought back to the guild!" Riolu screamed, the teleporter was shattered, we landed back into Mr. Mime's dungeon, in front of the stockades.

"...If you want to go back to your guild, fight me first," it began to charge up an attack.

I stepped back, to see Riolu in front of me, attacking the Pokemon.

"Shelgon, don't lay a hand on Luna," I saw it use Force Palm.

"Why are you even helping me?" I asked, he smiled, and continued using force palm.

Waggling my finger, I felt a strange attack come to me, I had never felt that strange before.

"Fire Punch!" I screamed, the punch of fire did more damage then I thought it would.

The Shelgon ran away, and threw something strange at us.

"Don't touch it, no one knows what will happen!!" Mime Jr. claimed, his father came to inspect it.

"...This is a Poison Orb... those who touch it will get poisoned," Mr. Mime kicked it into the disposal box.

"Now, you kids need to run along." The teleporter came out, and it took us to the guild.

I saw Gliscor angry, and everyone else buzzing with anger again.

"There you are!" Gliscor screamed, he threw us into Glaceon's room.

"We were worried about you!" Gliscor screamed, he almost cried.

"W...we were stolen!" Riolu said, it turned as red as a cherry.

"Is that the truth?" He asked, he looked cross eyed at us.

"Yes, Ditto grabbed us into a teleporter!" I screamed, he smiled at me.

"I can believe Luna, she never lies, as for you Riolu, you can go without eating tonight, I'm sorry." Glaceon frowned upon his claim.

"Well, get out!" Gliscor screamed, he kicked us out of Glaceon's room.

"Riolu, that's terrible, not being allowed to eat," I said, I saw him crying.

"It will be alright, Riolu." I said, I kissed him.

"...Luna, you always make me feel better..." He cried, I knew he was right.

"I know, that's true," I said, I patted him on the back, he stopped crying.

"...Dinner!" Altaria announced, she was holding plates of dinner.

"Riolu, I will give you some left over Big Apples," I whispered, no one heard except Riolu.

"Okay." He whispered back, he walked into the Mess hall.

Everyone began to chomp, and grip their food, I watched Riolu stare at the others eating.

I couldn't eat, I only ate a little, then pushed it away, I put it inside a napkin.


"I'm so hungry..." Riolu said, he was holding his stomach.

"...Riolu, here I saved my dinner," I gave him my plate, he stared at it.

"Come on, eat it, I know you must be starving," he just stared at it.

"I'm not hungry..." He said, he pushed the food away.
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