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Episode 14; Epedition and the Buneary Egg.

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Fic transfer. Originally created in 2009.Real description coming soon.

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Chapter 14; The Expedition And The Buneary Egg .

"Riolu, what's wrong, you have to eat!" I whispered, Riolu threw it out the window.

"...I'm too scared, of getting kicked out of the guild..." Riolu said, I saw an egg being thrown through our window, it was brown, and had yellow fluff all over it.

I heard foot steps in the distance, I knew someone was coming, it sounded like Gliscor's foot steps.

"You three, come with me," he dragged us to Glaceon's room, he saw an egg in my hand, and managed to get words out of his mouth.

"...! An egg, where did you get that?" Gliscor was shocked, I had to speak lie, I didn't want to say it was thrown through the window.

"Um, it was teleported into my bed!" I smiled, he looked at me strange.

"Are you lying?" He asked, I didn't know how he knew.

"...How do you know if I'm lying or not?" I asked, I didn't know how he could tell.

"it's easy to tell if you look someone in the eye..." He said, I didn't know that could happen.

"So what really happened?" He asked, this time I told the truth.

"Okay, the truth is, someone threw it through the window, and broke it!" I screamed, Gliscor ran into my room, to see a broken window.

"No problem, I'll fix it later." He dragged us into Glaceon's office.


The office was dark, I could hear Glaceon snoring in the distance, she was sound asleep.

"...Glaceon wake up!" Gliscor turned the lights on, and Glaceon sprung up the instant they were on.

"We want to speak to the three of you about the expedition," Gliscor said, he went to a chair in the corner.

"Yeah, what about it?" Riolu said, sleepily, it looked half asleep, half awake.

"Luna, I will allow you to go on the expedition," Gliscor said, it was probably about a split up.

"Mime Jr, you may go as well, with Luna," Gliscor smiled at me, but wiped it off a second later.

"Riolu, you many not go," Gliscor spoke with Glaceon, and I heard Riolu crying.

"Why not?" Riolu sounded very upset, but I said anything, that would effect me.

"You left on purpose!" He screamed, he threw a Penalty Orb at him.

"...What is this?" He asked, it was round, and inside it contained a mighty power.

"The expedition is tomorrow morning, go to sleep." Gliscor pushed us out of the office, and into our room.

"...Huh, the egg is hatching!" Mime Jr. screamed, the egg began to glow, when the egg hatched, the light was so blinding, that I could barley open my eyes.
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