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Chapter 15; A Discovery.

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Fic transfer. Originally created by me in 2009. Redone in 2011.

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Chapter 15; A Discovery.

"...Mama...?" I heard a babies voice in my mind, I felt its fur curl up to me.

I felt the pain go away, slowly, I opened my eyes, to see a Pokemon hugging me tight.

"Ha,ha, Luna, Buneary likes you," Riolu smiled, I saw the moon go away, and the sun starting to come up.

"Oh, looks like we'd better go to the morning rituals." Riolu pushed me out of the door, and Mime Jr. followed right after.

"It has been confirmed that last night an egg hatched in Team Pure Silver's room," Gliscor said, he winked at me.

"The egg has hatched..." I said to Gliscor, the baby was in my hands, crying, everyone stared at me.

"Really, what Pokemon is it?" Gliscor asked, I handed the Pokemon to Gliscor, he examined it, and smiled.

"This young fellow is a Buneary." He smiled, and took out a list that looked like the a "selected" list.

"Here are the chosen people to go on the expedition," the paper looked like an index card.

"First on the list, Houndoom!" Gliscor announced, it looked happy with the results.

"YES!" It screamed, everyone stared, and looked angry at him.

"Next up, Gallade, and Beautifly," he said, everyone was happy about that one.

"Next, Combee and Clefairy!" The two Pokemon seemed happy, but didn't move.

"Next, Mime Jr, Digglet, Dugtrio, Hitmonchan and Luna!" He said, he threw the list down.

"That's it, the remaining will not be allowed to go." He left the room.

"Riolu, Voltorb, Poocheyena, Drifloon and Chansey, better luck next time." Glaceon said, she smiled, and left.

"Riolu, I'll take Buneary with me." I said, we all departed except for the five that weren't allowed to go.

On the way to the teleporters, Hitmonchan smirked at me, it was the strangest one I have ever seen.

"Hehe, usually, Glaceon let's everyone go," Hitmonchan slapped the Buneary.

"What the hell!?" I screamed, I pushed him away, he ran to catch up with the group.


The cave was mass, and full of grass, the place looked dead, and Gliscor searched around it.

"Everyone, keep watch of each other, find a group of three," Gliscor saw us with Clefairy, Clefairy smiled.

"Luna, why is the baby with you, it should be with Riolu," Gliscor waited for an answer.

"I-I-it wanted to stay with me," I muttered, Gliscor smiled an walked away.

"Okay, everyone let's all go in the dungeon, now!" Everyone ran in, and split up.

"Buneary, be careful." I said, I winked at it, it winked back.
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