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Chapter 16; Azelf's Secret.

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Fic transfer. Originally created in 2009. Redone in 2011.

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Chapter 16; Azelf's Secret.

"Wink!" I could see how happy Buneary was in its eyes.

"Buneary, we don't have time, we have to get through," Mime Jr. dragged Buneary so it would move faster.

Oddly enough, I sense nothing..." I usually could sense anything, but for an odd reason, I couldn't.

"But that doesn't matter, they won't know!" I continued walking with my team.

"Buneary, we are behind..." I saw Mime Jr. taming Buneary, I had never seen something that cute.

Buneary...It's so cute--but, I need to move on. I kicked an item in front of them, and they got back on task.

"Luna, sorry, it was my fault..." Mime Jr. threw an Escape Orb at Buneary, Mime Jr. looked very angry.

"Buneary, flash the orb, and go home, now!" It leaves the dungeon all of a sudden.

"There, now we have to go to the summit," Mime Jr. lead me the stairs to the summit.

"Mime Jr, what is inside this summit?" Probably just a treasure box.

"Azelf is said to live there, it is said to bring people treasure to move gracefully with time!" He said, it sounded reasonable.

"...Okay, then let's go..." I said, I saw nothing but darkness, the darkness was covering the light in the summit.

Why--why--is the summit full of darkness? In the corner, I saw red eyes flash, I knew it had to be a Pokemon.

"Grr, why--why did you come?" I saw the darkness get lighter as its eyes didn't.

Azelf is a Shadow!! For an odd reason, I knew I was right.
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