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Chapter 17; What Will Happen?

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Fic transfer. At the time, it was the last chapter I wrote until I brought it back to continue it.

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Chapter 17; When Will It Happen?

"Azelf, stop...I can't take it..." I said, Azelf gave a chuckle and began to hurl attacks at me.

I waggled a finger called out a random attack. "Super Power!" I yelled, it looked like rocks about to hurl at everyone, but instead it hurled at the enemy.

"Shadow Rush!" Azelf yelled, I tried dodging, but all I could do was nothing, there was no where to run...Mime Jr. was right next me, he wasn't doing anything, just watching me get hit.

"Mime Jr... help, please, I can't keep up," Mime Jr. did nothing, all he did was stand there.

"Please help me, Mime Jr," I pleaded, pleading sort of worked, but not totally.

"Luna, I'm studying the enemy, that's why I'm not answering you," he continued "or doing anything."

Azelf being to give a sneer, and wouldn't stop attacking...

"Stop it!" I yelled, after awhile, I noticed the Azelf was being controlled, there was nothing I can do.

"Luna! You have to give up...we're getting sent back..." The portal was right in front of me, I couldn't give up now, it was already too late.

"Mime Jr. you go on ahead...I'll do it by myself..." I gave a fake smile, and tried to get out of going with him.

"No, you are covered in wounds, you''re coming with me!" Dragging me over to the portal.

"I can't stand anymore..." I thought, I saw nothing but black, it had to be be a black out.
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