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Chapter 18; Shadows of Black.

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Fic transfer. This is the chapter I wrote when I brought the series back a year later. It was started in 2010, but never finished. It was finished and re-done on April 11, 2011. Real description...

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Chapter 18; Shadows of Black.

"Luna..wake up...Luna!" Those words were ringing in my ears, like a buzzer.

"O-oh...Beautifly..." I stammered, I saw white rags being wrapped around me.

I tried to move, but Beautifly wouldn't let me, "no don't move yet," she smiled, and continued.

"W...what happened?" I asked, I looked around for my teammates and noticed they weren't there...

"Oh, about Riolu and Mime Jr," she stopped to think for a second.

"...Now I remember...they are playing with Buneary," Beautifly giggled a little and finished putting the bandages on.

"There--all done!" She exclaimed, I stared at her with an odd expression.

Beautifly stared at me in unison, then giggled a little.

"Can I leave now?" I asked, Beautifly shook her head.

"Not today, should wait for a day, okay?" She left my room and went back into the other room.

But...I want to save Azelf. I said to myself. I suddenly remembered that Azelf was turned into a Shadow.

"If I can't go out, then I will just sleep!" I exclaimed, I closed my eyes and went off into a slumber.


"Luna! Luna! Luna!" A Pokemon was tapping me. I ignored it and turned over.

"Luna wake up," The Pokemon tapped me again, I opened one eye to check who it was.

It was Riolu.

"Thank goodness! I didn't think you would wake up at all in your condition..." Riolu helped me up.

"R-r-iolu...M-m-mime J-jr..." I stammered, I felt tears trickle down my face.

"Mama!" Buneary stared at me with a blank expression. It appeared to not know what crying was.

"Luna, everything's going to be alright," Mime Jr. assured me.

"B-b-but's a Shadow...!" I exclaimed Riolu patted my head.

"Don't worry, Luna! Hitmonchan and Gallade are currently taking caring it," Riolu smiled and helped me up.

"Luna, Gliscor said as soon as you woke up that he wanted to talk to you." Mime Jr. lead me to the door.

At the door Gliscor and Glaceon were waiting, as I expected. He looked relieved.

"Luna, great, you're finally up," he continued, "I wanted to talk to you," I gulped, I knew it had to be bad.

"Don't worry Luna~, it's not bad! It's about Shadows on the rise," Glaceon explained. A sweat drop of releif came down my face.

"Luna, come to my office." Glaceon and Gliscor took me to their office. Riolu and Mime Jr. stayed behind with Buneary.

"Okay, Luna, you know that the amount of Shadows is rising, right?" Glaceon asked me.

"Yes," I nodded. Glaceon smiled and continued her speech.

"Well, since you already know about Azelf being transformed into a Shadow...I'll tell you why it happened," I rose an eyebrow.

"I don't understand..." Glaceon cut me off.

"A Pokemon is turned into a Shadow when the Pokemon has had its emotions tattered to the extreme," Glaceon had finished explaining.

"Or," Gliscor added on. "or the Pokemon can just turn into a Shadow due to the lack of air in the area." I didn't understand the second part.

"Luna, be careful, once you are a Shadow, you can only be restored unless you go to Purified Cave," Glaceon said. I gulped at that remark.

"Luna, you are dismissed." Gliscor lead me to my room.

For some reason, I felt no air in the hallway...

"Luna, tomorrow you will be on regular schedule," he continued. "see you tomorrow."
he left the room.

"Okay, Luna, tomorrow we should look for Uxie," Mime Jr. said, I didn't reply.

"Let's just hope Uxie isn't already a Shadow, too..." Riolu looked out the window.

"What are doing, Riolu?" I asked, Riolu turned his head.

"I can see a storm coming...we should sleep before the storm starts." Riolu and Mime Jr. curled up into balls and fell asleep...

I fell asleep with many worries in my head about what Gliscor had added onto what Glaceon had said.

What if someone in this room is turned it a Shadow? I thought to myself.

Forget it! I'll worry about it in the morning!" I went to sleep with many thoughts in my head.


"Luna, wake up! Hurry!" I heard a worried voice in my ear as I awoke. It sounded like Mime Jr.

"Luna! Help it''s..." Mime Jr. ran out of breath.

"Calm down Mime Jr. take it slow, please." I backed away from Mime Jr.

"Luna, Buneary...she...turned into a S-shadow!" I was shocked when I heard that.

"Buneary...turned into a Shadow?" I asked. Mime Jr. nodded his head.

"We have to hurry!" Mime Jr. lead me to the main room to get to the bottom of this.
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