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Chapter 19; Edges of Steel.

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Chapter 19; Edges of Steel

"This is scary, what do I do?" I asked myself, I stared off into space.

"Luna, this is no time to stop and think. Let's go!" Mime Jr. snapped, I stopped thinking and focused on Buneary.

As we were walking towards the main room I could hear Gallade screaming: "This is could something like this happen?" He said in a grumpy voice.

"Shut up, Gallade," Voltorb said, it sounded quite annoyed.

I walked into the room, everyone was staring at me.

"Finally, you slow Togepi, we were waiting for hours!" Gallade screamed. I did not reply.

"Buneary..." I replied, I was too upset to look at it.

"Quiet everyone, enough talking!" Glicsor said, everyone quieted down.

"I know, I know, you are all angry and afraid, but I need to say something." He announced, I already knew what it was going to be.

"More and more Pokemon have become a Shadow," he continued "it's becoming a big threat to our society," everyone growled.

"I managed to knock the Buneary unconsious for awhile, but...that's not going to purify it," Gliscor looked at me.

"Luna, Gliscor is looking at us..." Riolu said, I looked away.

"What will purify it?" I finally asked, Glaceon stepped in front of Gliscor.

"The only way to purify a Shadow is to go to Darkness Lake," Glaceon replied, she pointed at the teleporters.

"Take Buneary, and go there, it's a few floors." I stared at Glaceon, she looked serious.

"Luna lets--," Glaceon cut Riolu off, "no, I want Luna to do this alone." Glaceon replied, I walked over to the teleporters with the unconsious Shadow Buneary.

"Good luck, Luna!" Riolu screamed, I smiled a little and teleported away.

"Okay, here goes nothing," I said, in front of me was a lake, it was pure black.

"For sure, Buneary, I will save you!" I thought to myself as I entered the dungeon.


As soon as I entered the dungeon, there were at least twenty Pokemon blocking my way.

"Is this what they call...a monster house?" I said, I ran away from the crowed, the Pokemon followed me.

I stuck out a finger, and a random attack came out.

"Discharge!" I screamed, all the Pokemon were affected by the move, they went in the other direction.

"That was weird..." I said, I moved on to the next floor.

I could see the end of the lake a few floors from where I was, I ran up the stairs as fast as possible.


"Who goes there?" A Pokemon asked, it was a light pink Pokemon, it looked like the Sun.

"I need to purify a Pokemon!" I screamed, the Pokemon gave me an angry look.

"No, absolutley not," The Pokemon seemed to want to pick a fight.

"I need to!" I cried, the Pokemon knocked me down.

"No chance, human." The Pokemon started to slash me.

This will be continued in Chapter 20.
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