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Chapter 20; Demented Heart of Hearacross.

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Chapter 20; Demented Heart of Hearacross.

I protected myself from Espeon as it tried to slash me again.

"Answer me, Espeon...why won't you let me purify Buneary?" I asked, Espeon quickly countered with a horrifying response.

"Humans are disgusting creatures, they are an exuse to Pokemon-mankind. They are the ones who turned over one million Pokemon into a Shadow. They are also the reason why this world is falling apart," Espeon claimed. I tried not to believe it.

"And, you are the one who is causing our world to fall apart!" Espeon screamed, it scratched me hard enough to make me bleed to death.

I felt energy packing through my veins. It felt like a new move.

"Monarchy!" I screamed. I felt wings grow on my back after calling out the move.

" decided to fight back, huh? Then this is an official battle!" Espeon said.

"I'm going to prove that humans are not horrible creatures," I replied, I lunged myself at Espeon.

"I'm going to kill you before you can even think twice about what you just said," Espeon swung it's tail at me.

"Wish Beam!" I hollered. I shot out a golden beam out of the palm of my hand. Espeon looked pretty weak after that move.

"Y-y-you monster..." Espeon said weakly.

"Do you give up?" I asked. I waited for Espeon to answer.

"No, never! I will never, I repeat, never surrender to a human!" Espeon tried to slash me, but it fell over.

"Hmph, like you can fight me anymore in your condition." I stated. Espeon growled at me.

"So, I will ask you again: do you give up?" I asked again. Espeon gave me a good long stare.

"Fine, I give up. Are you happy?" Espeon exclaimed. I didn't answer it.

"Go ahead, purify Buneary, see if I care!" Espeon took control of my body, and forcefully moved me to the purifier.

"Put Buneary in the black water, and it shall be purified." Espeon said unwilling fully.

I stared at Buneary for a second...and then put it into the black water. As soon as I was done, Buneary was no longer a Shadow.

"I'm done," I said. Espeon pointed at the dungeon exit. I walked to it.

As I got to the exit, I saw a Pokemon walk up to Espeon.

It looked like I've seen it before.

"Hand over the Time Gear," it said. I figured out what Pokemon it was. It was Hearacross--the thief!


"No, never!" Espeon screamed. It blocked Hearacross from getting further.

"Too bad, Espeon." Hearacross jabbed Espeon with it's horn, and stole the Time Gear.

I felt the ground shake as Hearacross stole the Time Gear.

"Dammit, this is bad..." Espeon started. I interrupted it.

"Why is it bad?" I asked. Then I suddenly remembered what one of my partners said to me.

"Human, you need to get out of here, or we will be trapped in here for a long time!" Espeon exclaimed. It started to push me.

We ran to the nearest exit.

Hours later I was back at the guild.

As soon as I came back, I could hear everyone talking about something rather negative.

"How could this have happened again?" A Pokemon said, it was a male Pokemon's voice.

"Another Time Gear was stolen--why?" A Pokemon cried. It was Clefairy's voice.

I walked into the room, everyone stared at me...

"So, you're finally back?" A Pokemon asked. It looked like a purple baloon.

"Yes, Drifloon," I said. Drifloon ignored me after that.

"Okay, that Luna is back, you can stop talking," Gliscor said. I moved to my spot.

"We are all aware that another Time Gear was stolen," Gliscor explained. Everyone grunted.

"Why again?! When will this stop!" Poocheyena howled. Gliscor ignored him and continued talking.

"We know that if another is stolen, it will become even worse," Gliscor took out a chart.

"What is the chart for?" A Pokemon asked, it looked like a bee.

"Combee, this is a chart to show where the Time Gears are," Gliscor explained. He went right back to explaining.

"Everyone, look here. This is where Hearacross stole the first Time Gear," Gliscor pointed at Mesprit's dungeon.

"And, here just recently," Gliscor pointed at Black Lake.

Glaceon stepped in. "Hearacross is going to continue stealing Time Gears in a straight path," Glaceon explained. She pointed at the next location.

"That's Blitz Creak!" Riolu hollered. It seemed to know where that is.

"Correct, and that is where Ho-oh protects the Time Gear," Gliscor explained. I could feel it get quiet for a second.

Ho-oh... I thought. It sounded dangorus.

"If Hearacross tries to steal a Time Gear from Ho-oh...he will be enraged and turn this land into a volcanic pit!" Hitmonchan cried. Everyone screamed in a panic...

This will be continued in Chapter 21.
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