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Chapter 21; Town Black.

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Fic Transfer. Luna and the gang go to into town.

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Chapter 21; Town Black.

"Everyone, don't panic!" Gliscor said. I could see he was scared, too.

"It's no use, Gliscor," a Pokemon said. It looked like a blood hound.

"Houndoom, what are saying?" Gliscor replied. Houndoom walked to the front of the room.

"It's no use trying to get to Ho-oh, Gliscor," Houndoom replied. Gliscor stared at him.

"Why do you think that?" Gliscor asked. Gliscor expected an answer.

"When people go to Blitz Creak, they never come back. Ho-oh is that powerful," Houndoom exclaimed.

"What? Really?" Everyone screamed. A panic went into the room again.

"That's ought to be a rumor," I said. I knew no one heard me.

"This is terrible," Chansey screamed. I didn't know why people were so scared.

Everyone's screaming was getting on my nerves.

"Everyone, shut up! This is annoying!" I screamed. Everyone stared at me for a long time.

"...Thank you, Luna..." Gliscor said silently. I knew he didn't mean it.

"I don't care if it's scary, someone is going," Gliscor exclaimed. He was looking directly at me.

"Me?" I asked. Gliscor nodded.

"I guess I'll go to Blitz Creak...but only if my team can go," I said. Gliscor nodded again.

"Okay, everyone! We have a volunteer to go to Blitz Creak!" Gliscor announced. Everyone looked shocked.

"Luna and her team are going to Blitz Creak," Gliscor exclaimed. He pointed at us.

"We are?" Mime Jr. asked. It wasn't even paying attention.

"Yes, didn't you hear Luna speaking to me?" Gliscor asked. It gave Mime Jr. a suspicous look.

"No, I don't listen to other people's conversations," Mime Jr. admitted. Gliscor continued talking.

"Get ready, you three, you will go tomorrow," Gliscor said. We nodded in agreement.

"Everyone, you are now dismissed," We all ran out of the room.

"Luna, let's stock up on items before we leave." Riolu said. We left for the town.


As we left the guild, I saw the town. Riolu pointed at it. "We are going to go to Kecleon shop," Riolu replied. Mime Jr. nodded in agreement.

"Where is Kecleon Shop?" I asked. Up until now, I didn't know this world even has a shop.

"At the edge of the town," Riolu replied.

"Let's go already!" Mime Jr. screamed. He pushed us into town.


"So, this is the town?" I asked. Riolu gave me a look.

"Yes, and the town's name is Enchanted Town," he replied. I looked around at the town.

I saw many Pokemon running facilities.

"This is Zangoose Bank," Mime Jr. replied. We continued walking to the edge of town.

I saw another shop. "This is Casform's Linking Shop," Mime Jr. said. We continued walking.

"Over there is the Grumpig Dojo," Mime Jr. pointed at the dojo.

We walked until we saw the edge of town. I saw two Pokemon hopping around in there facility.

"There haven't been costumers in ages!" the Pokemon on the left said. It sounded as if it was begging.

"Yes, my brother, and Kangaskan hasn't had people store anything in her storage in ages," the other Pokemon replied.

We walked up to the shop. The Pokemon cheered silently.

"Do we have customers? Finally!" the two Pokemon cheered. They must have been a dead service for that long.

"Yes," Riolu replied. The Pokemon beamed with happiness again.

"Okay, welcome to Kecleon Shop! We are the Kecleon brothers!" Riolu smiled. But inside I knew he was irritated a little.

"So, what do you want to buy?" The Kecleon on the left said. Riolu looked around the shop.

"Twenty Oran Berries and three Dodge Scarfs please," Riolu replied. It put the money on the table.

"Here you go," The Kecleon said. It accepted the money.

"Do you want any Tms?" The Kecleon on the right said. It had a different color body.

"No, we are good," Riolu said. Riolu thanked the Kecleon brothers for the good service.

"Bye, we'll definitely come back!" I said. I waved and walked back to the guild.

"...You can feel that to, can't you brother," it said. I ignored it, and continued walking.

"Yes, that Togepi is a human." The Kecleon snickered, and went back to there work.

"Ahh there you are, finally!" Gliscor said. It sounded angry.

"We were waiting for you to come back! We can't start dinner without you!" He said. Everyone stared at us.

"Sorry about this..." I said. I was embarrassed.

"It's okay. Now we can all eat dinner," Gliscor said. As Gliscor said this, the room was in cheer and guffaw.

Everyone ran into the dining hall as if it was leaving the guild forever...


After dinner, we were ordered to rest up so we aren't tired for tomorrow's adventure.

"Luna, are you scared?" Riolu asked. I got up from my pillow.

"About what, tomorrow's adventure? No, not at all..." I replied. I knew Riolu had to be scared.

"Why, are you scared?" I asked. Riolu shivered a little.

"Yeah, but only a little," Riolu replied. I knew it was frightened more than a little.

"Well, scared or not, we are going!" Mime Jr. said. It slammed the ground.

"Don't do that! You'll wake Buneary!" I hissed. Mime Jr. stopped banging.

"I forgot, sorry..." Mime Jr. said. It curled up in a ball.

"Let's just be ready for tomorrow." Mime Jr. replied. He fell asleep without saying anything else.

I closed my eyes and went to sleep as well.

This will be continued in Chapter 22.
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