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Chapter seventeen

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The effects of the drugs finally wear off completly and Bob remembers some stuff. How is everyone back at the base coping without those taking part in the break in?

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NOTE. Thank you all for all the lovely reviews I have gotten throughout this story-it really makes me smile like an idiot reading them. This chapter is pretty much filler, ya know? But I hope you like it anyway. You should all check out this amazing story by one of my lovely reviewers- Syphiel, called "comin` out of this place in a Bullet`s Embrace" It is kinda like a prequal thing to this and tells you how Bullet joined Bob`s group of killjoys. It is amazing. I won`t give anything away, but it is so awful what happened to Bullet. So, anyway, hope you like this chapter,
Bob`s pov
“Then take him to a cell, where he will wait until his execution. Seeing as he is of no use to me anymore, he may as well be…disposed of.”
Shit, disposed of? Executed? I thought the drugs were bad, but they were going to kill me. I know everyone says this, but I didn’t want to die, not really. Sure, the world was going to hell, but I didn’t actually want to leave it permanently. I wasn`t as young as I used to be, but I still had ages left, or I did have anyway.
A drac grabs hold of my arms and drags me out of the room, back down the hallway and into a plain, cold and very dismal cell. The drac throws me inside of it, locks it up again and walks away, probably to report back to Korse.
“Ow.” I had landed on my still hurt leg at a funny angle and worried it was broken. Gritting my teeth and trying to focus my brain on something other than the sharp, agonizing pain that was almost unbearable and resting my hands on the white wall of the cell, I eventually manage to pull myself up onto my feet. My legs almost give way, but I manage to stay standing. I walk a few steps over to the bars of the cell, and collapse. At least my leg wasn’t broken. No, but would it matter even if it was? The knowledge was of no use to me, I was going to die either way.
The effects of the pills I had been forced to swallow were almost completely worn off now, I think the flashbacks I had earlier had helped to quicken this, but couldn’t be sure. Either way, I now had a splitting headache, a bad leg and the numerous cuts and marks on my flesh from where countless needles had been inserted were beginning to sting. Isn`t life grand? I`m absolutely exhausted- I couldn’t remember the last time I had any sleep. (I wasn`t going to count the blackouts I had encountered.) I curl up into a ball against the nearest wall, wincing as the sudden movement hurts my leg. (It may not be broken, but it had to be badly sprained.)
I don`t know what the time is, but I figure it is late afternoon time, maybe five, as when Korse led me to the room where I was ordered to kill the three killjoys it was about three 0 clock time. It is really bugging me that I can`t remember their names. I recognised them, and they certainly recognised me-they knew my name. Then there were the wanted posters in the room, I knew some of those killjoys, I just couldn’t remember fully. That scared me almost as much as he thought of being executed. I knew that it had to be the work of BL/ind and their stupid pills. Why had I ever taken them? They were the reason I couldn’t remember, the reason for my confusion.
As I lay here, in the brightly lit cell, awaiting a drac or Korse or maybe even the woman to come and take me to be executed, or disposed of, as Korse had put it, my mind wanders. I think back to the two flashbacks I had earlier, what did they mean? What had triggered them? Was it just the drugs wearing off, or something else? My mind is the clearest it has been for days, despite the severe pain in it. I still can`t put names to faces, but I do know those people from the flashbacks, or at least I did know them once. I lay here for a long time, how long I do not know, there were no clocks hanging up in my cell, just thinking, trying to remember.
“Mikey.” The name comes out of nowhere, yet I recognise it instantly. “Mikey…Way.” He was the man with the glasses sitting closest to the man with the raven hair that had been crying. What had I called him in the flashback? Gerard? I feel recognition flood through me as I remember t a second name. Slowly but surely, more information and memories trickle back into my brain. I guessed that they had always been there, but I was just too drugged up to access them. I remembered that Mikey and Gerard were brothers, that the man with the `fro was called Ray and that Frank was the shortest of the five of us, and was a complete and total annoying hyper freak, yet somehow we all loved him anyway. Memories of playing onstage come back to me, fans screaming and shouting, I remember just goofing off, pulling pranks and I remember….I remember…bad things.
I remember writing a note saying that I was leaving, leaving the band and them. In my head the long ago memory was being played out, i could almost see it happening in front of me. I saw a younger version of me grabbing up a rucksack and gathering all of my belongs into it. I place the note on the pillow of my bunk, and leave the My Chemical Romance tour bus without a backward glance. The only thing I couldn’t remember was why. Why had I left my friends, the most important people in my life?

Same day back at the base. Blood Red Raven`s pov.
It was late afternoon, and we were all unable to concentrate on anything we were doing. It had been like that all day, we knew that the break in was due to take place anytime now. Poison had said it was best to break in around late afternoon time; it wasn’t too dark so that they could still see, but hopefully it wouldn`t be as bright and they wouldn’t be blinded by the scorching hot midday sun.
Sulphur, my lovable yet sometimes impatient and annoying younger brother, was outside doing something to the poor old Trans-Am with Willow. Jet and Ghoul said it was best if they walked to BL/ind as the noise of the engine could possible alert the BL/ind Bastards that they were on their way. Personally, I think it was `cause they didn’t trust that the car wouldn’t break done somewhere out in the zones. When I mentioned that, I nearly had my head ripped off by the four of them, so I just stayed quiet.
“Ew, gross.” Grace wrinkled up her nose when Sulphur and Willow entered the room we used as a kitchen, coved on some kind of…oil. Well, I hoped that`s what it was.
“Whatev, kid.” Willow couldn’t help but smile at Grace though-it was impossible not to. Her smile and laughter was infectious, despite being brought up in a pretty hellish world by a bunch of crazy, colourful morons (I meant that in a loving way) the kid was always happy and wearing her trademark smile.
“Cars fixed.” There was a silent “For now.” That we all knew was there, but we said nothing.
“When are they gonna come back?”
“Soon.” I pulled Grace in for a hug and ruffled her hair-something we all knew she hated, but something we all (especially Ghoul) did anyway, despite all of her half hearted protests.
“I hope so, I miss them.” By this I knew she not only meant Poison, Jet, Kobra and Ghoul, but also all of the other killjoys we had all gotten to know and love over the short period of time we knew each other for.
“I know Gracie. They`ll all be back soon.” I masked the uncertainly in my voice with a huge fake smile, thankfully the little girl didn’t seem to notice.
“Sulphur, Willow.” The two look up at me. “Go get cleaned up, your dripping car oil all over the floor.” Grace wrinkles her nose again.
“That stuff stinks real bad. Jet and sometimes Ghoul when he can be bothered to help, are always covered in it.”
I smile, almost a real one this time. I could only hope everyone was okay, and that so far the break in slash rescue mission was going well so far. I had wanted to take part in it myself, but that would have meant Sulphur being there-something I was not going to allow. He was only fourteen, and although some of the others were as well, I didn’t want him to see a fight like that. Plus, someone had to look after Grace and Willow`s leg still was badly hurt. She was limping round the base, though biting off anyone’s head who dared point this out.
“They`ll all be back soon, Gracie. Don`t worry.” I tell her again, though I have my doubts. Everyone was a great fighter and smart too, but they were outnumbered and were actually trying to break into a place where everyone wanted them dead. Normally when someone wanted you dead, you avoided them at all costs. I couldn’t make my mind up if they were all brave, crazy or just a little bit stupid.
“Come see the car.” Sulphur says, re-entering the room, most of the oil off of him now. He seemed very excited and pleased with whatever the hell he and Willow had down, so I gently pushed Grace of my lap and followed him outside. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Willow pick her up and place her on her knee.
“Well, what do ya think?” the car looked exactly the same, but I wasn’t going to tell my little brother that.
“Great.” I tell him how great a job he and Willow had done and we both decide to go back inside. I glance over my shoulder out of habit, as a killjoy you always had to be aware of your surroundings and more importantly, who or what was in them. There was nothing there, just the sand and the sun burning low in the evening sky.
Please be safe…
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