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Chapter thirtynine-Something about You

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"My love and life will still go on in your heart. In your heart I'll stay with you for all the time"

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Hello again! Sorry that this has taken SO long! The story will have about 3 more chapters I think, maybe 2 I'm not sure yet. Thank you everyone who has reviewed and rated, I would have given up long ago if it wasn't for you guys to give me motovation. x


Something interupted this forever silence, forever darkness.
Repetitive noise. Then a light. A light so bright that it hurts. I thought you felt no pain after death. That everything is numb..
Light. Erupting infront of me. Filling every inch, leaving no trace of darkness.
The irritating beep continued. I tried to shiled myself from this disturbing annoyance but I could move.
What's happening to me? I thought it was over. I thought I was in a safe place where no one could hurt me, and where I couldn't hurt anyone. I thought it was the end.

Then, the blinding white light dimmed until it was no more than a gental darkness. It doesn't make sense.
The beeping doesn't stop, but something else is adding to the noise blarring my eardumbs.

It's breathing.

After a short time I realise that it's coming from me.


The inside of Frank's room was sinister grey. The night was chilling and howling with lonliness.
I clutched Frank's hand as I starred absentmindedly out the room's window. The moonlight was the only usefull source of light, providing a glem the cascaded over Frank's bed and gentally touching his face.
I never liked closing the blinds. I needed to watch Frank. I don't want to miss a thing. He's mine to protect, even if it's only staying by his side.
All this time I have gives me time to think. I think of everything. But mostly, I think about what I would do if Frank dies..
I couldn't live with myself, I wouldn't want to move on. I'll go wherever he will go. And if that brings me to the result of death... Then we'll die together, There isn't another option.

My eyes stayed fixed on the moon and I was trapped in a trance. I almost didn't believe it..
I thought my mind was decieving me. I turned to him, I could barely see him properly.
He, very faintly, gripped my hand. Just a little bit.
I don't even know whether i was going mad with suspence and depression, but that one little feeling gave me more hope than I ever thought imaginable.
He remained quite still.
I felt the walls crash down. I was losing myself in this emotional darkness.
I let my head droop and I starred at the floor which I could not see. I didn't even know when I started crying, it feels like its a never ending circle. I do it so often now that I don't realise it..
I looked back out at the moon. Nothing had changed, but it will. It has to. If Travis kept his word then he wouldn't let Frank slip away. He said he would watch over me. He knows I can't make it on my own, not again.

"Gee" Nothing more than a whisper. Barely audiable.
But i heard it. To me it was louder than a thousand sceams.
My heart bet out of my chest and I looked down at Frank.
I couldn't see him right, but his dazzling eyes shine through any darkness.
The tears fell more frequent now. Now filled with joy.
He was here.

I smile controled my face. We stayed in silence for a short while, just soaking up each others presence. I kissed his hand which I still clutched tightly.
"I'm so sorry." I whispered over and over again.
He didn't say much.
"If you'd left me no day would be worth anything."
"Gee," He whispered.
"Never leave me, not like that. I'm not strong enough."
"Gee," He breathed "You are, I'm the one who's not strong. After you found me, the w-whole time I was hoping that there was someone out there who could bring me back to you." Every word that left him sounded painfull, like he was trying his hardest to just breath. His eyes were still unfocused and his voice was raspy.
"Don't let me go. I don't know what to do when you're not around, Frankie. I-I was considering.. If you did.. I was considering going, t-the same as Travis."
I didn't need the light to see Frank's reaction.
"I'm always with you, no matter what. My love and life will still go on in your heart. In your heart I'll stay with you for all the time."
Nothing more was said that night. There was nothing left to say. It was all obvious to us. We need each other more than ever. It took so much for us to realise how little we would be with out one another.

They let Frank out three days after that night.
Mikey came and visited every day that Frank was in hospital. It was like nothing had happened. Frank was still weak. He was only awake for about four hours a day. I stayed with him. I couldn't pull myself away.
After what happened the last time i left him, nothing will come between us. I won't allow it.

He is my past, my present and my future. And no one can change that.

There will be one more chapter I think. I don't know how I feel about this chapter, I was kinda rushed by my Dad so I had very little time. Tell me what you think(: xx
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