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M is for MSN

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A/N: In this chappie, Frank is 15, Gerard is 17 and Mikey is 15. That is all. :3

Friend invite received from WayTooCool.

WayTooCool has logged on.

WayTooCool: Hey Frankie! It's me, Gerard. I finally got MSN. :D

VeggieHead: Wow, Gee. No, I had no clue it was you. None at all. The username is so subtle.

WayTooCool: Hahaha! I know right?

VeggieHead: Gerard, that was sarcasm. -_-

WayTooCool: ...Oh. Sarcasm is rude, Frankie.

VeggieHead: I never said I was polite. ;D

WayTooCool: Eh; you're right. For once in your life. C':

VeggieHead: Be right back.

WayTooCool: Sure.

VeggieHead is now busy.
VeggieHead is now available.

VeggieHead: Gerard, your brother just arrived at my place. I think he's drunk or something. He keeps on giggling like a maniac and trying to pet my head.

WayTooCool: Really? No way! Video tape it for me? puppy eyes

VeggieHead: Can't you just come over?

WayTooCool: Nope. I've got flu, so I'm staying at home today. You catch things too easily.

VeggieHead: It isn't my fault! My immune system sucks. sigh Mikey won't stop mumbling about something called Buttercup. He's kind of scary right now.

WayTooCool: He's fourteen, Frank. What could he possibly do?

VeggieHead: Geeee, it's Mikey we're talking about, here. MIKEY. You know, your brother? He could do anything.

WayTooCool: Tell him I say hi. (:

VeggieHead: He said something that sounded like "You'll never take me alive". O.o

WayTooCool: Don't you have a webcam?

VeggieHead: Yeah, why...?

WayTooCool: I can see him that way, dumbass. Turn it on.

VeggieHead: No. Ask me nicely. Also; the sound doesn't work, so we'll still have to type to each other.

WayTooCool: Fine. Please turn it on?

VeggieHead: Nicer.

WayTooCool: Please turn it on, oh dear Frankie-darling whom I cherish?

VeggieHead: Good enough. :D

Webcam invite received.
Webcam accepted.

WayTooCool: Frank, why are you half naked?

VeggieHead: Mikey took my shirt. He said he wanted to use it for cleaning the bathroom.

WayTooCool: So you just gave it to him? O.O

VeggieHead: To be honest, your brother is scary right now. Hell; he's scary all of the time.

WayTooCool: He's not scary Frank, he's just... not normal.

VeggieHead: Gerard, please tell me why your brother is here.

WayTooCool: Hold on, I'll ask mom.

VeggieHead: Mmkaaaay.

WayTooCool: Apparently, when he was at the dentist they had to give him drugs, and he's still high on them. Then he told Mom that he was going to your place, said something about cookies...

VeggieHead: Oh. Makes sense.

WayTooCool: Frankie... Is Mikey trying to feel you up?

VeggieHead: I'm not entirely sure. Could be.


WayTooCool has logged off.

[Okay, so it took me forever to put everything in italics. bitchface* xD
I didn't really like this one, but I hope you guys enjoyed.
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