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L is for Laughs

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L is for Laughs

"Hey, Frank?" 17-year old Gerard asked his best friend, stretching out on his double bed. They had just finished watching Telly Tubbies, because they liked that show, and there was nothing wrong with it, okay?

15-year old Frank had giggled every time someone mentioned Tinky Winky's name, being the mature teenager he was.

"Uh-huh?" Frank asked, turning on his side so he could see Gerard better.

"Did I ever tell you that when you laugh you sound like a pot-head-slash-preteen girl?" Gerard said sweetly, grinning.

"Well, have I ever told you that your laugh sounds like a dying chicken?" Frank shot back, pulling a tongue at his friend.

"It does not," Gerard protested, gasping dramatically.

"Does too," Frank said, giggling his 'pot-head' giggle.

"Well, that's just mean, Frankie," Gerard told him, huffing. Suddenly, Gerard jumped onto Frank, rolled him onto his back, and started to tickle him.

"Gee! Nooo! S-S-Stop!" Frank squealed through his giggles, gasping for air.

"Apologise," Gerard demanded, his fingers dancing around Frank's middle.

"No," Frank stated stubbornly, bucking his hips to try and get Gerard off.

"Well then, I'm just gonna have to carry on tickling you, then," Gerard said, smirking and tickling him faster.

"G-G-Gee! No!" Frank yelled, giggling louder.

Just as Frank bucked his hips again, Gerard's bedroom door swung open and revealed a horrified-looking Mikey.

"Oh my God, you guys! You know, there's a cool new invention. It's called a doorknob," Mikey yelled, covering his eyes.

Gerard didn't get off of Frank, but he stopped tickling.

"Mikey, it isn't what it looks like. I'm tickling him," Gerard said, shaking his head at his brother.

"Oh. Thank God. I was so traumatised," Mikey exclaimed, uncovering his eyes and pushing his glasses up his nose. Frank giggled.

"Frank?" Mikey asked, squinting at him.


"Are you high?"

Woo; update! OKAY; so, I have, like, six new frerard one-shots you guys should check out. ;)
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