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K is for Kisses

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A/N: Frank is 16, Gerard is 18. This chappie is before they start dating. C’:

Frank watched Gerard as he laughed at something his father said. Frank had been feeling some unusual feelings towards his best friend lately. Okay; maybe not lately. The annoying feelings started when he was fourteen. But that’s beside the point.
Point being, Gerard had a really nice laugh, and it gave Frank butterflies in his stomach. It was the night before Christmas Eve, and Frank’s family were having a special dinner with the Way’s. The men were all in the dining room, while the women were in the kitchen, preparing the food.

The Way household was filled with the Christmas spirit. The house was full of warm lights, the smell of food was in the air, and mistletoe hanging from random lights. The Christmas tree stood proudly, it was covered in decorations that Gerard, Mikey and Frank had put on that morning. While they were doing so; Frank struggled to put the star on the very top, so Gerard lifted him gently. Frank will admit his breath hitched at that moment. But who cares? He was a teenager. It happened.

Mikey tapped Frank lightly on the shoulder, breaking him out of his thoughts.

“Frank, Momma says that the vegetarian lasagne is ready. Do you want it now, or later? Oh! By the way, I had a piece, and it’s really good. Like, really good,” Mikey told him, licking his lips at the thought.

“I’ll get it now,” Frank said, his stomach grumbling at the thought of food. As he stood up, Gerard walked towards him.

“Frankie, help me with this one light, please?” Gerard asked, grinning down at Frank. With a grin like that, how could Frank say no?

“Sure, Gee. Which one?” Frank asked, following Gerard into the lounge. Gerard stopped suddenly, causing Frank to walk into him. Mumbling an apology, Frank looked up to see which light it was. Instead; he found mistletoe. Hmm. That was just convenient.

“Oh, look. Mistletoe. What a coincidence. You know what we’re supposed to do now, right?” Gerard asked him, smiling. Frank’s eyes widened. Did Gerard really want to kiss him?

“Uhh... Yeah?” Frank asked more than said, looking slightly nervous.

“So... I think we should. Because, who are we to break tradition, right?” Gerard proposed, still grinning.

Frank nodded subconsciously, and felt the butterflies return to his stomach. Holy shit; was this really happening?

Gerard leant down slightly, and placed a soft kiss on Frank’s lips.

They had kissed so many times before, but never like this. They had always kissed because of stupid games of truth or dare, or when they were young and hurt.

Frank decided he preferred this kissing to the other times. It felt... Right.

Gerard pulled away first, suddenly not looking so confident.

“Oh, God. That was stupid. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have kissed you. I don’t know what I was thinking. I kind of maybe sorta like you, and I don’t want things to be awkward between us,” Gerard rambled, scratching the back of his neck.

“Gerard, shut up,” Frank told him, and he couldn’t help smiling a little.

“I am so stupid. I mean, there aren’t even any broken lights in here. And holy shit, I just told you I like you, and it’s going to ruin our whole friendsh-mmf.”

Gerard’s speech was interrupted by Frank’s lips against his. Frank had officially found a new, more effective, way of shutting Gerard up.

A/N: So... A Christmassy frerard in June. XD
Also, I have this story pre-written all the way up to R. o.O
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