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J is for Jealousy

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J is for Jealousy.

A/N: In this chappie; Frank is 16 and Gerard is 18. Mikey and Ray are 15. Hope you enjoy. C:

Gerard grit his teeth as his brother hugged Frank tightly. Gerard and Frank had been officially a couple for a week, and hadn't told Mikey yet. Since they had gotten together, Gerard began to notice that Mikey was very "affectionate" with his Frank. And Gerard didn't like it. Not one bit.

Gerard stood in the doorway and stared at them sullenly while they hugged. The hug was just a little bit too long, in Gerard's opinion.

Frank grinned at Gerard as he entered into the lounge, not noticing Gerard's expression. Gerard stared incredulously at his boyfriend. Really? He didn't even get a hug? That was not cool.

Gerard sent a glare Frank's way, but Frank was too busy making himself comfortable on the couch to see.

Sighing to himself, he stomped out of the room and into the kitchen. He needed some damn coffee. Like, now. It was going to cheer him up, damn it. It had better. Or else; he would... He would switch to another brand of coffee.

He heard Frank's high-pitched giggle from the lounge, and decided to go investigate. Mikey was telling Frank about how Gerard's foot got stuck in the toilet a couple days ago when he tried to stand on the seat and it broke. Frank was in hysterics.

Fucker. He was totally saying that stuff just to make Gerard look bad. Some brother Mikey was. Trying to steal his own brother's boyfriend. Gerard didn't care that Mikey didn't exactly know that he and Frank were together. Not one little bit. It still wasn't cool for friends to act that way. Yeah, so maybe Frank and Gerard used to be even worse than that when they were just friends; but that was just different.

Gerard growled and flounced over to the couch Frank was sitting on, and sat down heavily. He sipped his coffee and glared at his brother over the rim of his mug.

"Awww. You didn't get me any, Gee?" Frank asked him playfully, placing a hand on his arm.

"I can get you some, if you'd like," Mikey offered, heading towards the kitchen when Frank nodded.

Gerard made a growling sound low in his throat; and Frank thought he kind of resembled a very angry puppy, but he wasn't about to tell that to Gerard, who had been acting strange the whole night.

"Gee, what's wrong? You've been totally quiet, and just weird. And it's starting to freak me out. You're not having second thoughts about us right?" Frank asked quietly, partly because he didn't want Mikey to hear, and partly because he was suddenly very, very afraid.

"What? No! But.." Gerard was interrupted as his brother walked in and handed Frank a steaming mug of coffee.

"We'll talk about it later, yeah?" Frank asked hopefully. Gerard watched as Frank took a small sip of coffee and thanked Mikey. Yes. Very nice, Frank. Gerard knew that Mikey made better coffee. There was no need to rub it in his face.

How could Gerard compete with good coffee? He couldn't; it wasn't possible. Gerard listened silently as Frank and Mikey joked around, and he noticed Frank giving him confused looks every once in a while.

Once Gerard finished his coffee, he stood up abruptly. He wasn't just going to sit there while his brother flirted with his boyfriend. He was going to go hide in his room and sulk. Maturely; thank you very much.

Dumping his mug in the sink, he made his way down to his room in the basement, slamming the door behind him without really meaning to. He grabbed his iPod, shoved the headphones over his hair, and hit the play button. The wonderful sound of the Misfits surrounded him, and he turned the volume onto full blast.

Gerard grabbed his sketchbook and began to draw mindless doodles; not really caring about what he was drawing. He was too focussed on Frank.

Suddenly, Gerard felt a timid tap on his shoulder. He turned around, ready to yell at his mom for interrupting his alone time, when he found Frank standing there, a mug of fresh coffee in his hands. Gerard took off his headphones and looked blankly at Frank.

"Gee, you really need to tell me what's wrong. You're scaring me. I brought you coffee as a peace offering for whatever I've done that made you mad," Frank said, holding up the coffee and smiling hopefully.

Gerard's eyes softened and he took the delicious peace offering gratefully. He pat the spot on his bed beside him, silently telling Frank to sit. Frank sat cautiously on the bed, leaving a rather large space in between them. Okay, so it wasn't that large. But, compared to how close they usually sat to each other, the space was really fuckin' big.

"Mikey's all over you," Gerard said, his voice sounding more whiny than he intended. To Gerard's surprise, Frank didn't get all defensive. Frank giggled, and scooted over so he was sitting right next to Gerard.

"Seriously? That's why you were acting like that all night?" Frank asked, shock lighting up his face. Gerard nodded sullenly.

"Gerard Arthur Way, are you jealous?"

Gerard stuck his bottom lip out. "No, I am not jealous. Just observant. It's not fuckin' right for him to act that way around you."

"Awwh, Gee. Honestly, there is nothing to be jealous about. Mikey acts that way with literally everyone. Besides, I only have eyes for one person; and he's sitting next to me," Frank told his new boyfriend, grinning when Gerard sent him a real smile.

"Also, Mikey's kind of gross and not my type. Too skinny."

Gerard grinned to himself. Oh yeah, he could totally compete with really good coffee. In fact; he totally just bitchslapped it in the face.

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