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Part 4: Charges

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Frank and Gerard have a chat.

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A/N: I think part of the reason I’m hesitant to continue this is because of the focus on the hospital setting. I’m currently studying Health Information Technology, and honestly a lot of the procedures described in stories like this are usually inaccurate. I’m trying to make this accurate, but there are some areas where I’m having to guess. I’m not entirely sure what the specifics would be at this point. I mean I more know about coding for reimbursement (ICD-9, CPT etc..) but that doesn’t really apply here. I know most people probably don’t really care if the story follows like Medicare’s Conditions of Participation or anything like that, but the idea that I’m writing something that doesn’t makes me twitch a little.

Just had to get that off my chest.

Part 4: Charges

The blood transfusions went well. Gerard's blood pressure went back to normal and he was then ready for surgery. However his emotional state was far from recovered. Mikey, Frank, and Ray all started to talk about pressing charges against Bert McCraken, but it was difficult getting the process started if the only one who was there was still refusing to talk about it. No one wanted to put more pressure on Gerard as mentally he was not in a very nice place, but they did want to get things moving. Frank made the next attempt to talk to him.

He crept down to Gerard’s room and sat at the edge of the bed slowly. Gerard did not even look up at him. He was staring outside the window next to him.

“I know he raped you.”

Gerard’s head snapped towards Frank at that, his eyes wide and seeming horrified that Frank had even said the word.

“Gerard, I know this is hard. But you have to ta--- “

“Bert told me it was your idea. You and Mikey.” Gerard blurted out.

Frank was at first taken aback that Gerard had said anything at all. Mikey had described the conversation they had had, and from what it sounded like, he really struggled to get even a single word out of him. Why was Gerard opening up to him so easily? Then Frank took in what Gerard actually had said.

“And you listened to him? Gee, have you gone absolutely insane? Why on earth would ever tell anyone to rape you?” Frank openly gaped.

“Well I don’t know Frankie, you kind of ignored me for weeks before it happened!” Gerard hissed angrily.

Frank bit his lip. Gerard was right. He had ignored him, but not for a reason he was ready to talk about.

How would he admit that he was jealous of Gerard’s obvious crush on Bert McCraken?

He settled on at least some of the truth.

“I didn’t like that you were hanging out with Bert again. None of us did, really.” Frank started. “He hasn’t changed his ways from back when he was fucking 27. He’s a bad influence, Gee. I mean if you started using again… it’s not exactly something we need right now as a band.”

Gerard looked almost disappointed. He looked down at his lap and pouted a little. “Oh I see…” he said “You just don’t want me to be a liability.” And he looked up at Frank, his irises pools of hurt and anger. “Well hopefully I won’t make it through this. You won’t have to worry about me then.”

“No, Gerard that’s not what I’m saying!” Frank grabbed Gerard’s hand. Gerard retracted it and turned his head away, back towards the window. Frank felt a rush of anger himself. Why was Gerard being so god damn difficult? On one hand Frank did try to make his explanation sound a bit cold, but only because he was afraid of Gerard going anywhere near the real reason.

That Frank was still in love with him. That he was a 29 year old married father who still had a gay crush on his best friend. How fucked up was that?

On the other hand, while he knew Gerard to be sensitive, he did feel like he was being a bit ridiculous. Frank got up from where he sat and put his jacket back on. He crossed his arms at Gerard, who still refused to look in his direction.

“Fine. Continue to assume the worst of me.” Frank growled. “Continue to assume that I thought of you as a burden, or that I fucking asked for you to get raped, even after all the shit I’ve helped you out with over the years. Fucking believe Bert McCraken over someone whose been actually fucking loyal to you, and you know that! I’ll just do you a favor and stay the fuck away so I can’t hurt you anymore. Because apparently, I do that often.”

Gerard showed absolutely no indication he had even heard him. Frank shook his head and walked out the door, just in time to miss the tears that Gerard would shed only seconds later.


It was 6 PM. Frank came back to the hospital after having about ten to twelve cigarettes and a walk outside. He was lucky no one had recognized him.

The elevator doors opened, revealing the floor he wanted to reach. He was going to meet up with Mikey and Ray and ask them if they wanted to grab a bite to eat. Not that Mikey would ever leave the side of his precious Gerard for more than 10 minutes. Yet Frank was starving and this hospital food was quite bluntly crap.

He walked to Gerard’s room and hesitantly peered in. He didn’t really want to encounter Gerard after their little argument. It would be a bit awkward.Frank did a double take.

It was empty. No Mikey, no Ray.

No Gerard.
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