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O is for Omen

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A/N: In this chappie, Gerard is 18 (still in high school, just to clarify), and Frank is 16. And yesh, they are dating by this time.

Frank hated Friday the 13th. Why? Because bad things always happened on Friday the 13th. ALWAYS. Like, one time Frank's cat drowned. And okay, it wasn't really Frank's cat, it was the neighbours. But that cat loved him more than it loved them. He fed the cat tofu and love. Fucking love, thank you very much.

Another Friday the 13th; Frank had ended up setting Mikey's hair on fire when Mikey asked him to straighten it, and it was scary. Mikey was so mad, he threatened to stick his straighter up Frank's ass, which did not sound pleasant. Not one little bit.

So, when Frank woke up on Friday the 13th, he just knew something bad was going to happen, because it was just an unwritten rule.

When Frank went to shower, he checked the bathroom cupboard to make sure a scary guy in a hockey mask wasn't waiting for Frank to get naked and kill him. Once Frank was sure that the cupboard was empty, he stepped into the shower carefully, making sure not to slip (and die).

When Frank got out, he decided against drying and straightening his hair, because he didn't want to get electrocuted. It looked really painful when he saw it on TV. He threw on a pair of his loosest skinny jeans – the tight ones might cut off his circulation-, a Dawn Of The Dead shirt that he had stolen from Gerard, who had stolen it from Mikey, and a pair of red Chucks. He then attempted to brush his hair, but it was a losing battle, so he gave up and shoved a beanie over it.

Just then, he heard the honk of Gerard's car. Gerard picked him up every morning, because there was no fucking way Frank was going to walk all the way to school. Frank may be small, but he wasn't exactly 'fit'. Running down the stairs, (yes, he is fit enough to do that) he grabbed an apple out of the fridge, kissed his mother on the cheek, and ran out of the house. Mikey started getting rides to school with Ray after Gerard and Frank started making out in the car once. Mikey had been scarred for life.

Frank grinned when he saw Gerard, because, like, he always did. Gerard just had that effect on him. I mean, you would smile too if Gerard was looking at you the way he was looking at Frank. Gerard was shooting Frank a smile – a genuine smile, that showed off all of his little teeth-. One of those smiles that made Frank melt a little inside.

Frank slowed down and walked carefully down the steps, making sure not to trip.

Eventually, he made it to his boyfriend's car, and hopped in.

"G'morning, Gee," Frank said, kissing his boyfriend on the cheek and putting on his seatbelt.

"Morning, sugar. I got you your coffee," Gerard said, holding up a cup from Starbucks. Frank stared at the cup apprehensively.

"How hot is it?" Frank asked, not taking the cup.

"Uh, it's not cold yet, if that's what you're asking," Gerard told him, raising an eyebrow.

"I'll wait until it's cooler. Thank you, though," Frank said, smiling at his boyfriend.

"Who are you and what have you done with my boyfriend?" Gerard asked, humor filling his voice.

"Gee, today's Friday the 13th," Frank whined, and Gerard gave his boyfriend a knowing look.

"Oh, God. Not again. You have to get over this whole Friday the 13th thing," Gerard said, rolling his eyes.

"Bad things happen, Gerard! You know that! Remember that time in gym when you forgot to put on your gym shorts?" Frank demanded, folding his arms.

"Frankie, that was your fault. You were getting dressed in front of me. It was distracting," Gerard said defensively, placing Frank's coffee in his car's cup-holder.

"Lies. We need to get to school, or we'll be late. And not one mile over the speed limit! I'm watching you!" Frank commanded, pointing an accusing finger at Gerard. Gerard just grinned to himself and shook his head. Everyone had their quirks. Frank was just a little superstitious.

Gerard turned the radio on, started his car, and pulled out of the driveway. The drive to school was uneventful, except for Frank yelling at Gerard to slow down when Gerard occasionally went one mile over the speed limit.

When they arrived at school, Gerard parked the car and he got out. Frank, however, stayed put. Gerard walked around to Frank's side of the car, and tapped on the passenger window. Frank looked up at him and wound down the window.

"What now?" Gerard said, sighing in exasperation. This was gonna be a long day.

"There's too many cracks," Frank stated, staring pointedly at the sidewalk. Gerard tried to contain his laughter.

"Frank, you're being ridiculous," Gerard said, rolling his eyes.

"This school should repair their fucking sidewalk! It's dangerous. Step on a crack, and you'll break your mother's back. I am not going to break my mother's back! You'll just have to carry me," Frank exclaimed, nodding at his idea.

Gerard stared at Frank. When he realised that his boyfriend was serious, he groaned.

"I am not carrying you."

"Well then, I'm not getting out of this car."

"God, you are so stubborn sometimes. Fine, I'll carry you, princess, now open the door," Gerard gave in, shaking his head.

Frank beamed at his boyfriend before undoing his seatbelt and opening the door. He glared at the sidewalk hatefully. Gerard turned around and bent a little so that Frank could get onto his back. Frank carefully climbed onto Gerard's back, and when he was sure that he was high enough off the ground, he squeezed his legs around Gerard's waist.

Gerard began to walk to the school building, getting curious looks from passers-by, but simply not giving a shit. After about two steps, Frank began ordering him to slow down and to be careful. After fifteen steps, Gerard stomped onto the grass and let Frank go. Frank jumped onto the ground and folded his arms.

"Gerard! Why are you stopping here? We're gonna be la-" Frank's rant was interrupted by Gerard's mouth covering his. Sometimes, the only way for Gerard to shut Frank up was to kiss him. And, to be honest, it was Gerard's favourite way to shut him up, too.

"Iero! Way! Detention! Can you not read the sign?" Ms Macaulay yelled, causing Frank and Gerard to break apart. They both looked guiltily at the teacher. She was pointing to a sign on the grass. It read: "No walking, standing, touching the new grass. Actually, don't even look at it."

Ms Macaulay handed them detention slips before stomping away to terrorise other students.

Frank looked pointedly at Gerard.


"Told you bad things happen on Friday the 13th."

[*A/N: I liiike this chappie.
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