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Frank is Ray, bob, and Gerar's slave on tour. Mikey's there, and has power, but is too in love with Frank to do anything.

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The streets were cold. Stupidly, I left my jacket at Bert’s. I was looking for anyone. Just anyone that would believe me. I look at a puddle. My scratch less face looks back at me. How do they do that? Gerard’s calling me, “Hey” I say. “WERE ARE YOU?!” He yells, I’m scared at the tone. “O-on m-m-y way…” I say. He growls into the phone “GET HOME IN 10 MOINUTES! OR ELSE!” He yells, the lines goes dark. I sigh. I don’t think I will ever get away from my masters.

I trudge on the bus 12 minutes later with Gerard’s pills and booze. He slaps me across the face twice with the back of his hand. Mikey just looks away. He doesn’t get hit like me, even though he’s weaker than me. No one will even try to touch Mikey. I just took it and started dinner. I cut the chicken and grilled it, Gerard just started smirking. “Puppy/” He says. I stop and turn “Yes Master?” I asked. “Eat a piece.” He says pointing to a piece of chicken breast. I can’t say no, I don’t want to get beaten. Mikey looks like he’s going to cry and walks away. I feel myself turn green as I take a small piece of raw chicken and down it. I automatically feel sick. Gerard laughs and Ray comes into the

“DOG! COME!” I walk to him. “Knees!” He says. I sit on my knees. He just walks away, I stay there. It’s at least been an hour I haven’t moved or made a sound, that is until Ray pulls me up by my hair and leads me to his bunk. He forces me into it. Please, he’s never done this before and is about to take my pants off when there’s a ring at the door. He shoves me out and I run to get it.

I open it and smile, a little girl is right there with a bear “Hello sweetie!” I say. “It’s a little girl!” I shout back. “I’m lost and saw the bus and needed help back to my foster home.” She said and flew into my arms. Gerard comes by, he throws his smile on and helps the girl as Ray comes in. “DO-Darling!” He covers glaring at me. Mikey runs in, “Hello sweetie!” He says and picks up the 9 year old up and spins her. She giggles and stops crying. “Okay sweetie, what is your foster parents name?” He asked. “Luanne!” She says, I scribbled it down, “What about your name?” I asked. “I’m Britani!” She says.

“Honey!” Luanne Whitten says to her daughter “Never run off again!” She cries and thanks us. After she’s gone, I pray that Ray forgot what we were doing. Bob walks in and slaps me “YOU DIDN”T CLEAN THE BUS! APPOLAGISE!” He orders. “I’m sorry.” I say looking in his face but not in his eyes. “Go to bed!” He orders.

I go to my bunk, there wasn’t anything in it but the actual bed, so I always was cold and curled into a ball in the corner. I cried myself asleep that night, something I do at least 6 times a week. I just prayed it would all stop. That my life would end.

The next day we had a show, but before sound check I cleaned the bud, got raped by Ray, Mikey giving me pitifully glances while I cooked, and sat still for an hour. Actually, one of the better days. Once we got called on I played my heart out, pretending my life wasn’t fucked up. And at the meet and greet I pretended I was the skittles eating, hyper, 6 year old brained guy, everyone thinks I am.

After we got moving I got shoved against a wall by Gerard. “DOG! KNEEL!” He commanded, I have no idea why the driver doesn’t say something. He unzipped his pants and made me put my mouth around him. He fucked my mouth until he came down my throat, and then made me lay on my back as he sucked me, harder than usual. This was done in the living room so Bob and Ray could tape it, they were going to post everything (without Gerard’s parts) online.

My image, reputation, and fake life would be ruined. He even got 2 man whores to fuck me. He disguised his voice and kept saying shit like “Take it like a bitch” or “Fuck Frankie! What’s your name?” He would say mockingly, “Frank Anthony!” I would yell out. “Frank Anthony what?” “IERO” I would scream and get slammed into harder. I was moaning like a bitch the whole time, by there command.

After being taken by 3 men they forced me to watch the video, it made me cry. But I didn’t cry in front of them, no, I cried myself asleep for the 9th time that week. Mikey wouldn’t even look at the guys the next day. He would sit by me and cuddle with me the next day too. I honestly felt safe by him. That night he let me lay with him.

He stroked my hair not saying anything “I’m sorry.” He blurted out, and started crying. I held him and comforted. “You know you can talk like a human being with me right?” He said, I was surprised. I have been a slave for the last 10 years. I cried happy tears and snuggled up to him.

The next morning I woke next him. I climbed out and cleaned everybody’s clothes, then I washed the dishes, then I organized the bathroom. I shuddered, so many memories. Then a pair of arms circled my body, Mikey sucked lightly on my neck. “M-Mikey!” I said. Then he stopped when Gerard came in. I felt the hickey, but it was the good kind.

He went on with his day, then something happened that he thought would never happen “You sleep in my bed from now on!” Mikey commanded. Frank nodded “Yes Master!” He said. Ray and Bob shot each other a glance of insurances, and Gerard smiled at his little brother’s eagerness.

That night came, to my surprise we just stared at each other until I fell asleep. The next day Ray had me all to himself for a minute. “Dog! Is there something between you and Mikey?” He asked glaring. I relied “Can I tell you my opinion Master?” He nodded, and I did give him the truth “He’s lonely.” I stated and fixed the tie Ray was wearing so he didn’t look stupid on stage. Ray nodded and sent me off.

Again, I slept with Mikey, but this time he stroked the hair put of my face as we both smiled. “I liked your glasses.” I said, he nodded. “Lyn-zs here!” Gerard yelled. I got out of the bunk and scrambled into ‘my’ bunk, with a couple comic books, some fluffy sheets, and a pillow! I was in heaven. That was, until Gerard called my name “Ohhh FRANKIE!” He said jumping around. I ran in and started dancing with him, threw a fake smile on, and hugged Lyn-z. I stared at her with grief in my eyes, she held me and whispered “Mikes called, I’m saving you.” She whispered, U shook my head “You can’t.” I whispered back and let go. Gerard’s cell phone rang, he flipped it open and said something. He handed me the phone , oh god, it was my ex-wife crying into the phone “Frankie!” She balled. “It’s Lilly!” I guess my expression was blank because there was a look of concern, real concern on Gerard’s face. “Sh-She’s dying!” Jamia said. I dropped to the floor. Well I dropped to my knees and prayed as I cried, after that I stood up, I ran out of the bus. I ran tear stricken to the street. I waited for a car, and when I saw one I jumped on the road and sat down, “FRANK!” was the last thing I herd before nothing but Beep, Beep, Beep!
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