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House of surprises!

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It features Dead Pete Wentz, Brendon and Ryan! Lol, not many fans have seen this! And if you have an you-tube account, in the (2) comments, im ChemicalRomanceLove! No seriously, you must see!

I awoke in a black room in chains. Mikey was by me, holding my hand, and Alicia’s. She was holding Lyn-z’s. “GERARD!” Mikey yelled. He showed up at the door “Oh! Is Frank awake yet?” He said happily and ran down. I looked down, I was covered in blood, and it seems my leg is broken. “Crap!” I said. Mikey’s eyes went wide and he gripped my hand tight. Gerard was standing in front of me with a knife. He gently ran his hands over my chest, and that’s when I saw it, Ray and Bob tied up with rope, and gagged, right in front of us. I gasped and Gerard chuckled “I know. They didn’t want me to keep you guys here. Ray’s eyes filled with tears. They said all I needed to know ‘I’m sorry’ they pleaded. I smiled “It’s okay.” I said to him and he nodded, ashamed. I already forgave him.

Gerard still had the knife, he smiled at his brother. “Little brother, only if you wouldn’t tell the police you wouldn’t be here!” He ungaged Bob, who just stayed silent “Good Bryar.” Gerard sneered. He ungaged Ray, who did the same. Gerard walked out of the room, Ray burst into tears. “I-I’m sorry, he said, t-things. And the drummer before Bob, he’s dead...” He confessed still trying to calm down. Something Gerard didn’t realize, I can loosen my bones in my hands. I easily got out of my hands. I unattached my ankles and got Mikey, Lyn-z, Alicia undone before there was a knife by y throat. I tensed up and Gerard laughed, he pushed me against the wall roughly. Suddenly Lyn-z was laughing and walked behind her husband. She got Mikey and Alicia in chains, and gagged before they could do anything. Ray was wide eyed, and Bob was emotionless.

“Frankie, don’t be tense, it’s only a knife, and you know a blade!” He said and pressed against my wrist with the point. A dot of blood covered my wrist and Gerard gently sucked it. He then chained me on my back so I was lying facedown on the floor as he sat on my back. not again… He took the knife to the back of my neck and carved whore, I knew because he said the letters out load. Then he slapped it hard and chained my legs so I had to stay my face to the ground. He also did my waist, so I couldn’t move that either, I sighed. I didn’t want to cry, but the pain. Oh that pain! Mikey was humming. I listened carefully. It was Demolition Lovers. I sang along quietly, undid my hands and nested my head on them crying.

“How did I get into this?” I asked myself. “You followed your dream, like we all did. And someone rode it out, before going crazy.” Ray whispered. I nodded. Mikey tensed up “GERARD?” He yelled. Gerard walked in casually, “Yes Mikes?” He asked. “You win. I’m an idiot for trying to call the cops!” He snickered, it sounded so real. “I’m sorry Gerard, can you forgive me?” He asked sweetly. Gerard smiled and undid his feet. But then stopped there “You know, I will kill the if you run.” He said dryly. Mikey smiled “Oh! I know Gee.” He said still smiling, I can’t believe trusted him. “Traitor.” I said. Mikey just smiled at me and kissed the back of my head “Don’t worry Frankie. You’ll die soon enough.” He mused and hugged his brother. He let go and followed his brother out.

I sighed and all of us were crying until Bob let out a yell of rage. He ripped out of the rope and undid the rope fastly and Gerard ran in with his knife. Bob just chuckled and slipped a bigger knife out of his pocket “I’m from the bad part of Chicago remember?” Bob mused. Just then Gerard lunged and so did Bob, but they stopped when the tv was turned on automatically and Mikey was on the screen “Yo brother?” He called out making all of us turn. Lyn-z was tied to a chair, duck tape on her mouth. She was squirming and I saw what Mikey had, he had a shiny knife “I would give up now Gee, when you get locked up, it won’t be so bad.” He spoke calmly. Gerard just laughed. “How are you going to do that?” He asked. Mikey smiled and whispered before putting the knife to his wrist “I’ll die first!” And Gerard ran right past me into the other room, which was locked. Bob unlocked my waist then cut Ray free, but somehow, I knew this wasn’t the end of it.

I got up and got Alicia unchained and Ray hugged me, I felt warm in his embrace “He was going to kill me” He whispered “I am so so soooo sorry” He whispered, I pulled back and pecked his lips, he was just frozen “Come on.” I said and pulled him behind Bob, who was protecting the girl. Mikey was on the screen again, but this one was in the hall way “Gerard? Where am I?” He said, clearly in a different room, I smiled. I ran with Ray to a room, he kicked it open and there was Pete Wentz shivering in the corner with his eyes closed “PLEASE DON’T KILL ME GERARD!” He yelled, I picked him up bridal style. He held close “F-Frankie?” he whispered in my neck, “Come on, were going to get him.” I say, Ray kicked in the next door and I put Pete on his feet. He just stared at what used to be Patrick Stump. But now the lifeless in his eyes were gone, that sparkle when he was exited would never come back. I just shut his eyes and motioned Ray out as Pete curled in to a ball beside him. “Pete, you have to come with us.” I whisper. Pete just kissed Patrick’s temple and got up. “You’re right.” Pete says and walks out. Ray was against the wall waiting, he hugged me when I walked out.

We kept walking until my leg stopped being numb, I just hissed and fell. Pete kicked in the door and Andy was there. Well he was asleep so Pete woke him up and Andy kissed him. I don’t know why, but he did. He hugged us and got his drumsticks out. He set my leg with them and a rip off of a t-shirt. I walked through the pain and Ray kicked in the next door. Brendon was hanging from his feet in there, I cut him down. He just smiled and thanked me. We walked until another door was in front of us Pete gulped; it was the staircase leading upstairs.

We followed it up until I saw the unbearable. Jamia was tied to what looked like across, there was so much rope. It was all the way around her to her neck. She could breathe, but not move. Brendon had broken a mirror, he took a shard and started cutting, “Go” He said. I hugged him, kissed my ex wife’s cheek and went along with Ray and Pete.. We came along the kitchen, I grabbed two knives for holding, so did the Pete but Ray, he grabbed something in a drawer. He grabbed a pistol, and a cell phone. He called them, “Hello? There is a serial killer lose, I don’t know where, but he’s in this house, I’m leaving the cell on. Track it, I’m hiding it while its on. Wish us luck.” He said to the police as he set it carefully in a bowl, and then grabbed a knife. I sighed, but herd someone screaming at something. I ran, only to find Bert bleeding from his arm and Lyn-z over him. “I’ll show you for- oh hello!” She said when seeing me, Bert scrambled to us “I’m sorry I didn’t believe you!” He cried, and Lyn’z threw the knife into Bert’s chest. He pulled it out, and died instantly. Pete jumped on Lyn-z and snapped her neck, ninja style. I just stared at him, “There was red lipstick on Patrick’s hand, and he was still a little warm, she killed him.” He whispered standing up and kicking the wall. He then just kept walking when he suddenly turned “Where’s Andy?” He asked looking franticly around. I looked around. “I-I don’t know.” Ray said the look on Pete’s face. I didn’t know either, but I couldn’t tell him that. “He is with Bren.” I said and turn, trying not to cry. “Let’s go.” I said and ran.

Mikey was on the screen, in another room, Pete shivered, it was his room. “Hey were you at brother? Frank, if you can see this, I’m sorry, Ali and Frank, I love you. Take care of each other huh?” He said and it went black. I swallowed the lump in my throat and grabbed Pete’s hand “Come on…” I said, and we ran, faster than anything.
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