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Ending. Short but sweet, :)

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Ray kicks in the door, that’s when I saw something I couldn’t explain. Gerard had his long raven hair, from when we started the band, not his red hair. He was crying in the gag. I un did it “Tyler! Don’t kill me please!” He gasped out. Ray gasped “Ge-Gee?” He asked. Gerard’s eyes snapped open “RAY!” He said “H-How long have I been here?” He asked. He looked around “its 2011 Gerard.” Someone said from behind us. Gerard had a knife to Mikey’s throat. He scrunched up his eyebrows. “Tyler. Don’t hurt Mikey! He’s your brother too!” Gerard yelled. Mikey smiled “I knew it.” He whispered. He did something I have never thought I could see outside a movie, he laughed. He laughed while there was a knife by his throat.

Tyler released him in shock. He fell to the floor in laughter. Tyler just stared. Gerard stared in horror. “M-Mikey!” He said. Mikey stopped laughing and stared at Tyler, he went over and hugged him. Everyone gaped. Mikey then spun and he was behind Tyler with the knife to his throat. He slid it, Tyler fell to the ground gurgling, he smiled and did the ‘ok’ symbol with his hands. He died. Mikey just broke down. He stared straight ahead while sitting by Tyler’s body. “Mikey!Untie me please.” Gerard said. We all went to untie him, when we untied him he just fell to the ground. He shakily stood up and walked to Mikey, he hugged him. “I-I’m sorry I haven’t been there.” He said. Pete smiled “GERARD!” He yelled. Gerard spun “Pete Wentz?” He said. Pete smiled. “Hey” He said. Gerard hugged me “He told me everything he did, I felt worthless, I’m so sorry!” He said. Ray sighed “Come on, we have to get everyone and wait till the cops arrive.” He said.

We walked down a hall until Jamia jumped in my arms “Boxes…..dolls…..AHH!” She screamed when she saw Gerard. She started uncontrollably crying. I shushed her and told her he won’t hurt us, Tyler hurt us, this is the real Gerard. She nodded, but kept her distance. Ray shrieked, Andy, Brendon, Bob, and Alicia were in huge plastic boxes. Bob was tied in with a drum stick. Alicia had no clothes on, and the box said ‘Sex doll’, Brendon’s had ‘Fall Out Boy’ on it. I smirked at Pete and he tried to stifle a laugh, but Andy’s was weird, ‘-------------------‘it was blank. All of them had there hands tied behind there back with wire, he was going to ‘play’ with them. I scowled and ran behind them. I undid the boxes, but I needed someone to help with the wires. When I got Bob out, we got everybody else out okay.

Then something clicked behind us, Joe was standing there laughing “Do you think Tyler wouldn’t have an accomplice. “Joe?” Gerard said remembering him. He put the gun to Gerard “HOW DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?” He yelled. Gerard smiled “Your awesome.” Pete was going to speak up but I hit him over the head. He shuddered, Joe looked over and aimed the gun “Hehehe. The Jew is holding the weapon now huh nigger?” He cackled. Pete looked furious. I held him back and looked at Ray, he quickly pulled out the pistol and shot.

Joe fell to the ground throwing up blood, I hugged a shaking Ray. “I’m a murder.” He whispered, I looked in his eyes “No. You’re a hero.” The cops walked in on Pete checking his pulse, “He’s dead Ray.” He whispered with tears in his eyes. Ray burst out crying. “I’m a fucking murderer!” He yelled curling into a ball.

4 days later, it was in the news. MCR fans herd everything, I got gifts, along with Gerard, and well everyone who had anything to do with it have gifts. They all stayed at my over-sized house. fortunately, all of MCR is still here, not so much with FOB though. “What are we going to do without Pat. I mean, neither one of us can sing.” I herd them talking. Brendon says he keeps having nightmares. Gerard flew home to his family, but Mikey wanted to stay here with me and Alicia. I found it hard to say this, but I felt sorry for Alicia. Mikey fell in love with me, after they got married. Worst part of it, she was pregnant with Tyler’s kid. Gerard returned the next day and we had band practiced.

Turns out he DID write the songs, and practiced them for something to do. He even knew some FOB songs that Pete and Andy played to him. They were smiling until Gerard left then Pete broke down “I’m a murdered, and I lost two of my best friends to Tyler.” He said to himself. Andy wrapped his arms around him and shushed him. “Are you guys together?” Gerard said as he walked in. Pete blushed and looked down. Andy nodded, blushing furiously. I awed then squealed. Pete flipped me off and started bouncing “FRANKLIN!” He yelled. I sighed, he wants- “WERE DO YOU KEEP YOU SKITTLES?!” He yelled looking in the cupboards.

I sighed and grabbed a packet out of my pocket, I threw them at him and he smiled.
“Are you guys going to live here?” I asked, everyone turned “Well…were kinda scared Frank….” Pete said, I nodded “Okay. Some one help me make dinner then.” I said, proud of myself for coming out of this, over the top.


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