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Study Buddies

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"You're way past failing.. And I can't bump your mark up anymore.." Things get interesting when Frank offers to help Gerard with English.

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I rushed into first period English class just as the bell went. I took my seat quickly and opened my books.

"Just copy the note from the front board for now, then write in your journals." Mrs. Thompson ordered. "There's only a few more days left before exams so just bear with me and don't give me any problems."

I copied down the note with no problem. But when I opened my journal I had no idea what to write about. So much stuff had happened, stuff that isn't really appropriate for journals.

Just then the door opened. I looked up. Gerard walked in with his books in a giant heap. He was walking funny and his hair was all messed up.

"Mr. Way, care to explain why your late?" Mrs. Thompson looked up.

"I um.. I got into a bit of a problem. But it's all taken care of." Gerard responded quietly.

Mrs. Thompson sighed. "Just take you're seat."

Gerard put his books down on the desk beside me. He seemed to be wobbly on his legs. He seemed to be in pain as he sat down. Nick really hurt him that bad? Of course.

"Hey." He whispered.

"Hi." My heart skipped a beat.

"What are we supposed to do?"

"Copy the note from the board and then write in your journal." I responded.

Gerard sighed and got out a piece of paper. He started to copy the note.

Have fun last night?" I asked.

"Yeah.." He lied through gritted teeth.

"Gerard please come up to the front of the room." Mrs. Thompson said.

Gerard stood up shakily and proceeded to walk to her desk. When he finally made it, sweat had beaded around his hairline. He was in a great amount of pain.

"Gerard.. Your mark is.. Unbelievable.." Mrs. Thompson tried to talk low but failed.

Gerard put his head down.

"You're way past failing.. And I can't bump your mark up anymore.."

"Im sorry.." Tears glazed over Gerard's eyes.

He basically limped back to the desk, after taking a great amount of time to sit down again, his head fell into his hands.

"I'm getting 95% in English.. I can help you pass the exam.." I offered.

"You mean it?" He looked up at me.

"Yeah." I smiled. "We can start tonight."

"Okay. Thanks." He tried to smile.

"No problem. Your house or mine?" I asked.

"Mine. My parents are going out and Mikey is going to grandma's. It'll be quiet and I always work better when it's quiet." Gerard responded.

"Okay, your house it is." I grinned.


I walked up Gerard's driveway. I was pleased that his family was gone. Maybe that plan of mine might work out.

I knocked on the door. It opened a few seconds later.

"Hey, come in." Gerard smiled.

I walked into his house.

"Okay so where do you wanna go?" I asked.

"My room." Gerard was already walking down the stairs.

Gerard sat on the middle of the floor in his room. On a pile of sheets and a pillow, a makeshift bed.

"Don't sit on my bed." Gerard warned.

Yuck.I thought to myself as I sat down across from him.

I opened my notes. "Okay so what's the problem?"

"I'm a fucking stupid person." Gerard responded.

"Positivity helps." I said. "Let's start from unit one."

Gerard groaned and lay down on the sheets.

"You okay?" I asked.

"Just a little sore.." Gerard stifled a scream as he situated himself.

"Okay well let's just get through this and then you don't gotta worry about summer school." I responded.

After about an hour of boring English I heard Gerard's soft snoring. I put the book down and crawled over to him.

His hair was covering his eyes, I gently brushed it away. He was so peaceful when he slept. He took slow breaths in and out, truly relaxed. His eyes were closed, the slits almost fully covered by his beautiful eyelashes. I leaned towards him and pressed my lips to his. Warm and soft against mine. I hungrily kissed him and wished that this could happen all the time. I meant to pull away but arms held me in place.

It took me a moment to realize the arms were owned by Gerard. His lips crashed against mine. After kissing for a good minute or two I ran my tongue against his bottom lip and he opened his mouth. Our tongues collided. I pushed Gerard over and continued to kiss him. I leaned down to kiss his neck, receiving a moan. I sucked on his neck, wanting him to moan again. I went back to his lips, pushing mine against his as I pressed my body against his. Gerard's hands crawled up the back of my shirt.

The phone's annoying ring made us pull away from each other, breathing heavily. I got off of Gerard and he stood up. He grabbed the phone.

"Hello?" He asked.

"Nothing baby, you?" I groaned, it was Nick.

"No not tonight." Gerard sighed.

"It's not a good night."

"No you didn't hurt me."

"Nick I just don't wanna do it tonight.."

"No it's not you, I'm just tired."


"I love you too.." Gerard slammed the phone onto the stand.

"You need to go." He said. "That kiss should have never happened."

I gathered all of my things without responding. I opened the door to his room.

"And try not to let that show." Gerard smirked.

I looked down. "Goddamn." Why do I always wear tight pants?

I walked out of Gerard's house and down the driveway. I was pushed to the ground.

"What are you doing here?" Nick sneered.

"Helping Gerard." I replied.

"With what, whoring around?"

"Nothing happened you dumbshit. I was helping him with English." I turned and started walking down the sidewalk.

I heard the door open to Gerard’s house. “You little whore! What’s with the faggot in your driveway!? I’m not good enough for you!?”

I kept on walking, but I knew I should’ve gone back.

Thanks for reading! Hope you liked it :) I'll probably update again tonight, Fridays are always all nighters for me
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