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Chapter 22

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Who the hell sits on top of somebody while they sleep?

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Lily's POV

"What's the matter, love?" Beckett asked innocently but with a malicious smile that tainted everything about his tone. I slowly picked myself up from the floor.

"Did you do what I think you did?" I demanded while trying very hard to keep myself from lashing out at him. Beckett sat down on the bed I had been sleeping in.

"Maybe I did, maybe I didn't. Questions and questions are all on your mind, aren't they dear?" He slid one hand along the comforter as he spoke.

"Yes, they are. Now if you would be so kind as to answer them before I decide to murder you right now." I said through clenched teeth. Beckett patted the spot next to him on the bed. I glared at him.

"I can stand," I snapped at him. He put his hands up in a 'I surrender' motion and then began.

"Your blood tastes very good, Lillian. I never would have dreamed of something more intoxicating. I could tell that you would taste wonderful just by smelling you but never in my wildest-"

"GET ON WITH IT!" I shouted, cutting him off. He made an annoyed face and then coughed a little.

"I considered it, but you are not a vampire. Not yet anyway. I decided to extend your time a little. However, I noticed something I was previously unaware of. Gerard marked you?" He said with an eyebrow raise. I subconsciously slide my hand from the fresh bite marks to Gerard's mark.

"Why is it any of your concern?" I asked bitterly. Beckett laughed once and then he was in front of me, inches from my face.

"Because, if he's marked you, then you are the one thing he loves most. How tragically romantic would it be for him to become a Dandy for you? I think it would be quite poetic indeed." He grinned. I removed my hand from my neck and looked at it for moment.

"You also think it's cool to wear that stupid hat." I commented then promptly pulled my fist back and punched him the face. I immediately pulled it back from the pain but I grinned despite it. Twice in twenty four hours, I think we're doing good here people. Beckett staggered back and as I looked up I noticed a small trickle of blood streaming out of one of his nostrils. Score one for Lily.

"Now, now, that was simply uncalled for," Beckett said with a quiet hiss. Suddenly, I felt my entire body slam hard into the wall by the bed.

"Fuck." I groaned, my eyes squeezed tight in pain. I opened them and Beckett stared down at me with black eyes. He had my arms pinned above my head but I stared back at him defiantly.
"Such harsh language and actions, Lillian." He commented lowly and moved his face very close to mine. My insides crawled with disgust.

"Sorry Becks, but you kind of ask for them on a silver platter." I shrugged. Beckett smiled toothily and then instantly slapped me across the face. A bruise is going to form on that bruise....

"That's so unlady like. You should learn to honor and respect the men who take care of you." He whispered and then leaned his face completely into mine. He connected our lips and started kissing me. I didn't react. Then, he slipped his tongue into my mouth, to which I did react, and quite beautifully if I do say so myself. I waited patiently for him to try to shove his disgusting mouth meat down my throat and then with all the hate I'd ever had for anyone, I bit down. He shrieked and pulled his bloody tongue out.

"God, I have never met anyone more completely disgusting!" I laughed and broke into hysterics. Beckett, who was across the room now, nursing his bleeding mouth, turned and shot me a death glare. I made faces at him.

"You shouldn't have done that Lillian. I'm trying very hard to not bite you again, but you are making it very difficult for me to decide against turning you now." He said with anger drenching his words. I flinched at the thought but then shrugged.

"It's unavoidable. You are going to turn me before I have any hope of getting out. You're just playing with me right now. I have no reason to honestly believe that I can leave here human. No matter what I do, I'll get turned. It doesn't matter anymore." I countered. Beckett sauntered back towards me.

"Oh, but it does matter, Lillian. Because you see, the longer you are here, human, the less time you spend being owned completely by me. If you think I'm terrible now, while you are fragile and weak, think of how much worse after life, when you are not so delicate, will be. I have to be careful with you right now, if I break you, you could die or become useless. If you are a vampire, you'll be able to withstand more than this sorry human form of yours." He explained as he started cornering me back to the wall.

"I could take absolutely everything from you, and then I could take more. But wait, I just had a thought."

"Don't hurt yourself," I warned. Beckett ignored my sarcasm.

"It's not what I do to you that hurts you, is it? It's what I do to the people you love. Tell me, what would you do if your friends died?" He questioned quietly.

"You said you'd stay away from them." I said instantly.
"I said, I'd stay away from New Jersey if you'd prefer. You didn't respond so I took that as Jersey. If they leave Jersey they are free game. What about Gerard, what if I were to make you drive a stake through his heart? I can do that you know, hypnosis is a power all Dandies have, it's something I quite enjoy." He smiled. I took a step backwards and a rush of memories flooded me.

"I'm going to have to burst your ego here Becks, not every girl you meet is so susceptible to your mind games. You should really try being less controlling." I advised and then made my way to the door. Where could Bob be?

"Well perhaps, but I'm quite powerful. In any case, I will destroy you, Lillian. You are mine now, and I will conquer you. In fact, how about we begin now?" He proposed and then disappeared. All I heard was the faint sound of the door being locked from the outside.
"Well, fuck."

Bob's POV

I had been lying on this damned bed for hours. I shook in pain and a cold sweat ran down my body. Everything hurt. I could only force myself against every pain receptor in my body, to look up at a mirror and check the damage. Beckett had not been thrilled when he came into my room hours ago, after finishing his "walk" Lily, and found out that I would rather die than tell him anything. Nope, not thrilled in the least. I suppose torture is better than becoming a vampire though.

"C'mon Bob, where are your famous vampire slaying skills now?" I asked myself as I decided to sit up. Just as I did though, a metal rod came and slammed into my head. I fell back on the bed and felt a stream of blood go down my forehead.

"So I see you've still got will power left in you, Bob." A voice said from above me. I opened my tightly shut eyes and Mike, with a few other Dandies, looked down at me. I groaned and tried to bring my leg closer to the edge of the bed. Mike noticed.

"Nope, sorry Bob. Bill wants you almost dead. So, we're here to beat you within an inch of your life, kay? Hold him down." Mike ordered and then the Dandies all grabbed my limbs. They removed me from the bed and placed me on the floor. I took in a shaky breath and waited. Mike made a brief comment about needing to work off some steam and then proceeded to kick me repeatedly in the ribs.

"You know, if you would just listen to him, this could have been avoided." Mike murmured. I opened my eyes and used one of my pinned hands to flip him off. Mike gave an extra hard kick into my side and a sickening crack filled my ears. I bit into my lip to hold back any sounds of pain.

"I can see this is going to take awhile. Dammit it all." Mike sighed.

Lily's POV

Three days, twelve hours, and twenty six minutes. I glanced back over at the clock. Twenty seven minutes. Beckett had, had me locked in here for days. He had offered me food and water through the door, if I'd do as he says. I made a poorly drawn stick figure with fangs being staked by another stick figure with fangs and slipped it under the door. He kicked the door and I haven't heard from him since. To make things worse thoughts of friends and family continually raced back to me. Thoughts of Alisha, Kat and Bob. All the people I'd ever saved from vampires, all the people I failed to save. Previous arguments with Pete over silly things like politics and the meaning of life. The worst though, was when my thoughts brought me to Gerard. They never failed to always return to him. Every time I thought I could whisk myself away from him, my thoughts would return. Mirages of him taunted me in my pitiful state and his voice echoed my fears. In these moments, I could only beg some nonexistent figure of higher power to stop. Eventually I would be teased with a momentary peace and I could only hope for the chance to fall into the blessing and burden of sleep....

I brought my stake up, between the axe and Brenda's head. Using all of my strength I held it there. Somebody muttered a choice swear word and then lights kicked on in the mansion. Ray Toro jumped away from the axe and Frank Iero smiled lazily from his place on a grand piano.

"Where are the Way brothers at?" I questioned with fake curiosity. I just want to stake Gerard.

"Ooh, somebody is wondering where Geetard is. He's waiting for you upstairs I do believe. There are three floors though, you may just have to check every room above this level." Frank mused and I narrowed my eyes.

"Tell her now, Frank. We have our own score to settle, do we not?" Brandy asked and I side-glanced at her. She was looking at Frank with a fury I'd never seen before.

"Fine, fine. You girls are always so damn serious, never any fun to be had. Geetard is on the top floor. If I know him, he's in the art room." Frank advised and then started to play a quiet song on the piano. Brenda turned and nodded to me.

"Can you two handle them both?" I asked. Leaving them both alone could be disastrous.
"Who said you were going to make it up there?" A voice asked from right behind us. We all whipped around and as we turned we were thrown backwards. Our backs collided with the floor and pain shot up my spine. Without wasting time though, we pulled ourselves back up. Mikey Way was pacing towards us.

"So you're here too?" Brenda muttered and pulled out a stake. Mikey grinned and instantly Ray was beside him.

"It would make my day to be the one to take you three down, however, my brother has requested that he be the one to fight you." Mikey said while looking directly at me.

"I thought you said I wasn't going to make it up there." I raised an eyebrow. Mikey shrugged.
"I was hoping that your spine might break when it connected with the floor. Wishful thinking I suppose. Now, I'll give you thirty seconds to start ascending those stairs before we all ignore what Gerard wants and finish you three ourselves." Mikey concluded. I glanced at Brenda.
"Go, we can take them, plus backup should be here shortly." She reminded and then pushed me towards the stairs. I nodded to her and then began to race up them. Time to finish this.

There was a pressure on my hips. I kept my eyes shut but I could feel somebody sitting on top of me through the fabric of the sheets. Who the hell sits on top of somebody while they sleep? I mean really?!

"What...the hell?" I said into the darkness. I opened my eyes, expecting to see Beckett or a Dandy trying to rape me in my sleep.

"Beckett, seriously, give up. You-" I began but then stopped as two hazel eyes captured my own. Those were not Beckett's eyes.

"Lily." Gerard Way whispered and then leaned down and kissed me.


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