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R is for Rain

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R is for Rain

Frank and Gerard were walking hand-in-hand through a deserted park. It was their park, seeing as nobody else used it, like, ever. It was nice being affectionate in a public place where no one would stare, even if there wasn’t actually anyone there.

Suddenly, Frank felt a raindrop on his head. He looked up at the sky, and frowned because it was sunny. Frank looked up at Gerard suspiciously.

“Did you just spit on my head?” Frank accused. Gerard looked disturbed.

“Why the fuck would I do that? It’s gross,” Gerard said, giggling a little.

“Well, I just felt something wet on my head.”

“It’s called rain, Frankie. You know, comes from the sky?” and as soon as Gerard said that, rain started pouring down.

Gerard and Frank didn’t try to get away from the rain, though. Frank grinned at Gerard, because Gerard looked adorable when he was soaked, okay? His hair clung to his face, and water stuck to his eyelashes. Also, the white shirt he was wearing kind of became transparent. Frank was glad he made Gerard wear that today.

Gerard wrapped his arms around Frank’s small frame, and they stood in silence for a while, just hugging.

“Remember the time we tried to follow the rainbow?” Gerard asked.


“Gerard! Lookie!” five year old Frank squealed.

“At what?” Gerard asked, looking out of the window. They hadn’t been outside the whole day. It had been raining, but it was also sunny. That confused Frank, because sun and rain didn’t mix.

“There’s a rainbow!” Frank exclaimed, staring at it in excitement.

“Mom says that there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow,” Gerard whispered, as if it was his best-kept secret.

“We should find it!” Frank yelled, jumping up and down. Gerard nodded in agreement.

Gerard ran into the kitchen, where his mom was making them lunch.

“Momma, can me and Frankie go for a walk?” Gerard asked politely.

“Sure, hon. But put a coat on, it’s cold,” Mrs Way said, stroking her son’s cheek. The area they lived in was safe enough for Gerard and Frank to walk in. She made sure of it.

“Thank you!” Gerard said, before running back into the lounge.

“Frankie, put on your coat. We’re gonna find the end of the rainbow,” Gerard said, smiling happily.

“Yay!” Frank shouted, grabbing his coat and pulling it on. Gerard took Frank by the hand and led him out the front door. Both boys stared in awe at the rainbow. It was beautiful.

Eventually, they remembered their task and began to walk.

“Which one is the end?” Frank asked suddenly, looking perplexed.

“Uh, I think they’re both ends. But we’ll find the closest one,” Gerard said, scratching his chin.

“Okay!” Frank said, happy with the answer. They continued walking, Frank bringing up random things to talk about.

The rainbow started to fade a little, and Frank cast a worried look to Gerard.

“Don’t worry, Frankie. We can already see where it ends,” Gerard said, pointing. The rainbow seemed to end in the middle of a park.

The young boys ran into the park, eager to see their prize.

Suddenly, Frank spotted a small puppy lying in the grass. He was soaking wet. Frank ran up to it, and stroked it softly. Gerard followed him.

“Gee! Look what the rainbow gave us!” Frank said excitedly, carefully picking the puppy up.

“Frankie, it might have an owner,” Gerard said, a worried look on his face.

“It does now! He’s mine,” Frank said, cuddling the puppy to his chest.

“Well, we’ll take him home and see what mom says,” Gerard told Frank firmly.

“Fiiine. But we’ll call him Pikachu,” Frank said stubbornly.

“C’mon, Frankie. Let’s go home. Lunch should be,” Gerard said, and they began to walk home.

-End Memory-

“Remember when we tried to follow the rainbow?”

“Yeah, I remember. Your mom made us put up Lost Dog flyers, and then someone claimed him,” Frank pouted.

“You were so upset,” Gerard giggled.

“I loved that dog, okay? He was adorable,” Frank justified.

“You knew him for two days,” Gerard pointed out.

“So? You totally loved me when we met,” Frank said, triumphantly.

“I was three, and I needed someone to play with. It’s different,” Gerard defended, pulling a tongue.

“You know, I’ve always wanted to kiss in the rain,” Frank said, smiling cheekily.


“Shut up and kiss me, Gee.”

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