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S is for Sorry

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Frank glared at Gerard and the girl from his hiding spot behind the kitchen door. They were at a party at Ray's place. Frank had gone to the kitchen to get a drink, and when he looked back out the doorway this girl was talking to his boyfriend. And they looked awfully close. So, Frank decided to lurk around for a little while. Not being too creepy or anything.

The girl was playing with Gerard's hair now, and even though Gerard had his back to Frank, Frank could hear Gerard's giggle. Yes, it was definitely Gerard's giggle. No one fucking giggled like Gerard. The girl brushed her hand down Gerard's arm, and Frank dropped his drink on the floor, before storming out the kitchen to his boyfriend. Not saying a word, Frank shoved himself between the girl and Gerard, placed a hand on the back of Gerard's head and crashed their lips together.Gerard didn't seem to have a problem with this at all, 'cause he kissed Frank back happily, which kind of pissed Frank off more,because,like, hello? Some girl had her hands all over Frank's property. When Frank began to need air, he pulled away from Gerard and turned to glare at the girl.

"Hi, I'm Lauren," the girl -Lauren- said, smiling at Frank. Her teeth kind of reminded Frank of Gerard's. For some odd reason, this fueled Frank's anger because this girl did not deserve to have any of his boyfriends gorgeous features.

"Listen honey, I hate to break it to you, but Gerard is my boyfriend. Mine. And believe me, unless you're hiding a dick under that shirt you call a dress, you don't have the right parts for him anyway,"Frank said in a sickly sweet voice, glaring at her. Gerard let out a really awkward sounding laugh, which he always seemed to do whenever Frank got himself into bad situations. Like the time Frank told Mikey they'd just had hot, wild buttsex on the couch he was sitting on.

"Frankie, meet my cousin, Lauren," Gerard said, Staring pointedly at Frank. Oh. Shit. Frank turned his gaze back to Lauren, who was smirking.

"Charming, isn't he?" Gerard asked, which made Lauren laugh and Frank go red in the face.

"Don't worry about it,Frank. I would've done the same thing. I like you. You're spunky," Lauren said, grinning, and Frank felt so fucking bad.

"Fuck, I'm sorry," Frank exclaimed, wanting nothing more than to just hide his face in his boyfriends shirt and escape the embarrassing situation.

"Oh my God! You actually said sorry," Gerard gasped, feigning shock.

"Shut up, asshole," Frank mumbled without any anger, before looking with apologetic puppy eyes up at Lauren. Lauren then took the opportunity to state how 'little' and 'adorable' Frank was. Frank grumbled under his breath a little, because, like, way to point out the obvious.

Then Lauren offered Frank a sip of her frilly pink drink, and Frank was like "Ohmigod,yes!" because Frank loves pink drinks,okay? But Frank is gay, so he's allowed to. She then offered to teach Frank and Gerard how to make it. At first Gerard was all "ewww no," but he agreed quickly when Frank told him that there would be no sex tonight unless Gerard learnt how to make delicious heavenly drinks. Ray joined them in the making of the drinks, and seemed to take a huge interest in Lauren. Which was weird, because Ray never took interest in anybody.

And that was how Frank became best friends with the girl he thought was flirting with his boyfriend, and how Ray met his future-wife.

Authors Note: I thought Ray needed some love. And I like pissy Frankie. xD
Thank you for all the comments guys. ^_^
Also; there's going to be a sequel to this. Just so you know.
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