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T is for Tears

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Gerard's mother smiled down at him, and Gerard shifted impatiently from one foot to the other. His mother had told him that there would be a surprise for him today.

"Momma, how long is it going to take?" Gerard whined, pouting up at her.

"Don't be impatient, love. It won't take much longer," Mrs Way comforted, patting his head softly.

"Fine," Gerard huffed just as the doorbell rang. He bounced up and down excitedly. It was finally here. Mrs Way opened the door, and Mrs Iero walked in. Except; Mrs Iero was holding something in her arms.

"Hey Gerard, this is Frank," Mrs Iero whispered, kneeling down so that Gerard could see him. Gerard gasped. It was a baby, and he was tiny.

"Fwankie," Gerard said, testing the name out. It fit him perfectly.

"Would you like to hold him?" Mrs Iero asked, and Gerard nodded quickly. Frankie's mom led him over to the couch, and Gerard climbed onto it immediately. Mrs Iero slowly placed Frank is Gerard's outstretched arms. As soon as Frank was in his arms, Gerard pulled him close and stared at him.

"You're so pretty," Gerard told the sleeping baby, and both mothers giggled to themselves and began to chat.

Suddenly, the baby's eyes opened a little and he began to cry. Loudly.

"Shh, Fwankie, it's okay," Gerard cooed, rocking the baby as much as he could and running his fingers through Frank's hair. Gerard's momma did that whenever he was upset. Frank went silent and stared up at Gerard with big, brown eyes. Mrs Iero turned to look at Gerard, a shocked expression on her face.

"It wasn't my fault!" Gerard exclaimed. The baby giggled. He wasn't about to be shouted at when he did absolutely nothing wrong, thank you very much.

"No, honey. I'm just surprised that Frank quieted down so quickly," Frank's mom told Gerard, giggling a little.

"Oh," Gerard said, his chest puffing out proudly, before going back to cooing over his new friend.

When Mrs Iero and Frank had left, Gerard turned to his mother and attempted to look as cute as possible.

"You use that face when you want something, young man," Mrs Way said suspiciously. She was smiling, though.

"Can we keep him?" Gerard asked hopefully.

"Keep who?" His mother asked, a confused look flitting across her face.

"Fwankie!" Gerard almost-yelled, because who else was cute enough to keep?

"Oh. No sweetheart, he belongs to Mrs Iero, but they'll come over twice every week," Mrs Way said, grinning and ruffling the small boy's hair.

"Okay. Good enough."

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