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Fireside Games

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Ok R (yes i changed it from NC-17 so people who are not logged in could read it.) may be a little harsh, or mabey not, please feel free to give me your opinion. Archie finally gets his way with A...

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No change, just had to repost so the and /n went away. I hope.

Hehehe, more not so great CotT fiction from yours truly. Should be a good read for the fans of the Archie and Atlanta fans out there. Please review and rate, constructive criticism is always welcomed and greatly appreciated. Enjoy (or you know hate.) AND I AM NOT CRAZY!!! FULL VERSION OF MY TOUCHING-THE-FIRE STORY BELOW!!!


Archie sat looking out the window in Herry's precious truck. His arm on the windowsill holding his head up. The gang was going up to one of Theresa's father's cabins for the weekend. The gods had promised to look after any trouble that Cronos caused; the teens had not had a weekend to slack off in over three months.

Archie was daydreaming of the beautiful red head beside him. He longed to taste her lips, to caresses her skin. To show her how much he loved her, but Atlanta only wanted to be friends. He allowed him self to slip into his fantasy world, one where Atlanta loved him as much as he loved her.

Atlanta was happy to find someone who loved to train as much as she did. Archie was so determined and stubborn. If you got him started on something he would not stop until he finished. Atlanta admired this quality in her purpled haired friend, though it made him hard to get along with at times. Growing tired from the long drive, and the fact that Herry made them leave at six that morning Atlanta fell asleep on Archie's shoulder, trusting her friend to protect her while her guard was down.

The drive seamed to take forever for Jay, Theresa and Neil. Odie spent it typing, Atlanta was asleep, Herry was driving and Archie was savoring every moment of having Atlanta's body so close to his. They pulled up to the cabin as the sun was setting. Archie shook his friend awake and told her to help unload her stuff. Atlanta grumbled and groggily got out of the truck.

As soon as they got everything into the cabin the mad scramble for the best rooms began. They had already decided on who was sharing a room with whom, there were only three bedrooms. Archie, Jay and Neil managed to get the room closest to the bathroom, probably thanks to Neil's luck. Theresa and Atlanta had the room across form them and Odie and Herry had the room at the end of the hall.

Dinner and breakfast were subdued affairs. Everyone was tired at dinner and went straight to bed after. Come breakfast they kept expecting Hermes to come in the door and tell them that crones was up to trouble.

It was Theresa's brilliant idea to go swimming in the lake. Archie was happy to sit on the dock and watch the others swim. They all splashed water at him and tried to get him in the water, but Atlanta tried the hardest. For once Archie let his fear over come his need to be the best.

They titans spent the rest of the day in the water (ok Archie finished his homework for the next week.) and only came out to have a picnic lunch on the dock. Archie's heart raced when Atlanta sat down next to him, he was careful to take note of how her bikini top and shorts clung to her body in just the right way to make his imagination run wild.

Atlanta and Archie were sitting by the fire alone -everyone else had gone to bed- and chatting about the day. The fire burned happily and slowly toasted Archie and Atlanta's skin. Harmless chitchat turned to ghost stories.
"Ahh!" Atlanta screamed loudly as Theresa crept through the hall on her way to the bathroom. She was only awake enough to walk and did not notice Atlanta's scream. Archie on the other hand laughed out loud and teased his friend for being scared of a simple ghost story.

Atlanta shot him a dirty look. Before proceeding to playfully punch him. Archie caught his fiery tempered friend's punch and used her momentum to pull her into a tight embrace.

Atlanta looked into her friend's eyes to find them filled with passion. She giggled and slowly kissed his lips. Archie returned the kiss, and their tongues were quickly playing hockey.

Somewhere in the make out session Archie lay down on his back and began to pull Atlanta's t-shirt off. Atlanta slowly returned the favor by removing his shirt. Piece of clothing by piece of clothing they continued, the pile of clothing beside them growing ever larger.

Their naked bodies played games. Suddenly the ground beneath Archie began to shake. He peeled Atlanta off of him, and sung his arms out to steady himself. He then heard a loud groan from what did not seam to be the cabin.

His eyes flew open to see Jay laughing loudly and Herry on the ground curled up in a ball and whimpering in pain.

"You must have been having a really good dream, we have been shouting at you for the last half hour." Jay said gasping for breath as he managed to subdue his laughter. Archie turned bright red at the memory of his dream; it was a good dream and how dirty it was. It had all seamed so real. The cabin, the smells, the voices, the feel of Atlanta's warm body against his and the taste of her kiss. But then again he was dreaming of Atlanta and she would never willing play those sorts of games, at least not at this point in her life.

"He was dreaming of Atlanta, the only other time I have seen him throw a punch that hard was when Pan went out with her. At least then it was a punching bag he was punching and not me." Herry said pulling himself to his feet, and the proceeding to pull Archie from his bed.

"Sorry about that." Archie apologized realizing where he had punched his friend and going even redder from the fact that his friend had guessed what his dream was about. Jay had managed to convince Archie to tell them basically what had happened in his dream. Archie had not minded a lot though; it was cool to tell Jay and Herry how he felt about Atlanta. He made his friends promise not to tell about ten times before he told them.

What Archie had told them made for some great teasing material for Jay and Herry over the next week; Atlanta had caught the stomach flu that week.

Hey thanks for reading that whole thing. Ok it was short, and sorry that it was a little dirty. Ok it was a little more than a little dirty. Once again please rate and review constructive criticism is always welcome.

Ok thought that I would add this little story for all those who read the review my friends accidentally posted on Nuuoa Eclaire's Awake in a Dream (amazing story by the way.). It was a small fire. And my friends and I were working on a set for my schools drama production. I was inside one of the mini houses (it did not have a roof yet, and never would.) when I caught on fire when and spark landed on the houses design plans. (we were outside at one of my friends house and had a campfire going.) I touched it because my friends had been joking that the building was on fire all night (this was before it did actually catch fire.), and another one of my friends was painting it to look like it was on fire (This was where the joke came from.). So I am not crazy as I am sure lots of you are thinking and we put the fire out right away with the water my friend (the one painting) was using to clean her paintbrushes.
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