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Lots of OC's are in this story. This story is created by Kristen Light.

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Chapter One: Takeshi and Cat

Catalina Riviello's P.O.V

This day began like any other. The teacher was standing in front of the class room and I was off in La La Land, trying to block her out. My names Catalina Riviello, but my friends call me Cat. I'm what you would call different. Sure, I look like every other girl on the outside, but on the inside there's power that you cant even imagine. I'm not exactly sure where this power comes from, but as long as its a secret I know that I'll be safe, for now.

My pen scid across the lined paper inside my journal, but not so long after my thoughts where interrupted by the slamming of a ruler and the yelling of my teacher.

"Catalina!" She yelled, forcing me to drop my pen and jump. "What on Earth is so important that you cant pay attention to my lecture?" She asked in a rude and very unwanted tone.

"Sorry Mrs. Hammer, I was just... Taking notes..." I looked away, but her eyes fallowed.

After a moment her eyes shifted to my journal. She knew exactly what it was, so she snatched it away, reading through the first page.

"Hey, give that back!" I stood up and reached for my journal, but she just gave me another one of her nasty glares and I backed away.

"Is this what you spend your time doing? Writing pointless stories with no truth what so ever?" She closed the small black book in her hands and glared at me. "Well Ms. Riviello, I believe I asked you question."

I took a deep breath and nodded. "Yes Ma'am." I said, avoiding her gaze. 'At least she doesn't know that its my diary'

"Pathetic." She threw the diary onto my desk and walked away, knowing that she has won.

When the bell rang we all piled out the door and tried our best to avoid her for the rest of the day, but sadly it wasn't meant to be. Right after class I went to lunch and she gave me a detention for having un-tied shoes. What a snob. Its true that my History class is the worst class in school, but I know that things will be getting better soon, some how. I walked over to my locker and grabbed my last text book for the day. Geography, my favorite class. Don't get me wrong, I still hate the subject, but its closer to the bell, and because of that I am happy.

I closed my locker and jumped. Leaning against the wall was a Japanese boy with jet black hair, mocky brown eyes, and white skin. He looked like every other student, but something was off, very off.

"Rough day?" He asked, giving me the best smile he could manage.

"Maybe. Who are you?" I asked as I crossed my arms in suspicion.

"The names Takeshi Watahari. I'm a transfer student from Japan." He bowed his head and I smiled.

"Its nice to meet you. But why are you talking to me? Shouldn't you be hanging out with them?" I pointed to cheerleaders, cute guys, and foot ball players. He looked like he would be one of them, but maybe I was wrong.

"Them? No way. I'm tired of cool people. Besides, you seam much more interesting."

'Interesting? No one has ever called me that before.'

"Um... Thanks... My name's Catalina Riviello by the way, but my friends call me Cat."

"Cat huh? Cool nick name." He opened the locker next to mine and pulled out his schedule. "Do you know where Mr. Yuta's room is? I have Geography and have no idea where to go." I took his school schedule in my hand and smiled.

"Yeah, you have it with me. Along with art, science, and PE. I can walk you if you want." He smiled and nodded.

We turned around and began to walk to class, but then he stopped and turned around.

"Oh, wait. I almost forgot." He ran back to his locker and grabbed a small anime book.

"What is that?" I asked, looking at the cover.

"Its my favorite anime. Naruto, the last volume." He handed it to me and I took a look inside.

"How come it says The End on the cover? It just started." I looked at the first page and he began to laugh.

"That's because you're looking at it backwards. In Japan we read it the other way." He flipped it over and smiled.

"I knew that." I said sarcastically as he just rolled his eyes.

After school was finally over we both started to walk home. Takeshi was amazing, smart, and and fun! I couldn't believe that for the first time in my life, I have finally made a friend.

Three Months Later

"I cant believe you knew all the answers to that test! Are you sure your human and not some sort of alien?" I asked asked sarcastically.

"I don't know. Maybe." He said, looking down at the side walk and avoiding my eyes. Whats up with that? I was just kidding.

"Hey Takeshi, wanna come over? My Moms making your favorite and she wont take no for an answer." I motioned to the door with my thumb and he began to get one of those cocky smiles.

"Race ya." He said, getting a head start.

"Hey, wait up!" We ran into the house and of course, he won. "Dang Takeshi, your fast!"

"What can I say, I am the PE expert." He said, sitting on the coach and grabbing the remote.

"Oh stop bragging." I said as I sat down next to him.

We sat there for about 15 minutes making jokes and watching TV, but then I blurted out what first came to mind.

"Hey Takeshi, can you teach me how to speak Japanese?" I asked as he just stared at me in surprise.

"Japanese? Why on Earth would you want to learn that?" He asked as he threw a bite of popcorn into his mouth.

"Because whenever I go to your house I cant talk to your dad or sister. They only speaks Japanese. Plus its weird when I hear my name and not know the rest of the conversation." He smiled at that last remark.

"Okay." He said, grabbing a pen and paper. He wrote down the alphabet in Japanese and gave it to me. "Start with the alphabet. Once you learn this we'll move on to writing sentences and speaking."

I took the paper and smiled. "Thanks Takeshi."

After dinner I began to practice my Japanese and Takeshi went home. It was nearly ten o'clock at night and his parents didn't seam to mind, they where cool. I looked out the window and waved good bye. He was already across the street but we could see each other threw the street lights. He began to walk home, but thats when I saw it.

Three men jumped out of a van and attacked him. I couldn't see what was going one, but I could hear non stop screams from behind the van, but what I saw after that was even more shocking.

Takeshi Watahari's P.O.V

Ever since I moved to Italy everything was perfect. I made a new friend, got a dog, and even learned English, but now that's all gone. Ever since I was a kid I leaned that I was special. My parents called it gift and I called it a curse. But besides that I never really thought about how powerful I really was. To me it wasn't that interesting, it was just an annoyance that I couldn't get rid of, but now I see that there's more to this power than I thought, allot more. I ran across the street and waved goodbye to Cat as she waved goodbye to me. Its been three months since we first met, but those three months where the best moments of my life. Most people thought we where going out, but we didn't care, we where just friends, best friends. I began to walk down the side walk when out of no where I was jumped by three dudes in a van.

They where all older than me, but that doesn't make them stronger. The van covered my body so Cat couldn't see what I was about to do. "Get away from me!" I yelled, taking a step back. It wasn't really a demand, it was a warning.

"Make us." The tallest taunted me, but he would soon regret it.

"Gladly." I said, pulling out a series of star shaped paper and throwing them.

At first they where confused, but once it stabbed threw the metal bat, van, and concrete floor, they realized that I was more intoned with weapons than they where.

"Cute trick, but cute isn't going to cut it." The leader stepped forward with a smile.

He was tall, strong and cocky, but cocky wasn't going to cut it. I pulled out yet another peace of paper and smiled. The paper formed into a sword that was around twelve inches long, strong, and sharp, but it was still as light as a feather. The man attacked me with his pole but I easily cut it in half.

"Your pathetic." I said, throwing the sword on the ground and walking away.

The man picked it up, but by the time he touched it the sword was just a normal peace of paper. "Hold it kid." He snapped, punching the van and growling. "We have direct orders to take you and your girlfriend to the boss, but if we fail then we die. So you ARE coming with us."

We weren't dating, but what they thought didn't matter. No one touches Cat, not even there Boss. I turned around and threw a series of paper at there faces. It was as hard as a rock, so it knocked them out long enough for me get away.

I turned around and stepped forward, but - that's when I fell... I hit the ground and my anime Naruto book flew out my backpack and into a puddle of water. "Damn!" I cursed, picking it up and drying it off. Even after doing something totally cool I have to mess it up by being a cluts!

VROOM! I flashed around to see two vans coming my way and three others on my right. What the Hell? I threw all the paper into the air and created a set of wings, hoping that they could actually fly. Around twenty people jumped out of the vans and attacked me, but before they could I was already soaring threw the air and looking at Cat. But now she knows...

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