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Secrets Revield

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Astral projection

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Chapter Two: Secrets Reviled

Takeshi's P.O.V

I flew threw the sky and over Italy, passing stores, parks, and houses, but not even the beautiful night sky could make me stop thinking about what just happened. Why where they after me? And more importantly, why where they after Cat? I flew over the old school park and stopped. A teenage girl was sitting on the swings, but she didn't look to happy. I flew into the ally and got rid of the wings. Maybe I could cheer her up. I walked over to the swings and smiled.

"Hi. I'm Takeshi." She turned around.

"What do you want?" She asked as she stared at me with her piercing blue eyes.

"Nothing really, just to talk."

"Well I don't." She stood up and began to walk away, but I stopped her.

"Waite, please." I reached my hand out to grab her shoulder, but before I could she turned around with fire red eyes.

"I said no!" She yelled, taking a step back and glaring.

"I'm sorry, I just wanna help." She gave me a long hard stare before calming her self down.

"I don't know who you are, but you need to leave or else your going to get hurt."

"Is that a threat?" I asked, already knowing that it was.

"No, its a warning." She turned around and froze.

A loud roar was heard across the park as three black vans sped across the street.

"Hide!" We looked at each other as we said the same thing.

"Do you know those guys?" I asked as she looked away from my gaze.

"They've been chasing me for days, but I'm not sure why." The vans screeched louder. "I'll explain latter! But right now we have to hide!"

She grabbed my hand and led me into a dark tunnel that was built for children. The vans came to a stop and over twenty men jumped out.

"I think they saw us." I whispered as she leaned against the wall. We stood there for about two minutes when I saw a man headed our way.

"This can't be good! We have to get out of here!" I grabbed her hand as we began to run across the field.

We stuck to the shadows so they couldn't see us. "Who are you?" She asked while hiding behind a tree.

"Takeshi Watahari. And you are?" She smiled while pulling her long blond hair into a tight pony tail that reached down to her shoulder blades.

"Eris Ventura." She said, peeking over the side.

Eris Ventura P.O.V

"Why are they chasing you?" He asked, looking through the darkness and at me.

"I could ask you the same thing." I said as peeked over the side. "We should go before they see us." I said as we crawled to a house near the park.

Once there we began to run, but I had no idea where we would go.

"There they are!" A man yelled while pointing at us.

"So much for escaping." I said, looking for other options to get away, but nothing could work.

"Now what?" He asked as he looked over his shoulder shoulder and at me.

"We fight." My answer was plain and simple, but he had to question me anyway.

"Your kidding right? There's like twenty of them and two of us. We'll lose if we - " I rolled my eyes and covered his mouth.

"If they're chasing you then that must mean that you have powers too, so you shouldn't worry." I removed my hands from his mouth and glared at the men surrounding us. One of them smiled with yellow stinky teeth.

"We got you now girly!" I put my hands in fists.

'Girly? Who's he calling girly?'

"Yeah, says the man that still lives with his Mom." I smiled as I formed a ball of fire into my hand and threw it.

"Attack!" They began to pile after us, but Takeshi wouldn't use his powers.

"What are you doing!" I snapped as I protected him from the others.

"I don't have any paper!" He said as I stopped and stared.

"What?" I said, tilting my head and looking confused.

"I don't have any paper! If I"m going to protect my self then I need paper!"

I threw four more fire balls and said what first came to mind. "That doesn't make any since!" I said as I kicked a man in his nuts.

"Hold on, I'll be right back!" He ran into an ally and came back with a stack of paper.

"Where did that paper come from?" I asked as he began to throw them like ninja stars.

Ninja stars! And they work! But it was paper, how is that possible?

"Come on!" He rushed across the street and I fallowed.

"Where are we going!" I asked as we high jacked a car from the house across the park.

"A friends house." He created a key from paper and started to drive.

"What kind of friend is going to help us?" I asked as he spun the wheel, forcing the car to nearly tip over and crash.

We stepped out of the car and ran into a two story house that had beautiful grass and flowers, but to admire its beauty would take up to much time, we had to get inside. Takeshi opened the door with a key that was found in a bush and I fallowed him up stairs. He knocked on the door and a teenage girl opened it in surprise, a smile crossing her lips as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

Cat's P.O.V

"Takeshi! Your okay!" I hugged him as tight as possible, so tight that I'm pretty sure he couldn't breath.

"Cat... Let... Go... Cant... Breath..."

I let him go and smiled. "Sorry." I said innocently, as if squeezing him half to death was an accident.

"Takeshi, I don't think coming here was such a good idea." A female voice was heard from behind, but I just seamed to notice.

"Takeshi, who's that?" I asked as I stared at a teenage girl who had pale white skin, blond hair, and blue eyes. She looked like someone I've seen before, but I couldn't place my finger on it.

"Cat, this is Eris Ventura, a friend I met at the park." He smiled while doing the honer of introducing me.

"Hi, its nice to meet you." I shook her hand and Takeshi pulled me aside.

"We need to talk." He said as he pulled me away from Eris.

"You have powers, don't you?" My widened as he spoke.

"No." I lied.

"Then why are those people after you?" He asked as I looked away.

"What people?" I asked, now playing dumb.

"The people that attacked me just an hour ago. You know, the ones I flew away from with paper wings."

I bit my lip. "Oh, those people."

"Why where they after you?" He asked, staring through my eyes, and grabbing my shoulders.

"They want to kill me just because I can Astral Project."

"Whats Astral Projection?" He asked as I disappeared in flash of light.

"Astral Projection is separating the soul from the body." He turned around and jumped. "I can control and create another me that appears where I want it to be."

"Like a clone?" He asked as I smiled and nodded.

"And you control paper, right?" He nodded.

"Pretty much." He brought out a paper and held it up. It began to rip apart and re-assignable into a beautiful paper rose. It was amazing! "Here." He said as he handed me the paper, and... It smelt like a rose too!

"Thanks Takeshi." I said as he smiled in happiness.
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