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On Road and Plane

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Chapter Three: By Road and Plane

Eris's P.O.V

I stood in Cats room as Takeshi talked with her, but I wasn't exactly patient. My eyes wondered around the room and to the window. I looked down, but what I saw wasn't what I wanted to see. Around sixty men sourounded the area and each one had tranquilizer guns. I ran to the door and flung it open. Cat was standing in the hall with a paper rose in her hand. Her hair was dark brown, short, and slightly wavy, but her honey brown eyes where the best part of her face. She was truly beautiful. I stepped into the hall as Cat looked at me with a smile. Just by looking at her I could tell that she was a dreamer. Takeshi stood next to her, but he was way to busy staring at Cat to notice that I was there.

"Cat, we need to get your parents and leave. Now." Cat smiled and nodded. "I'll be right back."

She ran down stares and into her parents, but while she was gone I began to pack her cloths. I know that I don't know her well enough to do this, but we're sort of in a hurry and need to leave. Takeshi stood by the window, watching the strangers and making sure that they didn't do any thing suspicious. I turned around as a bright light flashed before me, and out of no where Cat appeared.

"Meet me down stares." She said as she flashed away.

"How did she do that?" I asked as Takeshi opened the door.

"Astral projection." He walked out and I fallowed.

Cat was down stares and her Mom waiting with her, so I'm guessing that her Dad was at work.

"Eris, this is my Mom. She's a mutant as well as a mute." Cats Mom smiled and waved. "She can get us out of here through the old well, but we need to go out side first. I'm going to Astral Project across the street and you can carry me through the yard."

"Wait, why do I have to carry you?" I asked as she bit her lip.

"Well... I can create another copy of myself but the original me becomes unconscious, so I need you to carry me..." I sighed in annoyance.

"Fine, but try and hurry, okay?" She took a deep breath and nodded while turning to her Mom.

"I'll be back soon Mom." She gave her hug and looked at me. "Fallow my Mom to the well, but what ever you do, please don't drop me."

Cats's P.O.V

Eris nodded while I laid down on the couch, and before I knew it I was standing in the house across the street. A little girl was staring at me with a stuffed bunny in her hand, an ice cream in the other, and her mouth wide open. With a deep breath she screamed:

"Mommy!" I jumped at her high squeal.

"No no no! Its okay! I'm your neighbor!" The little girl screamed louder.


I closed my eyes and re-appeared in my neighbors up stairs bed room. I could still hear her screaming. I ran to the window and looked down. They where still focused on my house. I climbed out of the window and down a large tree. They couldn't see me because of the dark. I was hoping that my neighbors would be asleep, but no! There little girl just had to stay up past her bed time! I landed on my feet and ran into the bushes. I was near the street, which was the perfect spot to create a very loud diversion.

"AH!" I screamed.

Eris P.O.V

I jumped at Cat's loud scream, but it was the perfect diversion for us all to escape out side. I picked her up and ran. The well was deep but thank God there was a latter. I began to walk down the latter with Cat on my back, but I could feel her slipping. I had fur steps left so I just let her fall. With a thud she landed on her butt, and I'm sure it didn't hurt... I think... Takeshi came down on a round paper plat form, holding Cats Mom, and smiling.

"You know, it would have been allot easier if you just carried the sleeping girl instead!" I growled as Takeshi just shrugged.

"Sorry Eris, maybe next time." He jumped down and leaned against the wall.

About three minutes latter Cat woke up and rubbed her butt. "Ow!" She whined. "Did you drop me?"

I smiled and pointed to Takeshi. This will teach him to mess with me. "He dropped you nine steps up, blame him." I said as he flinched in shock.

"Nice going Takeshi!" Cat slapped him up side the head.

"It wasn't me, it was... Oh never mind."

Cat and I felt around the well, trying to find some sort of hidden door or tunnel, but we sadly failed. Cats Mom smiled and walked between us. She reached out and pushed in a small rock. The wall began to depart and turn into a door with a long tunnel.

"Cool." I said as I stepped in and fallowed the long strait path.

"Are we there yet!" Takeshi whined as I began to laugh.

"Takeshi, we still have two hours of walking down this tunnel."

Takeshi froze and slumped his shoulder.

"Two hours! But that will take forever!" He whined.

"Then go back to the house." I crossed my arms while using an unwanted cocky voice, but it made him think.

"Nah, I'm good."

Two hours past and we finally made it to the entrance. We climbed the latter and ran. We where in the middle of the street and cars where driving fast.

"Now what?" We asked, looking at Cats mom.

Her hands began to move in sign language, but Takeshi and I where clueless on what she was signing.

"That's a great idea!" Cat hugged her Mom and smiled happily.

"What is?" We asked as Cat laughed.

"Back then my Mom had an old boy friend named Charles Xavier. He was a mutant just like her, but after they broke up he left to own a school for mutants!" Cat and her Mom smiled.

"Perfect, where is it!" Takeshi asked as Cat's Mom began to sign.

"New York City!" Cat sounded happy, but I on the other hand wasn't.

"New York City? Are you kidding! We have no money, no way car to get there, no map, we'll never make it!" Cat laughed at my freak out scene.

"No problem. My Mom also dated a man who owns a jet company."

My jaw dropped. "How many people dated you'r Mom?" I asked as Cat smiled.

"Forty Six. Boys really love the mutes." My jaw dropped. How is that possible! "Come on, we're only one mile away."

We started walking and made it sooner than we thought we would. We entered the large jet center and asked the lady behind the desk for Mr. Rodgers.

"Sorry, but he's busy. And you cant talk to him unless you schedule a meeting."

Hell no! I did not just run for my life for three days and three hours! I slammed my hands on the desk and turned my blue eyes red.

"Listen Lady! I am not in a good mood and if I don't talk to Mr. Rodgers now then your going to be lying in the dirt. Now get me a meeting with this guy in three minutes or else!"

She grabbed the phone and began to dile as fast as she could. Takeshi, Cat, her Mom, and I waited in the sitting area, and not soon latter a man came down whereing a suit. With a large smile he began to speak.

"Ericka! Is that you? My God. You look even more beautiful than before!" Cats Mom smiled and sign languaged thank you. They left into his office and came back not so long latter.

After Mr. Rodgers let us on the jet we where in New York city in only seven hours.
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