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The Thief and The Hero

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X-Men now enter! :D

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The plain landed and we all got off as fast as we could. Considering that we where sitting for seven strait hours, walking was the best thing to ever happen to us! We landed some where in New York, but I didn't see the city, just dirt and trees.

"Where are we?" Eris asked, obviously confused.

"Huston Texas." Mr. Rodger's came down the ramp.

"Why, I thought we where going to New York." Cat asked as Eris formed fists of fire.

"We're not going to New York, are we? You set us up!"

Rodger smiled darkly. "Smart girl." He pulled out a small tranquilizer gun and shot it.

"Ah!" Eris stepped back as the needle dug into her neck.

She pulled it out and looked around. Everything was getting blurry. Eris began to stammer over her feet, as if drunk or high. "Bastard..." She forced that one word to escape her lips, but he could barely hear her.

"Eris!" Takeshi ran to Eris and caught her just before she hit the ground.

"Takeshi..." She looked at him before blacking out. "Kick his ass."

Takeshi smiled and laid her down. "No problem."

"Takeshi! Help!" He turned around as Cat and her Mom stood captured by four men.

"Cat!" Takeshi stepped forward but stopped when a tranquilizer flew past his face and into the ground, right near his foot. "Let her go!" He demanded, glaring at Rodger, and holding a peace of paper that was shaped like a ninja star. Rodger smiled.

"Make me." He taunted.

"Gladly." Takeshi threw the star and cut Rodger across the cheek, but he moved before it could seriously dig into his skin.

Takeshi's P.O.V

I ran towards him, throwing punches, kicks, and elbows, but he easily dodged them. I threw one last punch, when out of no where he dodged and kneed be in the stomach. I fell to the ground, gasping for air and holding the large bruise that I know he left.

"You cant take them... I wont let you..." I forced my self to speak, but it wasn't easy.

"You have no choice, your just a kid, and a weak one at that. Your nothing but a freak. You deserve to die." He pulled out a small hand gun and pointed it at me.

I closed my eyes, waiting for death, but it never came. I opened my eyes to see a man on top of Rodger. A man who growled and had four metal claws coming from each of his hands. I closed my eyes and bowed my head, still on my knees and catching my breath. A hand landed on my shoulder and I was pulled up by a teenage boy with cool shades and a costume. He helped me stand and I forced three more words from my lips.

"Who are you?" I asked, staring at him with mocky brown eyes and a faint smile.

"Scott, but don't need to worry, I'm here to help." After that I managed to black out and wake up in a bed, but where was I?

"Good morning." I turned my head to see a teenage girl sitting beside me.

She had long red hair, green eyes, and white skin. She was truly beautiful. I sat up and grabbed my stomach. I could still feel the pain.

"Sorry. I tried to take away as much pain as possible but that man managed to break your rib cage." She pointed to me stomach.

"Where are my friends?" I asked as the woman smiled.

"Down stares with their friends. You where knocked out for a quite a while." She grabbed a picture frame and handed it to me. Cat and Eris where inside and a not was tapped to the picture. Hope you sleep well. Some note.

"I'm jean Grey by the way. Its nice to meet you Takeshi." She knew my name?

"How did you -"

"I can read your mind. It's one of my powers." She smiled.

'One of her powers? She must have another.'

"Yeah, its Telekinesis." I sighed.

'Are you gonna keep reading my mind?' I asked as she smiled.

"Sorry, I'll stop if you want." She stood up and handed me my cloths... Wait a minute, my cloths? Why did she have my cloths! Does that mean she saw me... Oh my God! I began to freak out.

"What the Hell are you doing with my cloths!" I snapped.

"Calm down, I'm a doctor." I bit my lip.

'Your still a girl...' I thought.

"When your done getting dressed come into the hall. I'll show you around." I got dressed and fallowed her.

She was actually pretty cool. Not so long latter I ran into Cat and Eris. We hung out for a couple of hours and got a message from Scott saying that Professor Xavier needed to speak with us. I wonder who this man really is. We walked into an office that had a brown desk in the middle and a bald man sitting behind it.

"Welcome." He rolled out from behind the desk.

He was in a wheel chair! I wonder what happened to him...

"Hi!" Cat smiled and waved.

The professor told us that we where welcome to stay so we agreed. Besides, he is the one we wanted to see, but can he really help us control the powers?

Cat's P.O.V

I walked out the mansion as my Mom got ready to leave me here. Why was parting such sweet sorrow?

"Are you sure about this Mom? The professor said you can stay, you don't have to leave." My Mom smiled and kissed the top of my head.

"Of course I am." She signed. "Now be a good girl and visit every once and a while." She got into a cab and drove away. Her face looked at mine. She was getting further away, but I didn't want her to leave, I wanted her to stay.

"Good bye Mom..." I whispered as the cab disappeared into the city.

I hated that she had to leave, but who was I to stop her from going home? I walked back into the mansion to see Jean Grey coming down the stares. I wonder what her parents are like.

"Hey Jean." I said as she smiled warmly.

"Hey Cat, I'm about to go to the mall with some friends, wanna come?" I smiled and nodded.

"Sure." Jean led me to the garage that had more than just one car.

It had a fancy red convertible, two motorcycles, the X-Men van, the X-Jet, and a couple of other vehicles. Meeting us was Eris and one other girl that I didn't recognize. She was around 15 years old and had brown hair, brown eyes, and tanned skin. Her body was petite, but she seamed to work it.

"Hi, I'm Kitty. The professor wants you and Eris to buy some new cloths so he asked me to give you this."

She handed me blue a wallet that had my name on it and a pink heart charm that hung off the zipper. Eris got one as well but her's was red.

"You both have $800 to spend at the mall today. $400 for cloths and $400 for anything else you might see or want." Kitty was nice, but her voice was sort of annoying.

We got into a blue convertible that Jean just got a couple of days ago. "Nice car." I said as I sat in the passengers seat.

"Thanks, my Boy Friend got it for me." She started the car and began to drive.

"Your boyfriend?" I asked as she smiled and handed me her wallet. Inside was a picture of that boy who saved Takeshi, Scott Summers. "Is he a mutant too?" I asked as she nodded.

"He can create red energy beams from his eyes. He can't control it so he haves to where those sun glasses." She took the wallet while driving past the divided forest that was cut in between by the road.

Once at the mall we separated into two groups. Kitty and Eris went one way as Jean and I went another.

Kitty's P.O.V

Eris was beautiful and quite the boy grabber. We headed for the cloths and she put on a fashion show. I sat down and watched her try on different skirts, tops, and pants. I turned around and saw a group of boys watching her pose. Looks like I made a new BFF.

Cat's P.O.V

I sat on the water fountain near the food court, waiting for jean, and playing with my purity ring: when out of no where a teenage girl back flipped over the water fountain and onto the table six feet away from me. She looked at me and smiled. She had long blond hair that was pulled back in a pony tail, green eyes, and tanned skin. She was holding a small bag of cloths and a a hoody in the other hand. She did a hand stand on the table and fell back, landing on her feet and running away.

"Stop her, thief!"

The Thief's P.O.V

I looked back and saw the guards right behind me. For a couple of fat guys, these mall cops can run pretty fast. I ran through the mall exist and down the street. It took me around three minutes to realize that they stopped chasing me, so I ran into an ally. I leaned against the wall and began to take deep breaths.

"About time." I turned around and saw Kevin coming from the shadows. "Let me guess, the mall?" He asked as he crossed his arms and smiled.

"No! ... Maybe!" Kevin rolled his eyes.

"Did any one fallow you?" He asked as I shook my head.

"Yeah, but I lost them." We walked down the ally and into our secret hide out.

"I got the food and the blankets, so no need to leave again." He sat down in a corner and threw me an apple.

"Whats this?" I asked as he laughed.

"Its an apple." I rolled my eyes.

"No. I mean wheres the food. Don't tell me this is all you managed to get."

He rubbed the back of his neck. "Well... Yeah..." I sighed.

"I'll be back in an hour." I turned around to leave, but only to get us real food.

"Wait a minute. I found some money, how about we got out to eat?" I turned around and smiled.

Keven was pretty cool but he was also evil. He got visions of the future and would tease me about what he saw. There for he is evil! But today he is good because now we have real food! We went to a Chinese restaurant and stuffed our faces, but it wasn't long latter that the owner of the place kicked us out.

"You be here four hour! You leave now!"

I wonder why Chinese people talk like that... You be here four hour? You leave now. What kind of grammar is that? I know I suck at grammar, but if he's going to speak English then he could at least try to speak normal sentences.

"How much money do we have left?" I asked Kevin began to count the money.

"$90" We headed to out secret place and made fun of the old Chinese guy.

I know that its rude, but when your running for your life and live on the streets, you need something to laugh at.

Kevin's P.O.V

Amy was pretty cool, but some times she could be a pain. Sure, she's a thief, but she's still my best friend. Ever since we where little kids we where the best of friends, and nothing can change that. We walked down the streets, staring at the stars, and laughing at the old Chinese guy.

"You be here four hour! You leave now!" Amy laughed.

"We didn't eat that much, did we?" Amy asked as shook my head.

"Not really. But we where there for a long time. I guess he doesn't like younger kids making him feel bad about his face." Amy laughed at my joke.

Even when my jokes suck she'll laugh. I wonder if she think's I'm funny or if she's just being nice. We entered the ally and I touched the board that hid out secret hide out entrance. I closed my eyes and jumped. Great, another vision.

A teenage girl was walking across the street when a car sped down the road and hit her.

My eyes flashed open and I fell. Damn... If I knew that visions hurt this bad then I wouldn't have been born! Ow...

"Keven, are you okay?" Amy took me be the arm and pulled me up.

"Yeah, but the little girl isn't." She looked at me in confusion.

"What little girl?" She asked, raising an eye brow and letting me ago.

"A little girl was crossing the street when... Ah!" I closed my eyes as yet another vision clouded my mind.

The clock tower rang at 6:30 and the little girl laid in the street, dead. My eyes flashed open and I stared at the clock tower. 6:29

I turned around to see the little girl walking down the street and the car headed her way. It was a blue convertible and four girls where sitting inside.

"Look out!" I ran as fast as I could, through the ally, and into the street.

The car came closer and I pushed the little girl out of the way, but after that, everything went black...

Jeans P.O.V

I stomped on the breaks as a teenage boy jumped in front of me to save a little girl. He fell to the ground, dead or unconscious, either way he wasn't moving. I jumped out of the car as I heard a teenage girl scream his name.

"Kevin!" She ran to his side, getting on her knees and crying. "What have you done!" She looked at me with dark green eyes that filled with tears. "Some body help! Please! My friend needs help!" She pulled him close and began to cry on his shirt.

Cat, Eris, and Kitty got out of the car, all of them dramatized.

"Oh my God..." Kitty's eyes where locked on the blood that formed from his body, and I stood speechless.

Four Hours Latter

I sat in the hospital, waiting for a doctor or at least a nurse to tell me if he was alive. Scott, and the Professor entered the building, both of them not sure what to say. I hated crying, but how couldn't I? He might be dead. I could be a murderer...

Scott's P.O.V

I entered the hospital with the Professor. He brought me to comfort Jean while he went to check on the boy. Once he left I began to think of what to say. Jean was sitting in a chair but had her head bowed and her hands prayer position. She was praying.

"Jean..." I got on my knees so I could face her eyes level. She looked at me in pain.

"I'm so sorry... I didn't mean to..." I cupped my hands around her face.

"I know, and it's not your fault." I wiped away her tears that flowed from her cheeks.

Her tears where from guilt and pain. Something bad should never happen to some one so sweet.

Amy's P.O.V

I sat on the floor near Kevin's hospital room. The doctors said that it was 50 /50 chance of him living and him dying, but without Kevin what would I do? Was I truly destined to be alone in this world? Or was there something more?

"Excuse me, Amy?" I turned my head to face a man in a wheel chair. He must be a patient here.

"Yeah?" I confirmed his presence.

"My names Charles Xavier. I'm the guardian of Jean Grey." I frowned at her very name. "I'm aware that you and your friend have been living on the streets for the last month or two, is that true?"

"Yeah, so." I looked away from his gaze.

"Can I ask why?"


"But I believe I can help." I rolled my eyes.

"Really? And how do you plan on doing that?" I asked as he smiled.

With his index finger he motioned for the wallet Kevin found. I looked at him as if he where nuts, but then realized that he wasn't, I was. The wallet began to float in mid air! I stood up in shock.

"I believe that you found my wallet. I must have dropped it by mistake." My mouth dropped.

He left the wallet for Kevin to find on purpose, but why would he do that?

"Leave. Now." He sighed.

"Very well. I'll be paying for your friends medical bill. And if you need any help controlling your powers then give me a call." He handed me a white card with his name and number on it, but how did he know that I had powers? "And don't forget to bring your friend. He might want to get rid of those head pains he gets during visions."

I sat silent. Who was this guy?
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