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The meaning of pain

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Poor Kevin, poor Amy, poor them...

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Amy's P.O.V

I never thought that it would come to this. My best friend was near his death and I was just sitting here, doing nothing. What was I going to do without him? He's my best friend and not to mention my only friend. The door cracked open and I turned to face a man whereing a metal red suit.

"Who are you?" I demanded as he smiled darkly.

"Magneto." He walked in and I fell to the floor.

My body started to break down into pain and I wasn't sure why. I manged to move my head to face a teenage boy with a black buz cut, navy blue eyes, and white skin. My whole body started to burn and I couldn't breath. What the Hell was happening to me?

"S-Stop..." The boy smiled in victory, but even my asking wouldn't make him let go, so now it was time to force him. I took a deep breath and moved my elbow into his stomach. "I... Said... Stop!"

He let me go and I was able to breath again, but my body was still in pain. I crawled to my knees and reached for Kevin's bed to help me stand, but I was quickly back on the floor. Apparently I pissed him off.

"Bitch!" He yelled as he stood up and kicked me in the face.

"Pain, enough." the teenage boy stopped, but I could still see the anger in his eyes.

"Pain? What kind of name is that?" I asked in cocky tone of voice.

He kicked me again, this time in the side. "Ah!"

"Harry, I said enough!" The boy stepped away, still glaring at me.

Blood streamed from my nose and my side was left with large bruises. "Come on Pain, don't tell me thats all you got." My body was weak, but I had to keep there minds away from Kevin. Pain said nothing. "Whats the matter, cat got your tongue?" He bit his lip and I smiled.

"Can we just kill her? There's no reason to take her with us." Pain never stopped glaring at me, even while speaking to Magneto.

"She lives, for now." Magneto turned on the light and I flinched.

"Like I'm going any where with you." He smiled.

"You don't have a choice." And with that, everything went black.

I woke up in a dark cell. It was cold, wet, and empty. Nothing was there, not even a bed. It was just a small box with bars.

"Good morning." I flashed around to see a girl walk out of the shadows. She was around sixteen years old, had waist length brown hair, brown eyes, and tanned skin. "Sleep well?" She asked sarcastically.

"Not really. Who are you?" She smiled.

"Glad you asked. The names Electra, but you can call me El." She began to slide her hand on the wall as a blue electricity fallowed her finger tips.

"I can see why they call you that. You control electricity." My eyes fallowed her every movement.

"Oo, very smart." She was childish but dangerous, very dangerous.

She removed her hand from the wall and began to circle around me, as if a panther about to kill her pray. The electricity in her hands grew brighter and stronger.

"Why am I here?" I demeaned as she tilted her head. Her smile was annoying.

"Why do you think? You have powers and my Dad wants them."

"Dad? You mean Magneto. Magneto's your father." Her smile increased.

"He he. You are smart, very smart. Talk more, its interesting." I glared at her.

"Let me go, or else." I was being serious, but she still acted like a child with a doll, and I was her doll.

"I'm bored. Lets play." Her fingers lightly touched my arm as she walked, giving me a quick shock and pulling away. "Come on, you know that hurt." I showed no emotion. "Scream for me!" Her hand grabbed my wrist and before I knew it I was screaming in pain.

"Ah!" She was forcing electricity to flow threw my body, and it hurt, allot. I fell to the ground and she laughed.

"El, she's not a toy." Her father walked into the cell and right past me.

"She could be." She was ao childish, always smiling, and always playing. It was annoying, and it sickened me.

"When I get out of here, I'm going to kill you." El smiled at my threat.

"Oo, kitty has claws." Her Dad stood beside her, frowning.

"Did she say no?" He asked as she laughed.

"Oops. Forgot to ask." Her Dad sighed.

"I'd rather die than join you." Her Dad looked at me. "Never will I join some one who is this evil."

I crawled to my knees and he just stared.

"Is that your final answer?" He asked, looking down at me and glaring.

"Yes..." He smiled.

"Then so shall it be. After we kill you then Kevin will die as well, and slowly." My eyes widened.

"Oh yeah, we have him in another facility, don't we! Hehe, now she'll have to join us!" I bowed my head in thought.

Kevin was always there for me, and now it my turn to be there for him. "If I join you then Kevin will be safe. You'll let him go and never speak of him again." Magneto smiled.

"You have my word." Tears began to stream down my cheeks and onto the floor.

"Then we have a deal. I am yours and Kevin is released." My voiced wavered.

Was this it? Was I to be the bad guy forever? And if so, was saving Kevin worth the lives I know I'll kill in the future?

"Of course." He snapped his fingers and the cell across the hall began to open.

A man with long brown hair, black eyes, tanned skin, and fangs carried Kevin out of the cell. The dog tags around his neck claimed him to be Saber-tooth.

"Kevin..." Magneto smiled as I whispered his name. "I'm sorry..."

Kevin's P.O.V

I woke up in the hospital with a vase of flowers and a note. Its from Amy. I picked it up and began to read.

Dear Kevin,

I must say hood bye. Eiven now, during your time of need.

Luv Amy P

The not was written in her hand writing but it was misspell'ed, which isn't like her, and her last name doesn't start with P... I circled what was misspell'ed and found what she was really trying to say.

Hood: H

Eiven: E

Luv: .. L

And: .. P


I ran out of the hospital and down the streets. The doctors tried to stop but I was to fast. "Amy!" I called her name but no one called back. Over one hundred eyes began to look at me, as if I where nuts. I ran back to the hide out and looked around. Her jacket was left behind, which is where I found his name and number.

Charles Xavier: 450-8805
23rd W. 21st

On the back was the logo: Charles Xavier's school for the Gifted

Was this where she was? If so, I'm about to find out. I ran down the streets of New York, trying find the house addressed to 23rd W. 21st. I replayed the numbers within in my head and soon found a dirt road that led to a mansion. If this man has her then he's going to regret taking her.
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