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Give Me A Shot To Remember

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As if things weren't bad enough...

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I lay awake in my hospital bed trying to overcome the events of today. So I'd been told that I had lost my memory. Sure the doctor said it should come back eventually, but I was genially scared that I would never remember my memories. My Mother had recently died, yet I couldn't remember one thing about her, except for the things Gerard has told me. I remember some things, such as the ending of Harry Potter, or the names of each band member in Iron Maiden.

I also don't know the past of Gerard and I. He says he's my boyfriend, and I can tell that he loves me.

But do I love him?

I think I do, I mean I feel something. I love my Mom, and Idon't remember her, so why can't I love Gerard?

No, I do love Gerard. The butterflies I get in my stomach each time he holds my hand. Or the shock of electricity that shoots down my spine each time he looks in to my eyes. That's love to me.

"Frank." I heard Gerard mutter. He was asleep on the chair beside my bed. I wasn't really supposed to have visitors, but I wouldn't let Gerard leave.

"Frank." He muttered again. I smiled, realising he was dreaming about me.

"No! Don't hurt him!" My smile disappeared; Gerard's facial expressions were full or worry and distress.

"Gerard, it's fine, I'm okay." I said, trying to reach out to touch him. I wanted to get out of this stupid bed and cuddle him, but I was too tangled in the array of wires attached to me.

"Leave him alone, please. Please don't hurt my Frankie."

"Gerard!" I shouted. "Please wake up!" His eyes flickered open. He looked around the room frantically until his eyes found mine. He sighed a sigh of relief.

"Gerard? Are you okay?" Stupid question Frank.

"Yeah, just a nightmare." He mumbled.

"I figured that from all the screaming. Who was trying to kill me?" I chuckled a little trying to lighten the mood. Gerard stood up and climbed on to the bed beside me. He pulled me in to a hug, kissing my forehead softly.

"Your Dad." He whispered. "It was horrible, there was nothing I could do. So much blood." His eyes started to flood with tears.

"Please don't cry Gerard. I'm here and I'm alive, you don't need to worry. I hate him for putting you through this Gerard.

"Frank, he is a psychopath and he is still out there. Plus, he wants you dead." Gerard whispered. "But if he ever comes anywhere near you again, I will physically kill him, with my own two hands. I'll never let him hurt you, I promise." He kissed my lips gently, pulling away too soon in my opinion.

"But-but what if he hurts you?" I asked. "What if he kills you?"

Gerard stayed silent for a while, obviously not knowing what to say back.

There was a soft knock on the door, putting a stop the awkward silence. Gerard jumped out of my bed and sprinted across the room. He opened the door to reveal a slightly embarrassed nurse.

"I'm sorry to disturb you Mr Iero, but there is a Police officer here who wishes to speak to you." A man stepped in to the room. The nurse hesitated for a moment before walking out, closing the door behind her.

"Mr Iero, I'm PC Bolton, I'm head of the investigation concerning your Mother's death."

"Investigation?" I squeaked. "I thought she was involved in a car accident?"

"Mr Iero, I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but your Mother's car was driven off the road. We have reasons to believe that this was no accident."

I heard Gerard gasp as he stood beside my bed, stroking my hand reassuringly.

"You mean she was murdered?" I whispered.

"All evidence from the investigation site points towards manslaughter, I'm sorry." He said sympathetically.

"Do you." I swallowed. "Do you know who did this?"

"We have no leads on a suspect, other than CCTV from the shop situated at the top of the street where the collision happened. The CCTV shows three vehicles that travelled down the road at the time your Mother's car was driven off the road."

"Well what cars were they?" Gerard asked.

"A white Ford Transit van, a navy Peugeot 5008 People Carrier, and a black Chevy Truck. Do any of those vehicles ring any bells to you?"

I shook my head.

"I'm sorry, I can't really help you. I lost my memory during the fight at the church."

"Well if you do remember anything, it's vital that you get hold of me. The sooner we get to the end of this, the better."

"What about my Dad? Have you found him yet?"

"I'm sorry Mr Iero, but your Father is still out there. We suspect that he's left the country. Any news and we will let you know. Have anice day." And with that he left.

"Frank..." Gerard started.

"Murdered. She was fucking murdered!" I cried. "Why would anyone want to kill her? It doesn't make any sense!"

I started pulling at my hair in a desperate attempt to remember something.

"Frank, stop, you're going to hurt yourself even more."Gerard pleaded.

"I just want to remember." I cried.

"I know babe, don't worry, you'll get your memory back soon. I promise."

"You shouldn't make promises you can't keep Gee."


"Speedball looks ridiculous." I muttered.


"Speedball. When I met you I was reading a Speedball magazine in the comic book store. You work there! But Mikey's covering for you while you're looking after me. Mikey! I remember Mikey!"

"This is good Frank! Can you remember anything else?"

I sighed and shook my head.

"It's okay Frankie, let's just take it one day at a time."

I nodded, yawning. I really was exhausted.

It was snowing. Christmas was nearly here. School was cancelled, much to my delight.

I walked in to the kitchen where my Mom and my Dad were sitting around the table, drinking hot chocolate.

"Morning son." My Dad greeted me.

"Morning Dad! Can we go out and play in the snow?" I asked excitedly.

"Frankie, if you're going out in to the snow, you'll need to put on your jacket, you know how prone you are to illness." My Mother said worriedly.

"Sure, but you need breakfast first." He replied happily."Linda darling, I have a surprise for you. You too Frank. But you can't have it until after breakfast."

I quickly hurried to the kitchen cupboard, reaching up for the cereal. I poured out a bowl full and splashed it with some milk.

After I downed my breakfast, I turned to my Dad; a smug smile played upon my face.

"Okay." He said defeated.

He led us out of the house blindfolded. I could feel the cold through my thick layers of t-shirts and jumpers.

"Right, take off your blindfolds!" He said excitedly.

I hastily removed the material covering my eyes.

"So, what do you think?" My Dad asked.

I was standing staring at a brand new Chevy truck. I'd always wanted my Dad to buy one of these. I thought they were cool. It was completely black. Perfect.

My Mother however had a slightly different opinion.

"Darling, can we really afford this?" She asked nervously.

"Honey, that's the other surprise. I got promoted! I think it's time to move out of this rented house and buy our own. That way we can be a proper family."

Gerard's POV

Frank was sleeping soundlessly. That's all he did recently. Sleep and cry. The thing I would do to see his beautiful smile or hear his gorgeous little giggle.

He looked so innocent lying there, so small and naïve. It just wasn’t fair that all this was happening to him.

I hadn’t been back home since Frank had been in hospital. I thought of Mikey, he was probably all alone, scared of the thunder outside. I looked back over to Frank, he was still sleeping.
I ripped a page from my sketch pad, writing a small note to Frankie. I placed it on the bedside table where he would see it. With that, I slowly crept over to the door, taking one last glance at him before leaving.

It was raining, but I loved the rain. I walked down the road, heading for my house.
I suddenly felt guilty for leaving Frank. What if he woke up when I wasn’t there? Sure I had left him a note, but what if something happened?
I turned around the last corner until I was faced with my house. That’s when I saw it.
Parked outside my house.
A black Chevy.
“Shit!” I cursed.
I broke out into a run towards my house.
“Mikey!” I screamed. “Mikey! Where are you?”
The door had been forced open.
I sprinted though it and in to the house.
“Gerard?” I heard someone whisper. “Gerard shut up and get down.”
I looked around frantically and saw Mikey, Ray and Bob huddled behind the sofa.
I hurried over to them.
“What’s going on?” I whispered.
“There’s someone here Gerard.” Mikey whispered. “I was so scared; I thought I’d never see you again.”
The living room door suddenly closed, as a strange green gas entered the room.
“Shit!” Ray yelled. “Everyone hold your breath”
We were all huddled together trying to breath in the poisonous fumes. I felt the arms around me go limp, as one by one, Mikey, Ray and Bob fell to the ground.
My insides started to churn; I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. The furniture started to spin; I fell to the ground.

Frank’s POV
Shit, that dream. That was on Christmas four years ago, and it wasn’t a dream, it was a memory.
My Dad brought a brand new Chevy to boast about his promotion at work. I loved it. That was back when he was sober.
I remember that year. We were just like any other family, we all loved each other so much. And then my Dad got promoted at work, and wanted to move away from our old house.
Although when we moved, I started to get bullied at school. I’d come home crying almost every day, and my Father’s sympathy grew less and less. He started to see me for what I was. And then he lost his job and turned to alcohol.

But that meant that it was him! He drove my Mother off the road. He killed her! I had to let the police know, they think that my Father is out of the country, they have no idea how much danger everyone is in.

But why would he accuse me of murdering her at the funeral? Especially if he knew that he killed her. Of course there was the possibility that this is just a coincidence, and I wanted to believe that that’s all it was. I hate my Dad, but I did used to love him. You can’t just forget the love towards your Father – despite being hit over the head with a blunt object.

I knew that this wasn’t a coincidence. Everything just fitted perfectly into place.

“Gerard? I have something to tell you.” I said, turning over in my bed to face him.
The room was empty.

I panicked. Where was he? Why would he just leave?
He’s probably just gone to the toilet, stop over reacting
My eyes canned the room once more, but this time they fell upon a note lying on my bedside table.
I leant over to pick up the note, struggling slightly due to my broken wrist.

I’ve just popped home to grab a shower and see how Mikey is doing.
Hopefully I’ll be back before you wake up and start worrying.
I hate leaving you alone like this; I’m sorry. But I just needed to check that Mikey was still safe, you know what that boy is like home alone, and I think I forgot to hide the toaster.
Anyway, I’ll be back soon.
Love you always.
Gerard. Xoxo

I sighed. Of course Gerard was missing Mikey; he was his brother after all. I didn’t quite understand the part about the toaster, although I probably had my memory loss to thank for that. I bet it was a really funny story too.

At least I knew Gerard was safe, and it did take my mind off my Father for all of thirty seconds.

The hospital room door creaked open.
“Gerard, I really need to tell you something, my Fathe-” My sentence was cut off by the sight of a hairy tattooed arm entering through the gap in the door. The hand was holding a tube, which was then thrown in to the centre of my room.

Green smoke escaped from the canister, vastly taking over my breathing air.
I became weak, my eyesight blurry, hearing all dishevelled.
A figure entered the sea of smoke and made their way over towards my bed.
“Sweet Dreams Frankie.” The voice spat. It was the last thing I heard before my eyes closed.

What did you think? This idea again just came out of nowhere, which is why it’s taking me so long to write. It sucks to only have one computer in a household of five. But hopefully I’ll be getting a laptop if I pass all my exams, so fingers X’d :) Hope you enjoyed the chapter, and I apologise that they’re becoming shorter; they will start to increase again soon! Xoxo

I don’t know why ficwad decided to cut off half of my chapter :( But I’ve re-uploaded it now so hopefully it will work this time xoxo
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