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“So,” Frank said as he made his way into the break room. Yeah, the cafe had a break room, Frank just preferred the park. “I was thinking about our date and I thought that we should do the whole dinner and a movie thing. But then I was thinking that I really didn't feel like spending a whole bunch of money on a movie that I’m hopefully not even going to watch. Because, although I’m gay, it doesn't make me less of a guy and I’m not letting you pay for everything,” Frank rambled. “And wasting money on food that I could cook myself seems ridiculous. So how about this? Friday night you come to my house, I'll make us dinner and we could watch a movie. Oh and don't worry about my mom, she'll be at the cafe. What do you think?” Frank finished as he sat down at the table across from Gerard. Frank didn't have his break for another hour, but the cafe was slow and his mother was on some bank run.

“Uh,” Gerard looked across the table at Frank, a bit taken back by the slew of thoughts that were just thrown at him. After he processed everything that Frank had just said, he tried to think of some cute, flirty comeback. Something like, 'I'll come on Friday only if you promise that the movie won't get in the way of my lips attaching to yours.' Then he pictured himself winking and it making Frank swoon. But then, Gerard realized that if he said that he'd be extremely creepy and Frank would probably tell his mother that Gerard sexually harassed him and then he'd be out of a job. So Gerard stuck with the normal response.

“Sure. What time?”

“Seven? Mom won't get home until at least twelve so we've got time.”

“Sounds perfect.” Gerard smiled nervously and wrapped his hands tightly around his nearly empty water bottle, making the plastic crack. This is going to be his first date since he got sober.

“Great.” Frank stood up from the table and walked around to the other side, pressing a small kiss to Gerard's cheek. “I gotta get back to work.” Frank left the room without a response from Gerard, leaving Gerard slightly bemused.

Well that went well, Gerard thought as he uncapped his water bottle. He brought the bottle to his lips and finished the rest of the water in one swift gulp. Now he just needed to make it through the rest of today and tomorrow without cracking open a vodka bottle.

Gerard did not succumb to the temptation of the bottle before Friday night. In fact he was quite proud of himself as he drove to Frank's house that he didn't even think about it again. He was too busy drawing the boy that haunted his thoughts.

When he pulled up in front of the house that Frank described as his, he parked the car and looked up at it. The house was small. Really small. It was one story and not very wide. The house couldn't have more than two bedrooms either. This kind of shocked Gerard. He wasn't rich or anything and his house wasn't a mansion but it had two stories. He even thought that Frank's house could fit inside of his own house. Twice.

Gerard took a deep breath and stepped out of his car, taking the bag with an array of horror DVD's and cookies and cream truffles off of his passengers seat. Yeah, Gerard brought truffles. It was his mothers idea, really. When he told his mother that he had a 'date' she insisted that she make them, citing it would be bad etiquette to bring nothing. Gerard didn't have the heart to tell his mom that the date was casual. Casual, as in, jeans, a t-shirt, couch, horror movies, maybe some ramen noodles. But he took then anyway, his mother loved to participate in her sons lives anyway she could.

So he walked up the small pathway up to Frank's door, knocking softly with the bag not holding the fancy dessert and old movies. After, like, two agonizing minutes, Frank opened the door is loose fitting dark jeans, a red shirt, and a huge smile. “Hey! Right on time.” He said loudly, stepping away from the door. “Come on in, Gerard.”

Gerard smiled softly and stepped into the house, pressing a light kiss to Frank's cheek. Well he meant to kiss Frank's cheek, but Frank turned to shut the door and he kissed the corner of Frank's lips instead. Both men blushed as Gerard made his way further into the house, trying to how back the sorry that was about to escape his lips.

“So, I have bad news.” Frank turned around looking at Gerard. Before Gerard had an opportunity to freak out, Frank continued, “My mom asked me to work a shift at the cafe today and I literally just got home. So, I didn't have time to make the vegetable lasagna that I planned on making. But all is not lost.” Frank stopped talking and took Gerard's hand, leading him into the kitchen where the table was set. “I had Benny make two veggie sandwiches before he left and I brought them home for us. I hope that's okay.”

Gerard looked at the table and then back at Frank. Of course this was fine. Gerard would have been happy with macaroni and cheese.

“Yeah, that sounds great actually.” Gerard smiled lightly, placing the bag on Frank's counter.

“Good,” Frank smiled.” On our next date I'll cook the lasagna.” He said walking further into the small kitchen, getting soda from the fridge.

“No.” Gerard said suddenly causing Frank to turn around, looking at Gerard with a questionable expression. Gerard had to think quickly, he didn't want Frank to have to cook for him, again. It didn't seem fair. “I mean next date is at my house, so I, um, have to cook.”

Frank smiled broadly pulling the soda out from the fridge, putting it on the table. “So they'll be a second date?”

“I'm planning on it.” Gerard said quickly.


Soon both men were sitting at the table, eating the food from the cafe and talking lightly about their day. The conversation seemed to just flow between the two of them. Yeah there were some pauses in the conversation, but it wasn't uncomfortable or awkward. It was just casual. Easy.

“Alright let's get down to the bad stuff,” Frank said after they had talk about general things like family, friends, and school. “Past relationships.”

Gerard laughed softly and shrugged, leaning back in his chair, “What do you want to know?”

“Anything. Shortest relationship. Longest relationship. Worst. Best. Tell me anything.”

“Okay. Here we go,” Gerard laughed again. “Well my shortest relationship was two days. Some girl from high school. She was nice but like two years younger than me and I dunno. It was weird. She didn't really talk much. We ended it kind of mutually I guess. We didn't even kiss.” He took a drink of his soda. “ And my longest relationship was with a guy. It was during art school and it lasted for like, two and a half years.”

“Wow. What happened?” Frank asked intrigued.

“I got addicted to pills.” He looked down at his drink and watched as the ice cubes spun around in the dark liquid. “He could handle the drinking, I guess, but the pills mixed with the alcohol...” Gerard shook his head, swallowing lightly. He wasn't that person anymore. He was better. It was all better.

“Hey,” Frank said gently after a few moments, trying to get Gerard attention. When Gerard looked up Frank smiled warmly. “It's okay, Gee. You're passed that now. It's okay.” He reassured Gerard, reaching his hand across the table to gently brush the back of Gerard's hand with his fingers.

Gerard looked up at Frank and smiled lightly. Frank was so kind and sincere. It made Gerard's heart swell. “Thank you.” He said quietly, turning his hand toward Franks.

“Anytime.” Frank spoke softly, letting his fingers link with Gerard's.

“Your turn.” Gerard said after a moment of silence.

“Hm?” Frank asked, looking up from their linked hands.

“Your turn. Tell me about your relationships.”

“Oh okay,” He laughed. “Well, my first girlfriend was my longest relationship. We lasted a little over a year. It was when we were in high school though. We ended because I started to realize that vagina’s and boobs weren't doing that much more me.” He laughed gently, “Um, my shortest was a guy who I made out with at a party a few months ago. I was really drunk and I told him that I wouldn't make out with him unless we were dating.” He laughed, shaking his head slightly, “So he asked me out, I said yes, we made out, then I dumped him. He was a really bad kisser.”

Gerard laughed, raising an eyebrow at Frank. “That's so mean!”

“I know, I know.” Frank giggled softly. “I was drunk and I didn't want to make out with just anybody.”

“You're bad.” Gerard shook his head still laughing.

“I'm sorry!” Frank smiled, “At least I’m not saying it about you.”

“Oh, so I’m a good kisser?”

“Hell yes. You think that I asked you here just for the conversation?” He joked.

Gerard laughed open mouthed and tilted his head back, “You really are bad.”

“I know,” he shrugged, standing up with a smug smile on his face. He started to clean off the table, bringing the dirty dishes to the sink. Gerard stood and helped Frank with the dishes, a small content smile on his face the entire time.

After the kitchen was clean again they both decided it was time to watch a movie. Gerard walked to the counter where he left his bag of treats, picking it up to take out the movies he had told Frank about.

“Okay, I brought something besides the movies, but don't think I’m a loser or anything, okay?” Gerard asked, his fingers tightly wrapped around the plastic bag.

“Okay,” Frank smiled softly, turning around to lean against the sink.

“So, I still live with my parents and when I told my mom that I was hanging out with you tonight, she insisted that she make truffles. It's like her specialty. She makes them for all family functions.” He shook his head, digging his hand into the bag, “I told her not to but she did anyway. They're cookies and cream with white chocolate and they're really good.” He pulled out the container and placed in on the table. “If you don't want any that's totally fine.”

Frank smiled broadly and walked over to Gerard. “That was really awesome of your mom. Of course I want some.”

“Really? Cool.” Gerard looked at Frank, his smile growing.

“Let's eat them while we watch the movie.” Frank smiled, taking the container of the truffles, making his way into the living room. “They're staying in my lap though.”

“Sounds good to me.” Gerard laughed and picked up the movies he brought with him, following Frank into the living room. He then handed Frank the movie that they decided on watching and took a seat on the couch. He got comfortable while he watched Frank set up the movie, smiling softly to himself.

Once the movie was in the player, Frank grabbed the remotes and made his way back to the couch, sitting down next to Gerard.

“Before we start the movie I have to tell you something, but don't get mad.” Frank said, suddenly nervous.

“Okay?” Gerard turned his head looking at Frank confused.

“I didn't tell my mom that you were coming over tonight.” Frank said quickly looking at down his lap. “It's nothing against you, I just don't know how she'd react since we work together, y'know?” Frank took a deep breath and raised his head to look at Gerard.

“Oh, that's fine. Don't worry about it.” Gerard said honestly. He was a little relieved that his boss didn't know yet. It made things easier.

“Are you sure?”

“Of course I’m sure.” Gerard smiled softly wrapping his arm gently around Frank's shoulders, “This is new, we don't have to announce it yet.”

Frank just smiled and turned his head to kiss Gerard's cheek, “Thank you.”

“Anytime.” Gerard smiled softly and squeezed Frank's shoulder gently.

“Okay, let's watch this movie.” Frank said, turning on the TV and putting on the movie.

While the movie played, the two men watched it halfheartedly. They really couldn't concentrate on the blood bath that was unfolding in front of them. Their minds were on the other person. Like Frank was constantly thinking about whether it would inappropriate or not to place his hand on Gerard's thigh. It seemed innocent enough. Just a light touch to the area right above the knee. It shouldn't be too weird. Right? And it wasn't like Gerard wasn't touching Frank. The older mans arm was wrapped around his shoulders.

By the time the third person on screen was murdered, Frank still had not touched Gerard. Which was the reason why Gerard's lips were not attached to Frank's at this very moment.

Gerard had wanted to kiss Frank from the moment the opening scene started. He had wanted to taste those lips that probably tasted of chocolate, since the smaller boy had had at least three truffles already. He had wanted to feel the soft caress of Frank's lips on his, but he was afraid that it would be too forward.

So Gerard made a deal with himself. The next time, the girl with the huge tits screamed, he would place a kiss to Frank's cheek, hopefully insinuating that he wanted more.

It only took another ten minutes until the girl in a tight white tank top screamed and was running away from the killer. Gerard took a deep breath and told himself to just do it. So he did. He dipped his head down and placed a soft kiss, dangerously close to Frank's lips, on Frank's cheek.

Gerard was about to pull his head away and look back at the screen when Frank turned his head and attached his lips to the older mans. Frank also took the opportunity to place his hand on Gerard's thigh, figuring this was the perfect moment to do so. The two men continued to kiss as the girl on screen got murdered. They didn't know that though. All they knew was how great their lips lips felt against one an another. And how their lips moved together slowly and tenderly against the others. The kiss wasn't a precursor for anything. The two men didn't want anything else out of the kiss besides the closeness that they were feeling.

The kiss lasted for the entire scene that the girl was getting killed. Gerard lips caressed Frank's bottom lip as they both shifted to get even closer. They kissed this way for a while, alternating the lip in which were caressed, completely relaxed in each others embrace.

When Gerard broke the kiss it was simply for the necessity of air. If air wasn't an issue, he would have stayed with his lips on Frank's for days.After their lips were separated, the two men didn't pull back. They kept their forehead together and their noses brushed as they panted.

Finally, though, Frank placed one small peck on Gerard's lips after he caught his breath before turning back to the movie. Gerard did the same and they finished the movie without any make out breaks.

When the credits were rolling, Frank was just about to suggest they put on a second movie when he realized that it was almost twelve and his mother would be home any minute.

“Fuck!” He yelled standing up from the couch, nearly knocking down the truffles. “Fuck!” He yelled again walking to the TV, taking out the DVD.

“What's wrong?” Gerard asked as he stood up, walking over to Frank.

“My mom's gonna be home soon. You have to go.”

“Shit!” Gerard said, now feeling the urgency of the situation. He grabbed his DVD's from the table and waited for Frank to hand him the one from the player.

Once Frank had the DVD out of the player and into its case, he handed it to Gerard, nearly shoving the older man to the door. Frank opened the door quickly and Gerard stepped out of the house, already making his way down the steps.

“Wait!” Frank yelled and Gerard turned around to look at Frank who was already running to the older man.

Frank smiled softly and leaned up, pressing a kiss to Gerard's lips gently. “I needed to say goodnight.”

Gerard laughed and kissed Frank back softly. “Goodnight. Thank you for tonight.”

“You're welcome.” He smiled, kissing Gerard one more time before turning around and heading back inside.

Gerard quickly made his way to his car, getting in, starting it, and pulling away from the curb. Just as he made his way away from Frank's house a car turned onto the block and drove straight into Frank's driveway. Linda was home.

I kind of don't really like the end, but I didn't know how else to really end it.
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