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Cronus knows of Jay's condition and uses this advantage to his own. Jay's first transformation.

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The Nature Park was full of fleeing people into the darkness. Herry slid his truck into a vacant parking space and allowed the other Titans to exit. "I can see Cronus up on that hill" Herry pointed out. Cronus was gazing into the stars. Through the corner of his eye, he saw the Titans aline themselves a few feet away from his spot. "Ah, heroes. You're a little late, it thought you'd be here sooner." "Friday night traffic, what can you do?" Neil replied, resulting in a stomach shove from Archie. Jay stepped forward to address Cronus. "What do you want this time?" Cronus turned to face him. "Well, since the prophecy indicates you are to destroy me, i thought i'd- What's this?" he muttered the latter, spotting the bite on Jay's arm. "Well, well, let's see what we can do here" Cronus stuck his pinkies into his mouth and blew a deep whistle. Two men entered from the brush and stood beside him. From there, Cronus cast a spell on the pair and soon both grew into terrible werewolves." "Let's see, it's 8:30, how about an early moonrise, Jay? "Early moonrise? How in any way is that evil?" Theresa asked, dripping of sarcasm. "Oh, you'll see, you will all see." Cronus replied, and turned to face the moon. "Ekara. Salstama. INGILIA!" soon an orange glow shot towards the fading sun. It shrank behind the mountains. The werewolves beside Cronus soon began to growl and walk towards the heroes. "Stay back, everyone!" Jay ordered, jogging towards the beasts, sword outright. "Stop" Cronus called to the beasts, and they stood in place. The moon finally crested and soon beamed down on the heroes. "Jay, take these things out" Archie called, annoyed. But Jay stood gazing at the moon. Soon his eyes turned a deep red and his body began to convulse. He dropped his sword and began to moan. "Oh my god" Odie said, in realization. That was no dog that bit Jay, it was a werewolf! Jay, remember who you are, this isn`t you!" Theresa began looking fearful as Jay hunched over and began growling. He was now down on all 4's and bursting the seams through his clothing, with fur beginning to replace skin. Soon the transformation was complete, and Jay stood in front of his friends a werewolf. Theresa began to walk towards him. "Theresa" Atlanta yelled after her. "Theresa, that's not Jay. Werewolfs have no concencess." Odie shouted. But Theresa kept walking. "Jay?" she asked, almost tearfully. The beast just looked at her. "Jay?" It growled and soon howled loudly, and began to advance on the Titans along with the other wererwolves. Herry ran towards Theresa and grabbed her by the arm, brought her back to the group and charged after the werewolves. "Sorry, Jay, no hard feelings" he said, than gave the beast a hard crack in the face, sending it flying into a bush. "Good luck" Cronus inputed, cackling, then activating a portal and stepping through.
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