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16 Wishes

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the movies 16 wishes and 16 candles but x-men evolution style!!!

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It is 20 minutes till midnight before Rogue's 16th Birthday. And she has just opened her present from Ororo, 16 "magic" candles!

"They are so pretty!" Kitty exclaimed admiring the candles, "So...whatcha gonna like wish for?!"

"Ah, think ah'm gonna wait till the mornin on mah actuall birthday, that way it would be more magic, and crap like that." Rogue said laughing.

"Oh, please like just make one wish Ororo got them in Africa, and I wanta like see if they work!" Kitty said more giddy this time.

"Fine!" Rogue said as she lit candle one.

Candle 1= "When Ah'm 16 ah will control mah powers!"
Candle 2= "When Ah'm 16 ah will be the most popular girl in school!"
Candle 3= "When Ah'm 16 Scott and ah will be Bahveil's IT couple!"
Candle 4= "When Ah'm 16 Jean will be jealous of meh!"
Candle 5= "When Ah'm 16 everyone at school will be dyin ta go ta mah party!"
Candle 6= "When Ah'm 16 ah will have perfect grades!"
Candle 7= "When Ah'm 16 ah will not have ta share mah room!"
Candle 8= "When Ah'm 16 ah will be adored bah everyone in the X-Mansion and Brootherhood!"
Candle 9= "When Ah'm 16 ah will have a credit card!"
Candle 10= "When Ah'm 16 ah will have the best sweet 16 in the world!"
Candle 11= "When Ah'm 16 ah will be unbeatable at sports!"
Candle 12= "When Ah'm 16 Kitty will always be with Lance!"
Candle 13= "When Ah'm 16 ah will have a sports car!"
Candle 14= "When Ah'm 16 ah will have the pretty'st party dress in the world!"
Candle 15= "When Ah'm 16 ah will have a famous band play at mah party!"

"There yah go kitty, ah just wished for the most imposible things ta happen. And there not gonna." Rogue said smileling and shaking her head.

"But, like what about candle number 16?" Kitty questioned.

"Ah'm gonna wait until mah actual birthday," Rogue said.

"Well ok, but like before we go to bed, why did you like wish for me and lance to be together forever?" Kitty asked blushing.

"Because it will never happen, and ah get sick of hearin about it." Rogue said rolling her eyes.

"Oh." Kitty said embarrised "well night."

"Night, Kitty. And remember there is no such thing as magic." Rogue said turning of the light.

Chapter 2 coming up soon!!!
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