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Happy Birthday!

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Rogue wakes up on her 16th birthday and weird things start to happen.

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The Morning of Rogue's Sweet 16!

"Rogue wake up, wake up." Kitty wispered shaking her back and forth. "Come on wake up, it's like your sweet 16 and your over sleeping."

"Hmm?" Rogue's eyes slowley opened "Kitty, what time is it?"

"I don't know, like seven-thirty, come on there's a car out side with like your name on it. Hurry up look out the window!" Kitty said pointing and jumping at the window. "Your like wishes are coming true."

"Oh, shut up Kitty mah wishes aren't coming true, the Proffesor probably bought meh one for mah birthday." Rogue said rolling over.

"Would you just like look out the damn window?" Kitty said more frustrated this time.

"Fine!" Rogue said. Dear God Kitty has really lost it this time! she thought. She walked up to the window to see the silver porshe waiting outside with her name on it. "Holly shit! there is a car and it's for meh." Rogue said shocked.

"It's like totaly beautiful!" Kitty squealed. "I can't wait till I turn 16!"

There was a knock on the door

"Hey, can I come in?" Scotts voice echoed through the door. Kitty elbowed Rogue in the stomach.

"Um...Shure?" Rogue said. Kitty gigled. The door opened, Scott stared at Rogue.

"Hey, babe your not even dressed, remember we are gonna go pass out your party invitations, It's been alover FaceBook." Scott said stairing at Rogue who had messy hair and was still in her pajamas. "Get dressed and meet me down stairs in 5." Then he left the room.

"What the hell was that about." Rogue said scratching her head. "He talked to meh like ah was..."

"His girlfriend!" Kitty sqwealed finishing her sentence. "I told you, I told you, I told you!" she sqwealed again. "Either that or it's like crazy day!" Oh, my God what if Kitty is right about this and she's not coppying one of thoose movies that she watces. Rogue stopped her self from thinking that.Never mind it's crazy, evryone is just trying to be nice, or are pulling some kind of prank!Rogue took a deep breath.Well I better get dressed and see how long everyone can keep up this act.

Down stairs after Rogue got dressed

"There you are." Scott said. "I was starting to worry about you, what took you so long?" Rogue stared at her outfit.

"Mah closet was defrent." She said trying not to her her self think of Kitty's I told you so's.

"Well yah, your closets different. You and Terayn went shopping yesterday." Scott said eyeing her.

"Wait, meh and Terayn went shopping. But, ah hate her!" Rogue said even more confused.

"Then why are you, Kitty, and Terayn BFFs?" He said highlighting Terayns name.

"Ah don't know ah'm so confused right now." Rogue said in a panic.This cold not be happening, there is no such thing as magic or a wish come true!Scott stared at her.

"Hey, whats wrong?" he asked looking her in the eye. "Are you ok?" Rogue shrugged. "Ok, why don't I drive you to school today." Scott then leaned down and kissed her on the forhead. Rogue panicked afraid he would be dead on the floor, but he wasn't, he didn't even look hurt, she could not feel him in her head. Scott looked at her "why don't you meet me in my car in 5, you need to cool down." Scott said as he walked toward the door, and left. When I'm 16 I will have my own sports car. When I'm 16 I will be the most popular girl in school. When I'm 16 everyone will want to go to my party. When I'm 16 I will be able to control my power. When I'm 16 Scott and I will be Bayveils IT couple. She remembered the wishes she made last night.Holly Shit!she thoughtAll my wishes are coming true, well five of them already have. This is gonna be awsome.

Chapter 3: coming up soon
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