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I sat up; I fell asleep in Frank’s arms. The pain was unbearable. I put on my clothes, I needed something to distract me.

So I finished it, and slid it into the harness on my old jeans that Frank gave me.

I packed my duffel begs, and slid them over my arms, in a criss cross form. I took my other gun off the counter, and put it the holster, squeezing it in. I walked to the door and hissed, the pain exploded in me, but I had to leave. I had to.
I opened the door, and Cyanide was passed out by it, he was obviously a heavy sleeper, so I sat by him for a moment.

“I’m sorry, I’m so, so, so sorry.” I whispered.

“Never coming home, never coming home….” I herd someone softly sing.

It was my uncle, and he was sobbing, I lightly went around the trans am, he sat there with an half bottle of liquor, bloodshot eyes and a ray gun to his head.

“DON’T!” I yelled and tackled him; he yelped and wrestled me off to get the gun that slid under the car. “NO!” I yelled, pushing him down, I herd footsteps running toward us.

“GERARD?!” Someone yelled, someone grabbed me by the waist and pulled me off, Gerard went for the gun. I wrestled out of the guys grip and dived for the gun, getting there a second before he did, and then rolled onto my back. He let out a weird sound and collapsed. He was kneeling on his knees, and then he glared at me, he then fully blacked out.

Ray stood there for a second, he looked between me and the bottle of alcohol, he sighed.

“It’s not yours is it?” He said, knowing the answer. I shook me head. While Ray stared at Gerard, I stood up and took the bottle of liquor and chugged it, the burning felt good.

Ray then picked him up and walked to the diner. I picked up my bags, then I followed, stumbling.

“Errrrrrrg.” Gerard groaned, and I laid next to him. Ray looked at us disapprovingly.

I drifted off to sleep.

I awoke, and ran to the bathroom and barfed, someone tsked from behind me, I turned, Frank was behind me. He gave me a look, my head was pounding, and I let out a low growl and wiped my mouth.

“Why did you drink it?” Frank asked softly, I growled. I stood up and stormed by him.

“I can do whatever I like!” I said, he growled now.

“Then look at your uncle! He’s blacked out now! Lord knows how long this has been going on! He’s supposed to be the leader Ciara! He can’t do that if he’s out! Please, don’t.” He said. I growled, but it wasn’t low. He stepped back, and pain shot through my back.

Ray jumped in the room, there were shots everywhere, Cyanide and Dad came running for me, and I rolled over and reached for my guns.

They weren’t there, I looked around, and they must have fallen out when I wrestled with Gerard last night. My eyes went wide; different Killjoys were in the room shooting at us. I hoped up, to everyone’s surprise, my back was in so much pain.

I ran towards Gerard, and grabbed his gun that was by him, I stood there and shot at people, while protecting him.

He was vulnerable, asleep, and…the leader. Fury raced through me, someone ran at me, I raised my leg; they ran into my foot. They fell, and I kicked them until they were out.

I raised my head, someone shot at my and it hit my arm. I yelped but kept shooting. Frank sent a glance my way, and someone shot at him, I jumped in front of him, and got a shot to my chest, sending me into a chair, but I leapt up, the pain making me dizzy.

I shot everyone but my people. I jumped on the back of one of them, and made them fall. I used the back of the gun and rammed it over and over onto there scull. I jumped to my feet when I saw blood.

I looked around; people were running out, one leapt behind the couch. I leapt over gErard (Who was on the couch) and landed on them.

There eyes went wide as I set the gun to there head, there gun was across the floor. There eyes filled with tears. I shut my eyes and pulled the trigger. I felt them go limp under me and I stood. I was breathing heavy.

I stood up straight and I saw Frank lock the door. I backed away from the body, and into the center of the room, still dizzy from the pain, but it could be the shock. I ran to Gerard, I sat by him, which also hurt, and shook him. He woke up, and ran to the bathroom. I shivered, and sat back on the couch.

I saw people moving bodies, and Frank taking stuff out of pockets. I saw Dad looking after Gerard, and Cyanide over Rosie, she was shaking, and tears in her eyes, her arm got blasted.

Ray was the one helping move bodies, I felt weird. “Dad?” I called out, he came over to me.

“Hun, did you get shot?” He asked, looking at me. I nodded my head, but said.
“There’s someone behind the couch.” He nodded and lightly hugged me.

“You weren’t supposed to see that, not at all get shot, but…” He trailed off looking out the window. I looked out there to, Leslie, was lying outside, eyes closed.

I pushed Dad away and ran out there, Dad screaming to come back. Cyanide tried to chase after me, but stopped in his tracks when he saw his brother. I knelt by him, he had a slow pulse, I set my mouth on his and did CPR, then his eyes flew open. “Oh god…” He whispered, “I’m sorry!” He said, I nodded, then picked him up. Cyanide was smiling, but Frank held him back. I walked back inside slowly and painfully. Cyanide must have noticed.

“C, are you okay?” He said.

“Yes, go help your brother.” I said, fake smiling. He scowled.

“No. I’m going to help you.” He said, Leslie was smiling and drinking some water.

“No, I can manage!” I protested, but he scowled and moved closer. I scowled and led him to the bathroom, sat on the counter and took my shirt off. I covered my chest with my arms, he giggled.

Deh Ja Vue.

I blacked out half way through, only because he numbed the pain with some sleeping pills though.

I put back on my shirt, and walked to the kitchen, I herd soft talking from the living room, everyone was sitting, or standing around an expressionless Gerard.

“Guys, I don’t know why she was fighting me!” He protested, crossing his arms, then when he saw me pleading with his eyes. I felt sorry for him.

“Let me see your wrist Gee…” Frank mumbled, scuffing his feet on the floor.

“No.” Gerard said with an horrified expression. Frank sighed.

“That’s all I needed to hear Gerard, you have to go back!” Frank yelled, tears welled in Cyanide’s eyes.

“No! I won’t go back! Fine, I’ve been cutting! But I’m not suicidal! Tell them Ciara!” He begged me, I gulped.

“What do you mean by going back?!” I asked, terror went across his features.

“Back to Battery City, so I can get help.” He whispered, tears streaming down his face.

“Yes, he was trying to kill himself. No, he is NOT going back.” I yelled, more like shrieked and ran over to him. Cyanide looked at me with a look.

“If he goes, so will i! How could you do that!” I yelled, fury in every pore of my body.

“Move C.” Leslie growled.

“NO!” I yelled.

“Please?!” Ray pleaded.

“He’s not going anywhere! HE’S THE LEADER! Right Frank?” I asked, Frank turned to me, tears on his cheeks.

“How can he lead being like that?” He whispered, I wrapped my arms around Gerard, and he cried into my shoulder.

“I swear to god, he will not go!” I said.

Gerard pushed me off. “They don’t belive in god.” He said, standing up and wrapping his arms around Cyanide.

“Besides kid, you’ll be the leader while I’m gone, I saw you fight. Well, it was blurry, but I saw…you’ll be better than me,” He chocked out, Dad looked towards me, his pocker face gleaming, I grabbed Gerard’s gun and my bags from last night and marched outside, were I hoped on the old Harley.

“Were are you going?” Cyanide asked.

“Not Battery City, that’s why I’m leaving. Besides, I can’t lead. I’m a failure.” I whispered, then started the bike.

I want to say I rode out into the sunset, but in the desert.

That’s not possible.
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