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The Arrival

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The planet Saphira, home to Hasu of the League of Supercats, is in danger from the evil Captain Whitefang, who at this point plans to destroy the planet. Can Krypto and friends stop him before it's...

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Disclaimer: I do not own Krypto the Superdog or any character from the show. Some characters found in this story are mine.

Somewhere in a dark alley, Hatchi finishes beating up a rouge dog, who runs away. Then, he turns around to find Gruff. Next scene, in Gotham city, Ace just finished up taking care of the Joker's hyenas. That is when Power Puss appears. Next scene, Kirin is seen diving into his pool. He gets out and Jin is in his pool chair. Next scene, we see Krypto and Streaky patrolling the city. Streaky is hungry, must to Krypto's dismay. But they see Diamond and Hasu on the top of the Daily Planet and go check them out. "Krypto. Streaky. We need to talk to you. Let's take this in our ship." Diamond says. Krypto and Streaky wonder what they want, but agree.

After being warped onto the ship, Krypto and Streaky see that the Dog Stars, Ace, Hatchi, and Kirin are also on board. Every LoSC member is too. They wonder what is it they were called for. Diamond asks Hasu to explain, as it was her idea. "Everyone. I know this may come as a big favor to ask of you, but here me out. See, for a long while, my home planet, Saphira, has been taken over by the Whitefang pirates, runned by the fearsome, Captain Whitefang. His crew are nortorious and well known throughout the system. He takes over weak planets and sucks them dry of their treasures. Then, destroys them. For years, my planet has been suffering from this horrible fiend, and I fear that the time for my people's survival has come to a breaking point. For I always have nightmares about home, and it's only a matter of time before my planet is destroyed along with my people." Anyway, Diamond says that her own people and planet were destroyed by this foe, and now should be the time to finally put an end to this menace. But such evil cannot be stopped alone. So they are asking for their help as well. One by one, everyone agrees to help out. This is good, and they shall depart immediately.

As the LoSC ship travels through space, everyone does some random stuff on board. Kirin and Ace help out on navigation while Hatchi is training with Gruff and Atomic Tom. Anyway, Hasu just stares out into the void of space. Krypto goes to talk to her. Hasu is worried about this. Krypto assures her that she's picked good friends to help out. They will all do what they can to stop this Captain Whitefang. Hasu cheers up and thanks him. Oh, and Streaky is hitting on Diamond. O.o.

Meanwhile, on Saphira, inside some kind of cave base, a darkened figure of Captain Whitefang watches some monitors that show the planet, and the area outside of the planet's atmosphere. "Captain! An unidentified space craft is entering the planet's atmosphere." the voice sounds like Don Krieg from One Piece, o.o Then the captain says with Flying Dutchmen voice, "Bring er on screen." It shows the ship of the LoSC. "So. The League of Super Cats have finally decided to come and try to stop me. I thought they never be trying to cut me down. Well they're making a big mistake if they think they can stop me. I say we should have a little fun, eh Gorrilla Jones?" A large gorrilla with a simple pirate crew member comes out of the shadows with an evil grin.

Meanwhile, everyone has just landed on the planet and went outside. Everyone is wearing scarfs to keep warm. Tail Terrier makes a funny comment on the snowwy environment. Diamond explains that the scarfs will keep them warm so long as they wear them. Hasu points out that there is a village just north of their current location. They can settle there until they can figure out what to do next. She knows some good people that will help them out in finding Whitefang and getting a plan sorted out. But before they can get going, some pirate animals show up. "Where do you think you're going?" The pirates mean business.

Commercial break...

Anyway, the gang of pirates make threats to them that they mean business, and they'll do some pirate related stuff walk the plank, them lashings, that stuff. Hatchi walks over to the one standing out, acting like the leader. "You know what? Why don't you stick this in your booty?" He punches him in the chin. The others get angry and retaliate. Kirin steps up and sticks out his hand. A large wall of ice rises up in front of them and the pirates run smack dab into it. "Your turn." The others decide to get some action. Using their individual powers and such, everyone beats up the pirates. "Make a run for it!" The pirates begin to run away. "Heh, they weren't so tough." Streaky comments. But Hasu says that they are just part of a larger slice of pie. That makes Streaky hungry. Everyone is embarrassed now. Time to move on.

They cross the frozen wasteland. They come to a crevace, so Hasu uses her ice powers to form an ice bridge, and they cross. Eventually, they see some frozen huts made of ice. This is the village! Everyone heads for it. One of the locals, an old blue looking dog who is working on his frozen garden, sees the new arrivals. One of them being Hasu. So he and some others go check it out. "Hasu. Is that really you?" He asks. "Elder. I've returned home." The old dog smiles.

Later they are inside the old dog's home. "I am Nembe. Head elder of this village. I welcome you strangers from another world, to our humble village. I see you are friends of Hasu. It's so nice to see that she's grown to be quite the feline." She remarks, "Oh stop. You don't mean it." "But I do. We missed you so." Krypto asks Nembe about the space pirates and what's been going on. Nembe explains, "Well...For the past few years, our home has been plundered by the Whitefang pirates. An awsome bunch if you ask me. They steal all our valuables and leave us to suffer. It's been so hard to live here with them making our lives miserable. Why, thanks to their pirate ship that hangs above our planet, escaping this planet is impossible. The only time we could of escaped was during the first raid. It was fortunate that Hasu escaped. The pirates were taking those who have special powers, and selling them to others as servants." Streaky wonders why they didn't just attack them in space while they had the chance then. Ace explains that it was to trap us here so they can plunder from them as well. Probably to use them for profit. Nembe agrees. Many others have entered this planet on accident, and had a horrible fate. Most have died or become slaves to whoever the pirates sell them to. This is exactly why they must stop the pirates now before they do more harm to others. This reassures the whole team that they will do whatever it takes to kick the pirates out of here!

Night time. On a cliff edge above the village, Gorrilla Jones spies on the village. "Heh. So they're staying in that excuse for shelter. Okay boys, you know what to do." Two chimps, in the same kind of clothes as him, appear next to him.

Hasu goes outside and gets on the roof of a house. She looks out into the night. "Want some company?" Diamond appears on the roof too. Hasu says okay, and they begin to talk. Hasu talks about how she's glad that now they have the chance to finally free her people from these pirates. She hopes this isn't a mistake to bring everyone here. But Diamond says it isn't. They are all friends and help out each other. Besides, she wants Whitefang gone as much as she does. It was those pirates that killed her family, people, and even planet. She also wants to do them in for what they have done. Hasu then remembers what Krypto siad back on the ship, he and everyone will do their best to stop them.. Hasu is glad to be part of a magnificent team. "Yo!" Kirin calls out to the two of them. He tells them that Nembe needs them back at his hut. Before anyone can do anything, Gorrilla Jones appears from no where and snags the two cats and leaps back toward the cliff. Kirin is shocked and amazed at what just happened. Jones then stuffs the two into an energy orb. Hasu tries to break out, but the orb neutralizes her powers. "Ha ha ha. You'll be excellent hostages."

Kirin runs toward the side of the cliff. "Hey! Let those two go right now!" "Ha ha ha. You're not in the position to make demands. Especially when in front of the first mate." "You better let them go or I'll..." "Or you'll what? Puny human gonna do what?" Kirin growls. "I think I'll let my two little friends take care of you." The two chimps jump down to where Kirin is and surround him on both sides. Kirin puts up his hands to fight. The chimps grin and make laughs. Gorrilla Jones does the same. "Heh heh heh."

To Be Continued...
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