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Invasion of the Pirate Base!

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Diamond and Hasu are kidnapped by some of Whitefang's pirates. Now Krypto and gang have to go to the Pirate Base and save them.

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Continuing where we left off, Kirin faces off againest the two pirate chimps. Before leaving, Gorilla Jones says to them, "Take him boys!" He then takes off, as the monkeys take out little daggers and leap toward Kirin from both sides. Kirin then leaps up into the air to avoid them and lands on the roof of a building. He looks toward where Jones went, "Drat. He's gone." The monkey's begin to go after Kirin. He then leaps over them and uses his magic to send a wave of snow on the chimps, burying them. But as immediately as they are buried, they get free and attack again. Now Kirin is trapped against the wall as the duo begins to slash at him, though missing every time. Kirin manages to punch them both away. He then charges for them. The two then throw what appears to be Shuriken at Kirin. He side steps them. "Nice try!" But then the Shuriken begin to fly on back toward Kirin. He is shocked, "Seekers?" He dodges again and the Shuriken keep coming. Except they return to him a lot faster with each assault. The monkeys laugh with glee as he is trapped by the Shuriken. The chimps make their leave. "Hey! Come back here!" One of them drops something on accident, which Kirin notices. Seeing as there is possibly no way out of this, Kirin performs a spell, "Element Arts, Ice Shield!" The snow becomes ice as it forms in front as him as the Shuriken stick to the shield. But then he smells something, "Gun powder?" They then explode! An over shot of the village shows the explosion from the roof tops.

Kirin is seen on his back, his ice wall gone. As he gets up, every resident of the village different animals from dogs to birds come out of their homes and wonder what just happened. There is confusion amongst everyone. Kirin spots the object that the monkey's drop, and he goes to pick it up. Then, Krypto and Streaky come in. "Kirin. You alright?" Krypto asks. And Streaky adds, "We heard an explosion. Where's Diamond and Hasu?" Kirin turns his head, "Gone. They were kidnapped by the enemy." The two gasp. Then Kirin turns his whole body around, "But look what I just found." It is a bottle, with some kind of paper inside.

Back inside Nembe's hut, everyone looks at the paper. It is a map of the whole region of the part of the planet they are in. Brainy assumes that this must have the location of Captain Whitefang, and indeed it does. She points out to a cave that has a pirate skull on it. The others comment that the cave is their base, and Streaky comments that the place looks kinda small to be a base. Krypto reminds him that appearances can be deceiving. Nembe explains that the pirates stronghold is where the captain resides there whenever he is not on his ship. He only leaves it during the night. Hatchi suggests that while the boss is away, they can go strike and save their friends. But Ace says that it's foolish to attack like that, as there are bond to be traps set up during the time they are absent. Hatchi says, "Hmph. Yeah, and that's coming from a dog who always knows his traps." He hates being retiqued, especially by a dog. Krypto says enough. If it's better to attack in the morning, then that it is how it shall go. Jin is worried about their leader and Hasu. The others are too. Nembe tells them that it will be dangerous, as many of Whitefang's strongest pirates reside at the base. They'll need the combined teamwork to take them all down. It will all start tomorrow.

Meanwhile, on the pirate ship of Captain Whitefang, which happens to be a regular pirate ship in space with artificial atmosphere..."You idiots! How could you lose the map!?" Gorrilla Jones is angry at his two monkey henchmen, who only make hand movements and make those chimp noises. "Imgrats!" "That's enough Gorrilla Jones." The captain comes in. "What they did is okay with me." "But captain! Those cats and their friends will be heading straight for us now! They know where our base is!" "I am aware of that. But that be fine. I told ye already that they be no match for us. Besides, we have the leader in our possession. Ar har." We see Diamond and Hasu in the energy orb. "You won't get away with this! Our team will take you down!" Diamond says. "Oh? Is that so lassey? Well I hope you're in a mood for fireworks, for at noon tomorrow, this whole planet will be nothing more than a mere memory. I have gathered up all the possible booty I could dig from this planet, so tomorrow I'm blowing it up!" The two gasp. Hasu says, "You monster!" "Ar ha ha! You'll have the pleasure of either becoming part of my inventory of selling persons, or, stay on the planet and watch the explosion close up. Course, you'll be incerated before you see the ending." Hasu argues, "We'll never let you have your way! Our friends will put an end to your reign once and for all!" "Ha! I doubt it. And just for that I'll just leave you on the planet tomorrow, to die! Ah ha ha ha ha!"

Commercial Break...

It is now morning, and everyone is currently heading out across the snow bound planet. Everyone is flying, wether Jin is helping them do it or not. Ace has his hover jet, and Kirin has his cool hover scooter or whatever I called his clip-on thing I introduced. Krypto sees a large cliff wall ahead, with an opening and some equipment outside. Kirin checks the map and says it must be the location. Streaky asks that shouldn't it of been like the map? That can't be the place. Everyone stares at him. He chuckles. Inside the base, Whitefang watches them on screen. "And here they be. To your posts everyone! And Gorrilla Jones, please wake up Tiny. He's still sleeping on me pile of newspapers." "Aye aye sir." Whitefang grins, "Let the fun begin."

Everyone approaches the cave entrance. It is rather huge and tons of equipment are outside. This must be the place, Krypto says. As they approach, a large rumble starts. A small but loud kind of sound is heard. "Fools! You dare pass into the lair of the great Captain Whitefang!?" The others wonder what is that. "Prepare yourself! To face the wrath of, Tiny!" Several firework explosions go off as the smoke rises around them. As it clears, the thing standing is...A tiny little mouse. Hatchi laughs, "Ha! That's Tiny? He sure is tiny alright." Tiny yells, "I am not tiny! I am big for my size! And I will destroy you all!" Streaky adds, "Sure you will. Tiny." He and Hatchi laugh. Kirin is stumped, "Heh. I was expecting something a bit bigger. Why send this pipsqueak?" Tiny is steamed. "You want big!? I'll give you big!" He takes out a button panel and presses the button. Another rumble is heard as a large robot begins to rise underneath him. It is a large mouse robot, bigger than the cave. Streaky and Hatchi are like, , as the robot finishes rising up. Tiny enters a hole in the head and enters his cockpit. "Eat cheese you losers!" The robot shoots cheese bombs from his mouth. "Break up!" Krypto shouts as everyone jumps out of the way to avoid the attack. "Come on! Inside!" Everyone begins to run toward the base. It begins to close in on them. "Hurry!" Krypto makes it inside. Followed by Streaky, Ace, then Hatchi, and then Kirin. The Dog Stars and LoSC don't make it and are stuck outside. "Crud! We're locked out." Jin complains and the robot laughs. Tiny says, "Now it looks like you're stuck out here, with me. He he he he."

Meanwhile, Streaky tries to lift the door behind him. "Come on! Open up! Stupid door!" Krypto tells him, "That's enough. It looks like we're on our own now." They begin going down the hallway. They are being watched still. "Aw. I was going to let them in if they somehow beat Tiny. But it looks like we'll have to manage. After all, it's far more interesting to see if they can beat me before my device blows up this planet." We see Diamond and Hasu roped together to what appears to be a large laser pointing down a hole. Hasu tries to use her powers as her aura glows, but it doesn't work. "Don't even try lass. Those ropes prevent you both from using any kind of powers you may have. Now sit back and relax. I got a planet to destroy. Ah ha ha ha!" He leaves the room. They both struggle to get free.

Back to Krypto and the others. They enter a large storage room. They are impressed at the size and what is here. Streaky says, "What's a lot of stuff. Can we take some home with us?" "No." They tell him. "Aww. So much for a fun trip." They begin to enter the next hallway, but before Ace and Hatchi can follow, they get locked out by another door. From both sides they try to bust the door down. But no good. On the side with Ace and Hatchi, the two chimps appear, ready to fight. They both assume that they want to fight. While the others try to get to them, Ace tells them to go on. They'll catch up. They agree and run on.

They run down the hallway as Whitefang comments from his position, "I have got to fix those doors. They don't close when I want them to." Anyway, Krypto and gang enter the next room. There, they find Gorrilla Jones waiting for them. "So you finally come at last." Kirin points out, "That's the guy who swiped Diamond and Hasu!" "So it was you then. Where are they!?" Krypto demands. "Oh you means those felines? They're with the captain right now. If you want to see them again, you'll have to take me down first. No one's going anywhere until I get a fight!" "WIth pleasure." Kirin stops Krypto. "Wait. Let me take this guy on." "Alone? You sure?" Kirin nods, "Yeah. I let this guy escape before, but not this time. I want to take him down personally. Besides, the faster you get to the others, the sooner we can all stop Whitefang. Besides, who knows what horrible things he's doing to them." We see our two captive felines again. Then back to the action. "So you two go on, I take care of Gorrilla breath." Jones grins. "A foolish decision if you ask me. Very well. Can a puny human take down a mighty ape?" "We'll see." Kirin begins to walk forward for a bit. "Come on Streaky, let's go." "But.." "I trust him. He'll be fine." They fly over them and enter the next hallway as the door closes behind him. Jones cracks his knuckles before starting this fight. Kirin smirks as he puts up his dukes. Then we see Ace and Hatchi ready to take on the monkey brothers. Finally, the Dog Stars and the LoSC vs Tiny and his robot. The screen then splits into three separate panels to show them all.

To Be Continued...
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