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Deadly Pirate Brawls!

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The fights begin as everyone squares off againest some of the toughest pirates in Whitefang's arsenal. Meanwhile, Krypto and Streaky make their way to Whitefang...

Category: Krypto the Superdog - Rating: PG - Genres: Action/Adventure - Characters: Ace, Brainy Barker, Bulldog, Hot Dog, Krypto, Mammoth Mutt, Paw Pooch, Streaky, Tail Terrier - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2006-06-02 - Updated: 2006-06-03 - 2775 words

Back to the action, Gorrilla Jones and Kirin square off against each other. They are ready to fight. "Here I come Gorrilla Jones!" Kirin begins to run toward Jones. "So the fun begins. Heh heh. Bring it on!" Kirin jumps up a few feet and prepares to punch him. Jones blocks with his arm. After landing, Kirin begins a barrage of punches that are blocked, but it slowly pushes Jones back a bit. Then Kirin does something different, he tries to kick Jones, but he grabs his leg. "Olie oop!" He throws him toward the back wall behind him. But Kirin recovers quickly, and jumps off the wall quickly. "What!?" Kirin punches him in the face, sending him flying across the room. "Element Arts, Ice Pillar!" But then Jones recovers and jumps out of the way as the pillar rises underneath him. "Incredible. Hmm?" Kirin goes at him in such a fury, Jones can barely keep up with his speed. "Enough!" He can take the punching well enough to punch Kirin hard, back down to the floor. Jones lands in some boxes. Kirin lands on the ground hard, but manages to stand up with no problem. "Woah. What power. That could seriously break my bones."

The dust clears and Jones is on his back in the boxes. Kirin comments, "Had enough? Am I too much for you?" Jones grabs a sword from the boxes. "Funny. I was going to ask you that myself. But for someone like you, brute strength alone won't cut it. But this sword can." Kirin smiles. "Sword fight huh? Good idea." He pulls out his own sword. "You gotta be kidding me. That sword doesn't even have a blade!" Kirin focuses and ice from around forms into the sword, making the blade. "You were saying?" Jones is amazed, "Impressive. You can use the ice from the surrounding area to form a blade." "Not just ice, but I can do fire too. And water, and earth, and wind..." "Enough talk. Let's see who handles a sword well. Me or you." "Fine. Let's go." Gorrilla Jones bursts out of the boxes and runs for Kirin. He does the same thing. They both clash blades. Then like true swordsman, they begin slashing and dicing at each other, with no one backing down. "Nice sword play." Kirin comments. "You're not so bad yourself laddy." They leap backward. "But you know what kid? You're just an ameteur compared to what the captain can do." "Really? So what that makes you? The weakest of us?" "That kind of talk will get you killed." They run at each other to clash again.

Meanwhile, it's time to see what Ace and Hatchi are up to. It's time for their fight with the monkeys. "Here's the battle plan. Stick with one monkey and I'll handle the rest." Ace says. "You don't have to tell me twice. There's only two of them." The monkey's make a weird hand sign, and they begin to split into more of themselves. "Or not." The monkey's begin to circle around them at a fast rate. "They're fast!" Ace exclaims. "Which is which?" Hatchi asks. In a flash, both of them are chained together by their back legs. They gasp at this surprising move as the monkey's stop, and the illusions disappear. The monkeys laugh at their dismay, as they are now stuck together by the legs. "Terrific." Ace says with sarcasm. "Well this is a fine mess you got us into mutt." "Watch your tongue." The monkey's take out some Shuriken. "Shuriken! Move away!" They throw them at them. Ace and Hatchi jump at different directions, but are pulled back to each other because they are chained. "Ow! Watch it!" No time for that. Ace grabs him with his teeth well how else can he grab him? and jumps out of the way of the Shuriken. "What you jump the other way for!? My way was better!" "You want to become mince meat kitty? Or do you want to live?" Ace and Hatchi argue. But then the Shuriken begin to fly back toward them. They notice. Ace grabs Hatchi again and they run away. "Let me go!" They run around as the monkey's laugh with glee. Ace sees a ton of boxes and he jumps into the pile, just as the Shuriken hit the boxes. Ace lets go of Hatchi. "Bout time. Grab me like that again and I'll..." "Quiet. You smell gun powder?" They then look over the boxes and see the Shuriken. "Oh...great." Ace says as the Shuriken explode in front of them. The monkey's grin with glee. Ace and Hatchi barely made it out of the explosion in time. "You alright kid?" Ace asks Hatchi. "Yeah." The monkey's laugh at them. "Little demons." He calls them.

Enough with them, time for Dog Star, LoSC action. At their fight, they are already fighting as everyone scrambles to get out of the way of the robot mouse's attacks. It strikes the ground with great force. And it's chest plates open to reveal cheese missiles, as they fire at the crowd. Paw Pooch uses his power to go over them, but now they be heading for Hot Dog. He blows fire at them to blow them up, but is knocked back from the shockwave. "Ah ha ha ha! You puny mutts and felines! No one can stop Tiny!" Gruff goes to punch the large robot, and it actually makes him back up a bit. "Woah. Tough kitty. Maybe this will slow you down." He releases some kind of green goop on him. It restrains him and he's stuck. "Ha ha ha!" Brainy uses levitation to fly up to him. Tiny gets annoyed and tries to swat her. While he does that, Jin blows wind at him to make him trip and fall over. Atomic Tom and Hot Dog begin blowing fire at one part of the robot. Mammoth Mutt begins to bounce with all her weight on the robots body. Tail Terrier holds it down with his tail. Power Puss goes to the head to try and open it up. The rest watch. "Errr...You ain't getting me!" He presses a button, and the robot's eyes gleam for a second. Then it rises up easily and everyone is forced to back off. Some were knocked off by the robot. "Now watch me go robo on your tails!" The robot swings it's tail at them, and they are all hit hard. Knocked into the snowy area. The robot begins to go toward them. They are far though. "Well that knocked me further than a angry porcupine." Yay, I made a Tail Terrier quote. They all look as the robot comes this way. "We need to subdue that thing somehow, and fast." Brainy says. "If we don't then the others will be doomed."

Now to Krypto and Streaky. They come to yet, another room. It's dark this time. "Can someone turn on the lights in here?" Streaky shouts out. The lights then come on. "Thank you! Oh whah!" He is shocked to see Captain Whitefang on a ledge above the room. "Hello you scurvy dog, cat." Krypto talks, "So you're Captain Whitefang I assume." "You assume correct. I be that guy. It would appear that you managed to avoid my henchmen back there. But I'm not letting you through any further without at least having a little fun." "What are you talking about?!" "What I mean is, before you can come to me, at least do something worth my while." He steps on a button, then the ceiling above them forms spikes and it begins to slowly come down. Krypto and Streaky try to fly to where Whitefang is, but they hit their heads on an energy barrier. "He he he. If you can get out of this little trap, perhaps we'll be fighting each other soon. Until then, time for you two to become swiss cheese. Ah ha ha!" He leaves the room. "The door!" Krypto shouts as they try to go back to the hallway. But the door closes on them. The ceiling is now past the barrier. Both of them quickly stand up and hold up the ceiling in an attempt to stop it from crushing them both. "Well what now K-Dog? How do we avoid being pancakes?" "Just push harder!" They try hard. Whitefang walks down the hallway and turns his eye back to the room. "They're all doomed."

Commercial Break...

Back to Kirin's fight, they are still clashing blades. Then Kirin blocks with both hand on his blade as Gorrilla Jones strikes downward. Kirin then begins to overpower him and push him back a bit. Kirin then knocks him off balance and cuts him across the chest. Jones drops his sword and clutches his chest. "Looks like I proved to be the better swordsman." Jones is angry. But he makes a grin, "Swordsman maybe. But unfortunately for you, I'm a pirate! And we don't play by the rules. In fact, time for me to uppen the ante. Time to fight at maximum power!" Kirin doesn't get it. "You may have the strength to overpower me now, but once I do this, you're dead!" "Bring it then." Gorrilla Jones takes a needle out. "With pleasure." Kirin is shocked to see the needle as he sticks it into his arm. "Heh heh heh. My strength is so large, I created a special serum to lower it down a notch. But this serum, this will remove the anti-drug, and bring me back up to full power." "Grrr..." Jones begins to feel the power flow in him, and he begins to feel his muscles bulk up, veins popping all over. He roars as his power aura rises and the force is enough to send shockwaves. Kirin blocks the shockwaves from going to his face with his arms. "What power." Gorrilla Jones finishes and is panting a bit. "Try and knock me down now, little boy." Kirin leaps at him and tries to cut him with his sword. But when he hits the arm, it doesn't work. "What?" Kirin is shocked, as the blade cracks and shatters. Jones then throws his fist at Kirin, in the gut. He sends him flying to the wall, Kirin collapses and is on his knees. "Hrrr."

Kirin tries to stand, holding his gut in pain. "So...powerful." He then feels like he is going to puke, and falls to his knees and hands as he begins to cough a bit for the sake of it all, I won't add in blood. Don't want to go that far. Jones says, "As I said, my power is too great to be kept at once. But you can clearly see that for yourself. What one punch did to you, I'll bring more to you ten fold." Kirin is frightened. Jones makes his move again. Kirin tries to side jump away from him as he punches at where he was, Kirin feels a sharp pain, which makes him vulnerable to an easy attack. Jones kicks him across the floor. After rolling to a stop, Kirin continues coughing in pain remember what would of been but should of been coming out of his mouth. Jones grabs his leg and begins to smash him against the ground a few times. Then throws him up into the ceiling, which causes Kirin to scream in agony as he falls back to the floor with a slam. Kirin looks like he is out cold. "Looks like you've reached your limit." There is a twitch in Kirin's hand, and he forms a fist. He begins to try and stand up. This makes Jones impressed, "Still alive? That last barrage should of really knocked you out for good. But hey, more fun for me." Kirin doesn't know what to do.

Ace and Hatchi have more on their hands or paws right now. The monkey's are really going for them now. It's hard to avoid and defend against their weapons and such, all because they are stuck together. "Darn it. If I wasn't attached to his mutt I'd so destroy those guys." Hatchi says. "Speak for yourself. You're too cocky and won't listen to reason." They continue to avoid and talk. "I don't need to be told by some mangey old dog! I fight by instinct, and I can handle myself quite well thank you!" "Well your instinct got us stuck together. At least corroperate!" One of the monkey's slips a banana peel underneath Ace and he trips. The other goes in for the kill, but Hatchi comes in and punches the monkey away. Hatchi stands to protect him. "You want me to corroperate? Then tell me how we stop these guys." The other monkey checks on his friend, and he is fine. They both jump up and throw more Shuriken. Ace presses one of his compartments on his belt and some small baterangs fall out. "Throw those at the Shuriken! Aim carefully!" Hatchi takes some, "I know how to aim." He throws them at the Shuriken. There is an explosion at impact. "This is how we stop them. We work together. Let's put the fighting aside, and fight like true heros. You got a problem with that." Hatchi is impressed that he told him straight up that they should fight together. "Yeah. I get you. We may be binded together..." "But that won't stop us." The monkey's are annoyed by this.

Back outside, Tiny is trying to locate the where abouts of everyone. "Yoohoo! Where are you!? Come out and playeh!" Everyone is hiding behind a snow mound just to the side of him. "We need to take down that robot somehow. And we got to get inside." Brainy says. Everyone begins discussing about what they could do about the door. They could use Power Puss and Gruff to bust the door down. But it might not be enough to break it down. Tail Terrier suggests they make the robot ram into the door, and they can get in then. But Jin says that then he might get stuck and they won't get in again. There's also the tail issue. He could just use that to hit them while he's stuck. Power Puss explains that she couldn't open the cockpit to Tiny, the metal is too strong to break apart. This is quite a perdicament. Just then, Tiny appears above them all. "Peek a boo!" They all freak and make a run back to the base. "You won't escape me." He sends more cheese bombs at them, and they explode behind them, sending them flying forward. This is hopeless, some of them think. Brainy begins to think of something to try and beat that thing. She sees large piles of snow, then looks to Hot Dog and Atomic Tom, then Jin, and finally Bull Dog. "That's it. That's how we beat it." Tiny approaches swiftly. "Alright everyone! Follow my lead! We're taking this mouse down!"

Back with Krypto and Streaky, who have probably been holding up the ceiling for about a few minutes now? Anyway, they are still doing it. They lose an inch and drop to their knees. "Ah! We're going to be squashed!" Streaky is paniced. Krypto thinks fast and sees something odd about the wall ahead. He slowly, while still pushing upward, begins to go toward it. "Hey! Where ya going!?" Krypto gets to the wall, he uses X-Ray on it and spots a door opening. "Ah ha. I knew there had to be a way upstairs." He uses heat vision on the spot where the door should be, and it is uncloaked. The door opens. "Quickly! Get inside!" Streaky nods, let's go, and at lightning speeds, goes straight to the door, smacking himself against the wall inside. Krypto breaks and goes in, just as the ceiling completely slams down. "Phew. That was too close." Krypto says. He sees a button and presses it. The ceiling goes back up, spikes retracted. "Well at least the others will be able to get through." Streaky then gets up. "Yeah. Lucky them." "Come on! We need to find Whitefang." They go up the stairs and make it to where Whitefang was earlier. "This way." They go down the hallway and down the stairs. After a few ft, they come to another door. Krypto bashes it open and they are in another room, but what appears to be an small arena. There's another doorway to the side of the room. Whitefang is waiting in the center of the room. "Well well. Look what the tide brought in." He says.

To Be Continued...
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