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End of a Few, Beginning of Another

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The fights continue and come to a close as everyone wraps things up with their opponents. Krypto and Streaky square off againest Whitefang with only fifteen minutes to stop him and stop the planet ...

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We return to Kirin, as he is shown barely standing, hurt, panting heavily. His vision is slightly obscured. He thinks, "Darn it. I barely have any energy to stand! Those attacks that he is throwing at me really hurt. I don't think I can hold on much longer." A large power aura still surrounds Gorilla Jones. "What's wrong? Can't you stand up straight? Don't worry, it'll all be over soon. One shot to the head will send it clean off the shoulders." "What do I do?" Kirin thinks. But meanwhile, Ace and Hatchi are still fighting the two monkey's. "Alright Ace. I'm listening. What's the plan?" Ace looks around the room and sees a box with the label, "Fruits", on it. "I'm willing to bet our secret weapon is in there. Follow me!" They both, and without screw up, start running for the pile of boxes again. The monkey's throw their Shuriken again, but it hits the boxes just as they jump into the pile. Before exploding, Hatchi and Ace grab the box of fruits and make it out of there before the explosion. The monkey's are mad. Hatchi opens the box. "Let's see...Apples, Pears, dunno what this is..." He picks and throws out fruits of some kind. "Bananas." Ace says, as Hatchi picks it up. "Bananas?" "Just you wait and see."

Now back to the Dog Star/LoSC fight with Tiny. They are still having trouble fighting the darn thing. But Brainy has a plan. "Alright, listen up! Hot Dog, Tom, Gruff, Puss, Jin, I need you all over here right away. The rest of you, keep that mouse busy!" Everyone follows the command. The begin fighting the robot and holding it off while Brainy talks to the others. "Here's what we'll do. Hot Dog, Atomic Tom, you two blow fire at the robot until I say to stop. Then Jin, you blow snow onto the robot with your wind power until I say when. We repeat until it's time for Gruff and Power Puss to knock it down. Now let's move!" They get in position. Tiny sees their formation. "Whatever you're planning won't work!" He starts going for them. "Fire away!" She commands and Hot Dog and Atomic Tom blow fire onto the robot, stopping it in his tracks. "A little fire won't hurt me!" For a while, part of the robot that's getting hit by fire starts turning red. "Enough! Your turn Jin!" Jin gathers wind and blows it onto the snow below, causing it to fly onto the robot. Tiny begins getting buried by snow and steam rises. The red spot cools off and returns to normal. "What was that supposed to be?" Tiny asks. "Again!" Brainy commands, and the fire goes flying again. After a bit, "Next!" Snow comes again. Tiny is confused, "What are you doing!?" "Gruff, Power Puss, attack him where it's weak!" They both charge at the robot, and punch it right where it hurts. At first it seems nothing has happened. "Is that the best you got? Huh?" There's a crack in his robot, "A crack!?" And just when it seemed okay, the robot shatters completely. Tiny falls into the snow. "Ahhhhhh!" He gets up, only to find everyone in front of him. Jin be like, "Boo." "Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!" Tiny runs into the snowly landscape like a coward. Everyone laughs and comments on him.

They go to the base entrance, which is still closed. Gruff and Power Puss both begin to lift up the door from beneath, and manage to open the door completely with much effort. "Let's go everyone. The others are waiting." They run in. Now back with Ace and Hatchi, both of them hold up a banana to the two monkey's. The monkey's look at them interestingly. "Ooooh. Banana!" They finally speak. "See the banana you little devils?" Hatchi says with a funny look. The monkey's go balistic for wanting bananas. "Come get them then." Ace and Hatchi throw them aside and the monkey's go in for them. They begin fighting over the bananas until they both get one. Before getting a bite, both Hatchi and Ace jump them and beat the crud out of them. The monkey's have swirly eyes and bandages on them after getting owned. Hatchi takes the key to their chains, and Ace uses his bat hook to tie them up. Hatchi unlocks them from their bindings. Hatchi sighs and sits down, "Finally! We're free." Ace looks at the monkey's, "These guys are more troublesome than the lot back home. Best keep them underwraps." Just then, the Dog Stars and LoSC come in and see what has happened. Hatchi smiles and waves, "Hiya. Miss us?"

Back to Kirin. Jones begins to come towards him. Kirin gets an image of Deathcon in his mind. It speaks to him, "What's the matter? Didn't you say that you wanted to kill me? Better keep that word of yours, or else that monkey is going to do it for me." The image disappears. Kirin speaks to himself, "I won't let him beat me." He claps his hands together and spreads his feet apart. Jones stops and wonders what he's doing, "Oh? Trying to attack me with whatever you're doing?" "Somewhat." He thinks in his mind, "I'm already too weak as it is to even consider not doing this, but I have no choice. It looks like I'm gonna have to resort to using, it." Jones steps forward, "Well whatever you are doing, you better do it quick. Cause I'm coming for you." Kirin begins emmiting a white outline over his body. "Doing this will most likely kill him and anyone who sees me after this transformation. It's something I did not intend to do for a long time, but it looks like I'll have to do it this one time. I just hope I can return to this form before I go unconsious!" "He he he." Jones begins to make a grab for him, but the aura grows stronger and he pulls back. "What the heck?" Kirin continues his move, "Errrrrrrrr......" His eyes begin to change red instead of blue. His teeth also begin to try and get wider. Jones thinks, "What is this feeling I'm getting? That something bad is about to happen." Kirin yells, "Transformation! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!" A bright light shines and fills the room with light. Jones is blinded for a moment, then looks at where Kirin is. But he is shocked at what he sees. We only see one of Kirin's red eyes. "Grrrrr...." Jones is frightened, "What...What is that!? What are you!" Kirin is not seen because of the intense light I ain't showing him yet, and the light begins to engulf Jones. "What is happening to me!? Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!" The scream is heard down the hallway where the others are coming.

Commercial Break...

The light fades from the room as the others show up. They are shocked at the site of the room. Everything seems to of blown away. Gorilla Jones is on his back, looking all burnt and paled eyed. His mouth gaping open. They wonder what happened and they spot Kirin, standing in the middle of the room. He says, "There. All done." He begins to faint as he slowly falls to the floor. The others come and Hatchi catches him, "Gotcha." Kirin wakes up shortly, "Oh hey guys..." They all look at Jones, who just lies there, not moving. "Woah. What did you do?" Hatchi asks. "Something I should of not done if you were here. It would of been far worse than what he had to go through. Fortunately I wasn't in that form for too long, so he should be alive still." Everyone is silent for a moment. Hatchi lays him down one the ground. Brainy says, "I'll heal you telepathically. It'll only take a few minutes." She uses her mind to begin healing. Ace thinks, "So this is what happens to those who gaze at his true form. And this is what happens to what is near him." Everything is burnt and/or destroyed againest the wall. "To think if we were to of come while was still in it."

Anyway now, back to where Krypto and Streaky are. Whtiefang sees at a monitor that was watching Jones has gone blank like the camera was destroyed. "Blast! If that screaming was from Gorilla Jones, then something must of happened to him to cause the camera to be destroyed." Krypto knows what might of happened is and says in his mind, "Kirin." "No matter. They can all come if they want, but, they still lose to me." Krypto says, "You can't take us all, once they get here, we'll overpower you easily!" Whitefang smiles, "You sure about that landlubber?" Streaky tells Krypto, "Hey, I'm going to go find the girls. You can handle this guy on your own, can't you?" "Go right ahead." He says. Streaky flies toward the door, but he hits some kind of forcefield before he could even leave the arena boundary. "Ow! Who put this there!?" Whitefang laughs, "I told you I'm not going to lose. And to make it fair, I'm only letting a few of you fight me at a time. Therefore, no one is getting in or out until I say so. But of course, in just about fifteen minutes, it won't matter anyway." "What do you mean!?" "I mean, this planet will blow in fifteen minutes!" Krypto and Streaky are shocked.

Whitefang laughs. Krypto says, "You're mad! You'll blow yourself up too if you are fighting us!" But Whitefang says, "That's where you're wrong. You see this thing on my wrist? This little gadget is something me and everyone in my crew wears. It's a teleportation watch. It can warp us from our current location back to our ship. And it provides times for any galaxy we come to. But more importantly, it can warp us automatically when we set it to a certain time point. Every one of us will warp off the planet as soon as the time on the planet destroying ray hits 0. At that moment, we'll leave this planet in the dust! Ah ha ha ha! Ah ha ha ha! Oh, did I forget to mention that this also works for our stuff that's lying here? Put it in a box and everyone goes with it during the warp. I find it convienant when leaving doomed planets. Heh heh." "Wow. It can tell time too? What time is it now?" Streaky asks in a funny way. "Oh, well it's exactly 11:45." Krypto then rams him into the barrier, which hurts him a bit. "So, playing dirty eh? Very well. Let's play rough then!" He pulls out an energy sword. "En garde you stupid dog!"

Krypto flies around Captain Whitefang as he tries to slice him with his sword a few times. "Err..Hold still you flying land lubber!" Krypto catches the blade in his paws, "Okay." He kicks him in the chin. Whitefang recovers. "You're going to pay for that mutt." Streaky does something, "Oh oh! Let me try something." He aims his heat vision at the top of the barrier and it reflects down onto Whitefang's head, knocking the hat off and causing a bald spot on his head. "Oh? Hot hot hot!" He pats his head down to cool it off. Streaky laughs his butt off. "Grrr...You little punk." Whitefang takes out a laser gun and zaps Streaky with it. "Ow. That's smarts." "That'll show ya." Krypto rams Whitefang again when he isn't looking. Whitefang begins to fire lasers at Krypto with his gun, but he misses every time. He's just too fast. Krypto punches him again and causes him to drop his gun. Whitefang is againest the wall now. Krypto steps on his laser gun. "Looks like you aren't as tough as you say. That's why you let your men do the fighting for you." Streaky joins him as they gang up on him. "Errr...Well you know. I think I might know a little secret about you." "Huh?" "What's your name laddy? I'm curious to know." "The name's Superdog of Earth!" Streaky announces his name too, "And I'm Supercat! Also from Earth!" "I wasn't asking about you." Whitefang says and it disappoints him. "Aww."

Whitefang continues saying, "I knew that you might be related to him. You share the same emblem as that one guy." "Who?" Krypto asks. "Superman. You're his counterpart aren't you?" Krypto gasps. "I guess that makes your friend Supergirl's counterpart." Streaky protests, "Hey! I'm no girl!" "Anyway, you see the thing is, if you two have the same powers as Superman, then that means you share the same weakness. Kryptonite." They both gasp. "So how do you know my old master anyway!?" "Well I had a run in with him once. He and his little friends ruined my chance to take over another planet near their solar system and I barely escaped, using this Kryptonite I found on that same planet. Therefore, I think it's only fitting that I do the same thing I could of done to him." He takes out a piece of Kryptonite, and sticks it onto his sword. The sword turns into a green energy blade, and it has Kryptonite in it. Krypto and Streaky back off a bit. "What's the matter? Afraid a of a little, Kryptonite!?" He grins evilly.

To Be Continued...
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