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Going Down with the Ship!

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Krypto and Streaky continue their fight with Whitefang, who now has a Kryptonite based weapon to use againest them. While their friends can only watch them suffer behind a barrier, Kirin and Ace tr...

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The fight between Krypto and Streaky vs Captain Whitefang continues. He now has a Kryptonite based sword to use againest the two. "Look sharp!" Whitefang runs toward them. The two fly up to dodge. Whitefang leaps up at the both of htem and swings his blade again. They dodge but it's slightly slower than usual. Already the effects of the Kryptonite blade are slowly draining their powers. "If this stuff is a pain now, just wait! One cut from this blade will really hurt you." Krypto and Streaky fly as high as they can. "He's right. He can easily kill us with one swipe." "But we can't just stay up here and wait. That bomb is going to go off soon and we gotta stop it!" "I know Streaky. We gotta think of something. We can't escape this barrier and eventually the Kryptonite will finally weaken us to the point where we can't escape anyway." "Well this stinks." Streaky sulks. Whitefang chuckles, "Well well well. Someone is in a bit of a pickle. Not to worry. Stay as long as you like up there. The longer you do the more exposed you are to the Kryptonite. Then it's down to Davy Jones locker when I get through with you. And even if you do last long enough to survive me, the planet's explosion will kill you all. In just about 10 minutes, you're all doomed." Krypto doesn't know what to do.

Meanwhile, everyone else has managed to reach the doorway leading to the room Krypto is in. Kirin tries to open it using a small password panel on the wall. It doesn't work. "Hmph. Won't open." Gruff steps in, "Let me." He begins to try and lift the door from underneath. After a bit, he succeeds. Only to find another door. "What the heck!?" Hatchi exclaims. Ace says, "Lift this one up now." Gruff begins to do so. The door is opened, to reveal another door. "What the?" Ace is now baffled. "We're just gonna have to keep opening doors then. Keep at it Gruff." Brainy says and he agrees. Gruff begins to lift the door.

Back to the fight, Krypto tries using Heat Vision on Whitefang to hopefully knock the sword out of his hand and turn it off. But he is sluggish now and Whitefang just sidesteps it with ease. "Oie. Check this out!" Whitefang throws the sword at them both. "Incoming!" Streaky exclaims and they both fly out of the way. "Gotcha!" Whitefang grabs the invisible wire and causes the sword sheath to hit Streaky. "Streaky!" He falls to the floor with a thud. Whitefang gets his sword back by pulling it. "Heh heh. After a good hit like that, he's even more weak than ever. Streaky can't stand up well. He is too weak to move. "You'll pay for that Whitefang." He prepares another Heat Vision but... "Uh uh uh. One move out of you and I'll cut your friend down with a fling of my sword. Since I can retract it back to me, I can easily take you down next after destroying your friend. Or....I can destroy you first, then your friend. Or I can just wait seven more minutes till explosion time. Either way, you lose. Ah ha ha ha!"

Just then, the door busts open as everyone comes in. "You think this guy would even have twenty doors instead of ten." Hatchi comments. "We're here now Krypto! Help has arrived!" Briany says. "Everyone! You got to shut down the planet destroyer machine! There's not much time!" "What about you? It looks like you are in trouble." "You can't get in here anyway! The whole area is surrounded by a barrier and no one can get in or out!" Brainy checks and he's right. "Then what shall we do?" "Just go shut off the machine! There's not much time left!" Kirin says, "Me and Ace can go shut off the machine. You guys just keep an eye on those two. Try to get in there and stop Whitefang." They agree and Kirin and Ace head into the next room. They are astonished by the size of the machine, and the hole underneath. "I get it. He plans to fire at the planet's core and blow it up." Kirin states. "Look! It's Diamond and Hasu!" Ace points out. They both go to them and free them. "You two alright?" Kirin asks. "We're okay." Diamond says. "Great." Hasu asks, "Where are the others?" "Fighting Whitefang. At least Krypto is. He and Streaky are stuck inside the barrier with him and only Krypto is able to fight. And unless we shut off this machine, we're all toast." "Diamond, let's go help them." Diamond agrees, "Right. Good luck you two." They take off. Kirin and Ace locate the control panel for the machine. "Alright. We got three minutes. Let's shut this thing down." Kirin begins to type on the computer until he gets an error message. It asks him for a password. "This could be awhile."

Commercial Break...

The fight heats up as Whitefang goes on the attack on Krypto. Krypto's movements are getting slower as he continues to get weaker. Everyone else is trying to break the barrier with their powers. "Keep trying! We have to get in there!" Diamond and Hasu show up. Everyone is happy to see them. Brainy explains the situation and the two of them begin helping out. Krypto is hit in the leg by the blade is is limping a bit. "What's wrong doggy? Got a little cut? Well let's see if I can't change that a little. Ha ha ha." Diamond uses her power to pull Whitefang back toward the barrier wall. "Yeouch!" He drops his blade. He sees Diamond, "You! How'd you get free? Well it doesn't matter, in just one minute you're all going to die! And I'll watch from the safety of my ship. You all lost! Ah ha ha ha!" Hasu says to herself, "Come on you two."

Kirin tries password after password to try and shut this thing down. But it keeps failing. "Gosh darn it. Nothing works! It's hopeless!" They only got 30 seconds left. Ace thinks of something and whispers something in his ear. "Duh!" Kirin types in, "Cheese and Bananas," and the countdown stops at 00:01. "How'd you know Ace?" "From the smell and sight of those two it was obvious this was set up by the monkeys, and that mouse." "Where would we be without you." Kirin begins typing some more and somethign causes the machine to disconnect and fall into the hole. "Well now that that's taken care of, let us now call some backup." He begins typing again.

Back at the fight, Whitefang notices something is wrong. "What is wrong? The machine should gone off by now. I should be back on the ship." He checks his watch and notices that it has stopped. "Blast! They shut it off!" "Darn right we did." Kirin says as both of them come in the room. "And that's not all we're going to do." He sticks his hand in the back of some machine and pulls out a plug. That causes the barrier to go down. Whitefang panics. "Oh no! My barrier!" Kirin remarks, "It's always behind the machines. Plugs are so last year." Other than Krypto and Streaky, who are still weak from the Kryptonite, everyone surrounds Whitefang. He picks up his sword. "You all want a piece of me!? Bring it on then!" Hasu steps in angerly. "Whitefang. You nearly destroyed my planet, and ruined countless lives. I shall personally punish you." Hasu begins using her ice powers on Whitefang. She uses an ice shard to destroy the laser sword. Then uses more to pin him to the wall. "Hey! Get me down!" Hasu then extends her claws and freezes them with ice. Then she goes to scratch the crud out of him. He gets shredded and hi clothes are messed up. "And this was for everyone else who suffered elsewhere." She punches him with her icy paw. Whitefang is sent flying to the ceiling and he hits his head and falls down on his head. He has been defeated. Everyone cheers for their victory. They then gather Krypto and Streaky together and Brainy and Diamond begin the process of telepathic healing. They are glad that it's finally over. Just then, Whitefang presses a button on his watch and disappears. "Whitefang!" Hasu shouts. Kirin says, "It's alright. He won't get far."

Whitefang and every one of his men, even the ones who have been defeated, appear on the ship. "Blast those dogs and cats. And that guy too. That's another planet lost. Oh well. They'll never catch me now." They ship gets hit by lasers and they crash on the planet's surface. Everyone is dazed and surprised. "Shiver me timbers! What just happened!? Who shut us down!?" He looks up into the sky and sees another ship. It's the Javelin, used by the Justice League. After they land, Superman appears and stands in front of him. "Oh crud."

Everyone watches the Justice League take the pirates into a galatic prison transporter. "See? I told you he wouldn't get far. After shutting the machine down I contacted Justice League, and these guys to help take these guys away." "That was good thinking Kirin." Krypto says. Then Superman comes up to them. "Great work everyone. We'll take it from here." He looks at Kirin, "So you're The Element I've heard about lately. You called us right?" "Yes sir." "Kirin then. I believe you work at Daily Planet." Kirin is surprised, "How'd you know I work there?" "Let's just say I have a way with things. Just ask a guy named Clark Kent." Kirin doesn't understand at first, but then. "Oh okay then. Heh heh." Superman leaves. "Wow. Who would of thought I was working with Superman the whole time I was here." Krypto says, "Yeah. He's pretty good at that." Diamond asks, "Well, is everyone ready to go?" Hasu says, "You guys go ahead. I'll meet you back at the ship in a few minutes." "I understand. Take your time. Everyone begins leaving except her. Hasu looks back on her homeland and begins remembering the times as a kitten and how she was forced to leave for her own safety. Then she remembers the time she went to train with Diamond and friends and forming the LoSC. This lasts a few minutes of her time. "I'm just glad this place is safe now. No more worries." Next shot, we see the LoSC ship leaving the planet. Inside, Jin holds up a cup. "Free cheers for victory!" Everyone bumps their drinks with each other and cheer. It's party time!

The End
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